How can I display a topic at the top of messages in a Google Group?

How can I display a topic at the top of messages in a Google Group?

The action menu used to include an item for this one.

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download – Download the full archive of past messages from a Yahoo group

I am the owner of a Yahoo group now gone. Apparently, it has been announced that

Yahoo Groups is removing all content December 14, 2019

and I would like to save the message archives in this group. For posterity, or perhaps for vanity, too bad.

Now, on the group page, I have access to the archive of messages, by month, then by title. But what I want, it's all messages, at once. I am not very difficult with regard to the exact format (separate files, one file per month, one file, for example), as long as there is no waste (advertisements, charges and Yahoo charges).

Is there a way – other than to explore all the message pages myself – to download all these messages?

mms – Forwarding Messages – Android Enthusiast Stack Exchange

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Is there a way to customize AWS CodeCommit notification messages?

By following the user guide (, I was able to configure the notification by email CodeCommit when requesting removal of a message. Repo.

But the problem is that the e-mail message is not at all simple to read. Is it possible to customize notification messages sent via AWS SNS?

privacy – Delete Facebook Messenger messages for all users?

I'm trying to regain my privacy by removing some social networking apps. I start with Facebook and Messenger, because these are the ones I use the least, but I find that disabling or deleting your Facebook account does not delete your Messenger messages for other users: l. registration is retained. I would like to remove my presence completely, then, I have read these answers here and here. I have some questions:

  • Do these methods still work? These answers were given in 2015, 2016 and 2018, are they still applicable now?
  • Do I have to disable and reactivate my account, or can I just mark all my conversations as spam and then permanently delete my account? Is reactivation required for this method to work?
  • Finally, do I mark the entire thread of conversation as spam or just as my messages? Anyway, how is it?

Thank you in advance for helping me regain control of my privacy.

macos – read old messages on mac

I would like to read old iMessages stored on my Mac. I found the messages as .ichat files and converted them to xml files, but they are still filled with markup language. Is it possible to extract the actual conversation from these? (Is each of these files a single message or conversation?)

I would accept a free application that extracts text or a series of terminal commands to extract the text. Ideally, the output would look something like

Johnny: Did you burn the neighbors' house?

Sally: Yes, I burned down the neighbors house.

but if I can just get the messages themselves it's ok.

webapp rec – script to delete several Linkedin messages

Unfortunately, I have so many posts in Linkedin, so I have to delete them all in several ways, but Linkedin allows one to one.

I have searched for a way on the internet, but they have all failed with me on Google Chrome MacOs.

Unfortunately all fail !!!

Can any one edit or provide an excitable current code please!

Sorry, I do not really understand these things, but I do a lot of Mathematica and little Java.

The custom message type displays an incorrect number of messages

I have a problem with WordPress that displays an incorrect number of posts on my custom publication type edit pages:

All (16) | Published (15) | Draft (1)

I can only see 10 in the /edit.php?post_type=xxxxx screen.

There is nothing in the trash.

Has anyone ever experienced it?

7 – closing the "x" on the messages is misplaced in the theme

enter the description of the image here

I do not have any experience in theming up to now, but I have this little aesthetic problem. The & # 39; x & # 39; for closing messages (generated for example by drupal_set_message) is misplaced on all types (see the attached image).

I've had a look in the theme (I'm using a custom theme based on the bootstrap theme) but I've been completely lost.

Do you have a clue where I have to look for the place in the theme to move the "x" for messages left (eg via the margin)?

I do not know how to delete messages

I do not know how to delete messages

i dont;
know how to;
delete posts;