You noticed that a message does not appear in the forum list?

You can have the authour thread marked as ignore. You can check if you have the permission set to ignore by clicking on their user name. a box will appear where you will see the Ignore / Uningore option.

How to broadcast an "alert" message on the network

I am curious to know how to broadcast an alert. I know this is possible because the system of sending alerts has been stopped and that it probably will not work, but I am curious to know how I can broadcast an "alert" to the help bitcoin-cli.

Add a pagination on a custom message type archive

I've moved custom publications on what would normally be an archive template to a dedicated page template. I followed this article:

But I am confused as to how I would add pagination. If I inspect the $ paginated code, it's always 0. When I call the code I have here (, nothing makes.

function pagination() {
    global $wp_query;

    $total_pages = $wp_query->max_num_pages;

    if ($total_pages > 1){
        $current_page = max(1, get_query_var('paged'));

        echo paginate_links(array(
            'base' => get_pagenum_link(1) . '%_%',
            'format' => '/page/%#%',
            'current' => $current_page,
            'total' => $total_pages,

Ideas that I'm doing wrong?

Get PHP data in JavaScript to set the position of each message on the home page

I've created a custom message type called project, which works well. Each project has several custom fields, including a set of x and y values ​​that indicate where the project should appear on the cover page (see Code Style section below: I know it does not work, but I'm showing what I want to do in pseudo-code).

I could display the value x as and as defined by the advanced custom field documentation. However, how can I get the x and y values ​​from PHP to JavaScript, so that I can use them to define left and top value of the div that indicates where they should be on the first page?

Since there are many projects and I get different sets of xs and ys in a loop, I'm thinking of writing all x and y values ​​to an external JSON file, and then loading them again with JavaScript. Is this an option considering the structure of WordPress? Or is there a better option to get these pairs of x and y values ​​from PHP to JavaScript?


    $projects = new WP_Query($args);
    $data = file_get_contents("projects.json");
       $projects = json_decode($data, true);



On Facebook, I can not share the message of my page on my personal page. Is it correct?

Sharing Facebook from my own page worked like this article. However, I do not have the option "On your own schedule" anymore. I can only share my pages, an event or a group, as shown in the following image.

enter the description of the image here

Is it possible to work around this change? Or is it a bug?

How to edit a pastebin message from a bash script

How can I edit an existing pastebin message with a bash script? I can download text with the script, but each time create a new paste (with the same name but a different address).

Thank you

I install Open Social on Linux Centos 6 via composer and drush ops, I get a boot message failed

When I try to install the site with drush -y site-install social –db-url = mysql: // root: root @ db: 3306 / social, the bootstrap return failed. In Bootstraphook.php, line 32. Has anybody also encountered this problem? I created the mysql database. Can someone help?

ORACLE APEX IF statement with the OR operator to display a message

My friends, I have the following question on how to operate the following use cases.

  • Show error "When an item does not have A1B2C3.1 format type".
  • Display the error "When an item does not have a format of 1A2B3C.D1".
  • Show the error "When you do not have any of the 2 formats".

This is that the system enters a numbering (in a text field) and is evaluated via a packet of Oracle which resolves the type of format for that number, as well as in the system on which it is run. I have the following.

        IF v_fuente ='Sistema_1' THEN
      IF REGEXP_SUBSTR(:P4000_IDLOT, PKG_Sistemas.SistemaUnoFormatRegexp) IS NULL THEN
        RETURN 'El lote no tiene un formato valido para Sistema 1';
      END IF;
        IF REGEXP_SUBSTR(:P4000_IDLOT, PKG_Sistemas.SistemaDosFormatRegexp) IS NULL THEN
            RETURN 'El lote no tiene un formato valido de Sistema 2';
      END IF;
    END IF;

he REGEXP_SUBSTR I understand that it is an Oracle function to format a text.

P4000_IDLOT This is a text box where you enter the number to evaluate.

It turns out that I have to respect the 3 use cases mentioned above.

They advised me to use OR in the logic of decision, only that I am not very skilled for APEX. An advice?

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