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In Facebook Market messanger, how is it possible when someone you are messaging with is able to make your copy of messages in your end dissappear. Not a single option exist for this. “Leave group”, “delete conversation”, “ignore messages”, “mute conversation”, “delete chat, “block”, “report”, “something is wrong?”, “conversation name”, “add member”, “members”, “nickname”, “emoji”, “color”. That is all of it. Not a single one will remove the copy of a conversation at the other end. Do you have another one as a special treat on your marketplace messanger no one else has? :-]. And some people clearly have been able to do it. I have never found the answer how this is done by some folks.
Thank you once again.

How is it possible that Messenger can display fullscreen call notification even if the phone is locked?

How is it possible that the Facebook Messenger app can wake up the phone and display the (super annoying) fullscreen call popups even if the phone is locked? Moreover these fricking popups show up even if the phone is set to Do Not Disturb (and locked). I’m looking for a way how to get rid of these (other than uninstalling Messenger). The OS is Android 8.1.

Things I have tried:

  • disable Messenger’s permission to display over other apps and picture-in-picture
  • set both "Block visual disturbances" options in the Do Not Distrub preferences to enabled
  • check that all Messenger notifications options are set NOT to override Do Not Disturb


Facebook Chat – Facebook Messenger for WordPress

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whatsapp messenger – “File as” not working for Contacts

Many contact management tools (such as Google Contacts or Microsoft People) have a field called “File As”, which allows to save a contact using a nickname, while keeping the first and last names hidden, just in case you forget who they really are.

It would be really useful, but it doesn’t work at all on Android. While the contacts are displayed correctly on the web app, Android applications like WhatsApp still display my contacts by first and last name.

Is this a Google/Microsoft problem or is it caused by android/WhatsApp itself? Is there any workaround to make it work (at least for WhatsApp)?

It’s ok for me if it involves coding or installing an unofficial version of any application, but it would mean a lot to me if I could fix this issue for me.

algorithms – search message in a conversation like messenger

I want to implement a search feature in my chat application like a messenger, skype, whatsapp has done. What they have done is when we search a word then it would not only show the message with that word in the current viewable message list but also on the past messages. To see the message with matching word, they provide next and previous icon to traverse. My difficulty on solving this problem is, initially, we will have only 10-20 number of messages, but how can we now show the message with matching word which is around 1 month or say 1 year old.

For showing the list of messages I am following as per relay spec cursor based pagination which gives me edges, node, pageCursors which will have hasNextPage, hasPreviousPage, startCursor and endCursor.

How would you implement such search functionality? I am just in a need of algorithm instead of code.

whatsapp messenger – Is it possible to run a batch file in android

Ok, so I have whatsapp installed and the notifications from one group that I am admin for are driving me mad. Whatsapp has the facility to “mute” notifications for 8 hrs but I have to do this manually every night. I would like to be able to just let a script do that every night at a set time – is that possible??

Can’t download my Facebook Messenger data

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whatsapp messenger – two diffrent accounts got merge

my phone got broke so I log in through my brothers phone. when I open the whatsapp I found the our two different accounts got merge and now I cant separate them I want help. all my bothers contact got merge with my account and my brothers account gone blank, there is no numbers of any contacts that my brother have. it started as new one fully blank. so I need help.

google cloud platform – Internal error encountered during integrating dialogflow with Facebook messenger

I integrated Facebook messenger and dialogflow before. After that they cannot connect and respond together and then I try to set up integration between them again. When I click stop button to stop integration, I try to fill all information again, token URL and then click start button. Unfortunately, it shows internal error encountered. Please give me advice
Thanks a lot in advance for your help

encryption – Can someone intercept my messenger calls

I want to know whether or not facebook messenger calls can be intercepted and listened to by hackers.

I would also like to know if my exact location can be found by hackers through them knowing my mobile phone number.

Long story, but I went on a date with a girl who I then blocked immediately afterwards due to me suspecting she was a bit of a psychopath (which the proceeding story will confirm), and then a couple of days later I was bombarded with phone calls from a private number in a robotic voice, from that girl, asking why I blocked her making threats, saying I’d get bashed and she would kill me – my exact house address was also found by her despite me never even telling her where I lived, and she actually got someone to pull up to my address to scare me at 2:00am when this was all happening. This was scary in and of itself, but what freaked me out even more was the fact that when I went onto my computer to make a call to my friend over messenger, telling him what was going on, we both heard the same robotic voice sending threats, and it was literally on the messenger call now that I was on on my computer, not on my mobile phone.

So I am going to be concerned if they can actually listen to what I was saying and potentially hack into my Facebook and other accounts.

But if it is easy to intercept a call and send messages into that call connection without actually hearing what the parties in the call are saying, then I won’t be shitting myself as much.

And by the way, my phone was on me the entire time we were out on a date. No way would she have been able to access it. I never told her my address. There is no way she could have installed software onto my phone. She only had my phone number, and I guess she could have found my LinkedIn page and Facebook account if she searched online, but none of which reveal my exact location. I blocked her on snapchat and I didn’t have my SnapMaps on so she couldn’t have figured out my location that way as well.

Please, any clarification on the severity of this matter in terms of my internet security would really be appreciated because this is quite distressing.