iphone – How to create a shortcut for Facebook Messenger contact?

A former complains to me that it is difficult to make calls in the Facebook Messenger application (difficult to find a contact, I guess). Unfortunately, she uses an iPhone. On Android, I can easily create a shortcut for the Messenger contact, as in this video. But on the iPhone, I do not understand how to do it. Is there something missing?

5th dnd – Can a little servant be used as a messenger?

It depends on your interpretation of a "simple command" and your ability to control the spoon

I guess you are the DM in this scenario since the wizard is described as a stereotypical NPC.

Little servant has a duration of 8 hours.

The corresponding text is

you can issue a simple and general orderfor example, to get a key, to watch, or to stack books. […]. Once an order is given, the servant continues to follow that order until his task is completed.

Two questions require an answer:

  1. Is the command simple enough to be given?
  2. Is the spoon able to come back?

The given example of "stand[ing] watch "would be similar (in this DM game) to" get me back when you get out of the bag ".

The efficiency with which the little servant would be able to execute the command is however a different question. It would certainly be try Executing the command, but heading into an unknown city to reach an unknown destination (one never sees the outside of the tower and bag) would be a difficult task for a humanoid who speaks, leave alone an animated spoon that can not!

If you allow it, you must remember that playing is a fair game and that you also give the PCs access to that ability if they cast the spell.

whatsapp messenger – Is the "work profile" an AOSP feature, where is it documented?

I could not find much documentation on how the "Working Profile" function works (or maybe it's called Android).

It appears that the feature attempts to provide two distinct user profiles (similar to the "max 4 users" multi-user feature), but with the difference that applications can be run side-by-side without disconnection or connection (as would be the case with multiple-users)

I know that some software (like a shelter) uses the "work profile" feature to create a sort of sandbox for "bad apps" (for example, WhatsApp that would abuse the defective AOSP permissions system to access to all contacts, even if it was not necessary).

This question looks for information where to find documentation and explanations on the functioning of this "work profile".

Google Tag Manager + Facebook Messenger does not work

I'm trying to implement the Facebook Messenger code in my GTM.

After importing and editing, it does not show up. Can someone see what's wrong with my code?

website: www.ravedmusthaves.com


Facebook – Page activity and Messenger notifications

How can I receive activity notifications via Messenger on the pages I manage?

I think I used them but I do not seem to be anymore.

If someone post, like a photo, messages, etc., I should point out a messenger.

GSA continues to give me an instant messenger.

Engine ranking continues to show this:

– only 5 days usable
Only 300 submissions / day
No scheduler
No duplication / restoration of project

He asks me to buy it or to register it.

I've placed the license code of my last purchase, but I do not know if it takes it.

The latest software is not used and has never worked on this computer.

How to prevent the entry of extra space before each SMS in Samsung Messenger?

In the Samsung Messenger stock, using the Samsung series keyboard, every time I create a text message (SMS), the SMS starts with a blank space.

Is there any way to solve this problem using another SMS application or other keyboard application?

(BTW, does anyone else have any experience?)

To prevent someone from entering / entering my messenger without my permission

I would like to prevent anyone from entering / in my mail / account list without my permission.

FB Messenger will not notify after the warning "Insufficient memory"

So, to avoid complicating things, I do not have access to this device, it is a friend who is the cause and I guide it by SMS.
Originally, she had received a message saying "Memory of the weak device", and that she could either:
"Close the application" or "Close the application and prevent opening again"
That gave her a list of 3, not knowing why she chose Messenger. Anyway, she chose the latter, and now it works if she opens it, but she is not warned at all, even if FB is open.
She has a BB KeyOne running Android 8.1. She had uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared the cache, checked that all notifications are enabled. I have had clear data / storage, check under apps that chatheads is active. When we go to Options for Developers> Running Services, it appears as 2 processes and 1 service, whereas I have 2 services, the difference being the "conversation heads" we therefore, assume that this could be related.
No advice? She does not want to have to reset the factory. TIA

Deleting the messenger conversation from both sides

I need to delete a conversation history from both sides. Asking politely is not an option, I'm afraid of it. This statement seems logical. Has anyone tried it and it works? "Start by accessing your conversation in Facebook Messenger, make sure to open the specific thread with the person you want to delete, click the scroll wheel in the upper right corner to open Conversation Options. Delete conversation "to delete all the items." Select the "Options" menu again, then choose "Block user" to avoid further interaction with Messenger, then open this person's profile in Facebook and choose "Non-compliant "to permanently delete the connection and all conversations."