Display the cstom token of a cloud-based application on rsyslog with its original syslog messages automatically as in syslog-ng

I was wondering if there was a way to display the custom token of a cloud application on rsyslog with its original message automatically as in syslog-ng without manually adding the custom token in the template or JSON file. On rsyslog, I tried with a model using% rawmsg%, but it only handles two types such as test log messages and audit log for the application when a particular user logs in directly only to the cloud-based application portal. Our requirement is that the cloud based application syslog messages are all processed with the custom token intact.

Here is the example of a tamplate that I use in my rsyslog.conf:

$ template RemoteLogs, "/ var / log /% FROMHOST-IP% /% rawmsg%"
. ? RemoteLogs

Any help on this subject is greatly appreciated.

php – Display the message when the request has no messages

I wrote a shortcode to display all of my work. When there is no job, I want to display a message instead of the available jobs. I used an else statement to do this, but when the message appears, it appears at the top of the page instead of where I added the shortcode.

My code:

function dfib_jobs_shortcode( $atts ) {

    $query = new WP_Query( array(
        'post_type' => 'jobpost',
        'posts_per_page' => -1,
        'order' => 'ASC',
        'orderby' => 'rand',
    ) ); ?>
have_posts() ) { ?> have_posts() ) : $query->the_post(); ?>

can we link exchange messages here?

I would like to know if you wanted to exchange links here?

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Is it possible to hide / delete messages in an MS Teams channel?

We recently started using MS Teams and created a web connector to our HR system to notify a specific Teams channel when new accounts are created. Is there a way to delete or hide messages from X days ago?

We used to run this process on XMPP so that users could just type /clear in their Jabber client to delete old messages, but with the teams, I don't see a way to do it. Thoughts?

How can I slowly distribute "drip" messages in Slack?

I have a lot of information (a mixture of training information and company policy) that I need to share with members of my Slack organization, but that is way too much to share them at the same time, so I prefer to divide them into small pieces and deliver a little each day.

How do I schedule the delivery of this information in Slack? Ideally, I would like two different channels to each receive 1 message on weekday mornings and that message be taken from an easy to manage list (add / remove items).

The old custom load messages were pretty close to what I wanted, except that Slack starts too fast to read them, and there is no way to track who saw them (for example with emoji). And in addition, this functionality is stopped because Slack is faster now. Messages to a public channel just seem to work better.

Is there an app or bot that can do this?

Exchange of messages with my forum on general subjects | Forum promotion

My forum is new to this day and I am looking for a post exchange. Name your amount – from 3 to 25, that's what I'm looking at right now. Continuous trading potential if we seem to match correctly :]

Have you lost messages?

Saturday, I posted a message on my "Dining room in a wheelchair" thread in the General Chat section and there was a reply and I replied to this message. There seems to have been a problem with DP and it was down Sunday. Now the messages in this thread seem to have disappeared. Is this a rollback of a previous DP backup and they are now gone forever? Or is work still in progress and they could come back? I was just wondering if I should re-post, etc.

Videos in Chat Messages are Terrible on iPhone 11 Pro

It looks like I have a problem with my iPhone 11 Pro. The videos sent from my Mac to iMessage chats look like garbage (tiny, very low, pixelated when viewed) on my phone. Videos sent from my phone look like garbage on my Mac in the same thread. Videos sent from other people's phones look like garbage on my phone, but fine on the Mac in the same chat, and fine on other people's phones (no iPhone 11, however) in the same chat.

This is certainly not a storage problem – I have several hundred GB of free. The low resolution picture setting in Messages is disabled.

Has anyone else seen this?

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e-mail – How can I allow "normal people" to contact me (unidirectional) with messages in a secure and anonymous way (for me)?

I am trying to be able to receive incoming messages from the "general public" in a way that:

  1. Do not reveal my identity to the person who contacts me, or to any company / entity.
  2. Doesn't cost money.
  3. Don't use some kind of obscure software that no one on the planet uses. (This basically leaves email as the only option, I guess.)
  4. It goes without saying, but just to be clear: anything like Facebook, Twitter, etc. is immediately disqualified due to zero confidentiality (impossible to register accounts with proxies, forces "verification by phone", are not private or encrypted, etc.).
  5. Don't let the whole world read the messages. (This disqualifies the use of a "disposable email" service.)
  6. Allows me, in a way, to automatically retrieve messages, preferably do not using IMAP (due to privacy implications).
  7. Is based on real security, rather than on "promising" things from the company / entity.

The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that there is no way to do it. It should basically use email, but email is the opposite of anonymity in many ways. I've been through all of the existing "free email providers", and they all have:

  • Refuse to let me sign up with a proxy.
  • You want a "phone check".
  • Display CAPTCHA forever.
  • No longer accepts accounts.
  • Can only accept accounts to lock me out later when I have become dependent on the account.

But worst of all: none of these free email services, including Tutanota, provide any type of API or even IMAP access (at least not for unpaid accounts).

I have also excluded from using a company such as Mailgun, as they need all of my personal information and require that I use a domain name to receive emails. Furthermore, such a company, as well as the domain registrars, are not to be trusted and may delete my domain / account or deny access at any time. (This has happened to me in the past, and I know it happens all the time to other naive fools who believe that they can actually own and control domains in the DNS.)

I am quite ready to conclude that there is simply no way to do it. This really seems to be the case. However, if a genius has a brilliant idea and (against all odds) wants to share it with me and the general public, please present your ideas!

Think of it as a sort of "whistleblowing service" where even the recipient (me) has to remain anonymous. Also, it doesn't hurt to emphasize once again that I do do not need or even want to the ability to respond to any of these messages. I expect them to be one way, coming from my point of view. No sending.

I need to be able to print some sort of "email address" or "digital cryptographic hash" on which people can reasonably easily figure out how to send messages to it. It doesn't have to be Bitmessage or something else known only to the elite 0.1% of hackers, unfortunately. The sad truth is that no one cares about learning and downloading such software. I wish it wasn't, but it is …

Hushmail provided free accounts, but this is no longer the case. Additionally, they don't mention accepting Bitcoin anywhere, and they don't mention any access to the API, or even IMAP.

Proton Mail gives bogus error messages when trying to save.

"Setting up my own mail server" makes no sense since it forces me to completely violate my privacy and jump through a million hoops, not to mention that I have no ability to run any type of server and my ISP would block any such attempt anyway.

I ask you not to answer it without having read the above. It wastes our time and makes no one happy.