warning messages – How to apply percent error to list of data

Say I have a list of data. data = {1,2,3,4,5} and those data values were measured with an instrument that has a listed 3% error. I can apply this per value with code:Around[1,Scaled[Quantity[3,"Percent"]]]
. How would I apply this to the whole list that may be a few hundred data points long?

Material design ajax error messages

The material design specifications define the placement and look of error messages related to invalid input on forms as shown below.

enter image description here

I don’t see a specification for error messages that may occur after the form is submitted. example: a login form could generate an “invalid username or password error.” Any ideas on where such an error message should be placed and what it should look like to adhere to the spec?

ios – Does an iPhone immediately download a visual voicemail as soon as it’s been received, or only when it’s chosen from the list of available messages?

When using a carrier that makes use of the Visual Voicemail service, upon receiving a voicemail does the iPhone immediately download the message to its internal storage – or is this only done when said message is explicitly chosen from within the “Voicemail” tab of the Phone app?

Gmail iOS app: What’s a work around to *save* all my deleted gmail messages?

I want an easy way to save all of the messages I delete. Gmail automatically empties the trash after a few months. I want to keep all my deleted messages so I can find something several months later that didn’t seem important, but now is.
Can I create a script that will move the messages from the deleted or trash (or bin) folder to something like “archived forever” ?? Where Can I hired someone to do that?

I read most of my emails on an iPad and swipe to delete the messages. I know that I could select and move them to a folder that would not be deleted, but that’s a lot of work for the 75+ messages I get each day.

Thanks for any help… I can pay for quality help on this problem.

ux field – Left aligned vs. versus aligned chat messages

Mimicking real-world interactions

I believe the reasoning behind having versus aligned in WhatsApp, Messenger, and many other chat applications might be an attempt to mimic how people in the real world face each other when talking with each other.

The case of Slack being only left-aligned might be that it primarily started as a web application that’s used on PCs. Versus aligned doesn’t work on desktop landscape layouts as it’s too wide.

enter image description here

Messages On Hold

Don’t risk losing valuable calls with silence or boring chimes playing for your on hold. The better option is to entertain and inform callers with Messages On Hold so they don’t hang-up.


Is it cryptographically insecure to use fixed-length AES-GCM messages?

Is there any weaknesses to encrypting fixed-length messages? Should a random amount of padding be added to the message to decrease the odds of some sort of attack?

Messages asking me permission to access the proxy data stored in keychain

When connected to my office network, I keep getting messages asking me permission to access the proxy data stored in keychain. They keep popping up every few minutes (even seconds), no matter what I do.
I enter my keychain password and click on “Always”, but the messages still appear. I click on “Deny” and they still come back!
And if I click on “Deny”, nothing seems to happen: everything works fine alla the same… These messages look like they are perfectly useless…
I attach a screenshot.
enter image description here

Activate FaceTime and Messages on Wi-Fi iPad with email address only?

Is it possible to activate FaceTime and Messages on Wi-Fi iPad using Apple ID’s email address only?

Someone has Wi-Fi Pad but doesn’t have an iPhone. Although there is a phone number associated with the user’s Apple ID, that phone number is not associated with FaceTime or Messages because it is not on an iPhone. When trying to activate FaceTime or Messages on the Wi-Fi iPad, the Apple ID email address is shown, but the Sign On option is greyed out and neither Facetime nor Messages can be activated with that email address only.

Send text messages (SMS) online

Hello everyone,

I would need a suggestions for a website or solution where i can send text messages (SMS) online. It must be paid solution … | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1844951&goto=newpost