dnd 5th – Can the Heat Metal spell target hellish war machines from Baldur & # 39; s Gate: Descent into the Avernus adventure?

By gross Yes or No

As described on page 216 of the BG-DiA, an infernal war machine is "made" and "made of iron". It is therefore a fabricated metal object, therefore a valid target.

However, it also states that "the statistics of hellish war machines work like that of a creature", which means that you could argue that they count as creatures. So there is some DM discretion on whether to treat him like a creature. So ask your DM if he treats him as a creature, it is a valid target for creature targeting spells. If it is not, it can be targeted by the heat metal.

This could be argued both ways. He says, "like those of a creature", which would involve treating like a creature. But at the same time, functioning as a creature would imply that it is not a creature and that it should be treated more like a wielded magic object.

Personally, I would lean to treat them like creatures, there is an aspect of balance, many spells cannot target objects, which limits how you can fight one.

If you treat it like a creature, it cannot be a target for heated metal.

Now suppose your DM indicates that he treats it as an object, you can answer some of your other questions.

Note that nowhere in the spell is it said that the object suffers damage, so the vehicle itself will not be damaged if it is a question of ;an object.

Can they continue to pilot it:

Well, you can continue to hold a sword on which it was thrown if you save successfully, so you should be able to continue flying if you save, you will only take damage each turn. I would also say that, just like armor, you continue to suffer damage if you stay inside, internal passengers would flee or be damaged. External passengers can simply let go like a shield weapon. But does that get into the gray area of ​​what happens when you throw it on an iron ladder that someone climbs or on an iron cage with a prisoner? The fate leaves a lot to the DM.

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dnd 5th – Does Heat Metal work with downhill in Avernus vehicles?

I would say no

There are three reasons why it shouldn't work:

  • spell text restrictions (although they are quite ambiguous)
  • the intention behind the spell (what is it supposed to be)
  • possible balance problems if a DM allows

The description of the Heat Metal spell says:

Choose a fabricated metal object, such as a metal weapon or heavy or medium metal armor

If a creature holds or carries the object …

So it is not "no" object, but specifically an object "like a metal weapon or heavy or medium metal armor", something that it was supposed to or at least could be held or transported.

When evaluating corner cases, game designers suggest two things: the description text itself and the intent behind the spell:

"An illusory object made by a minor illusion is supposed to be like a stool or a rock, not an atmospheric effect" – J.C. reply a question "could a minor illusion create a cloud of fog".

The intention behind the Heat Metal spell is to heat relatively small items like weapons and armor, not ships, hellish war machines, giant metal fortresses, etc. If a DM makes it possible to heat vehicles, a simple spell on 2 levels becomes an effective anti-material weapon, which probably makes this spell obvious (and intuitions are a bad design).

dnd 5th – What is the size of a target on which you can launch Heat Metal?

I was running a game and the group was trying to get away from a flying Illithid raid skiff. It was made of metal and had two Illithid crew members on deck. The bard of the evening launched Heat Metal on the hull of the skiff. I didn't know how to make it work, so to keep the game moving, I made it as close to RAW as possible. It was a metal object made within reach, so everyone on deck had to take damage and try to save it. If I had more time, I don't know how I would have governed it.

As it stands, I can think of a few possible alternatives and I want an external input.

  1. In the rough, the entire metal shell heats up. (As I played it)
  2. The target spell on the shell plate, and heats that, anyone in contact with this plate is affected by the spell. (Each plate is made, then assembled, a little prickly.)
  3. The spell fails because the entire object was not within range. (Very Nitpicky)
  4. the spell only heats a certain mass or volume, perhaps an area 10 feet by 10 feet from the hull. (Assuming the armor of a huge giant is only very large)

The first option has the implications that you could throw it at an aircraft carrier and condemn them all.

Option two implies that only one piece of armor full of plates is checked by the spell and that heat is directed to the others.

Option three implies that casting a targeting spell when only having a creature hand in range would fail.

Option four has the consequence that its heat is of limited range.


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c – How to add a bridging header for the Metal game in Xcode?

I created a Metal game in Xcode. I plan to write most of it in C and write the user interface in Metal / Swift. However, unlike SwiftUI, for a Metal game, if I create a C file, it doesn't automatically ask me to add a bridging header. So I'm looking for a ton, and I'm trying to add one, but she doesn't recognize it. Here is a screenshot:
enter description of image here

What am I doing wrong, many research efforts have led me to "Add the name of the bridging header to this parameter". I do it and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong, why are other search websites lying and what is the real way to accomplish this task?

The error I get is trying to call a C function from swift, as IT DOESN'T RECOGNIZE THE BRIDGE!

dnd 5th – Heat the metal cast on a weapon: does it inflict additional damage?

No, this generally does not increase the damage of the weapon

When you launch Heat Metal on an object, you get the following effect, focus on mine:

Any creature in physical contact with the object takes 2d8 fire damage. when you cast the spell. Until the end of the spell, you can use a bonus action on each of your following turns to cause this damage again.

Anyone who touches the object actually only takes damage once immediately when you cast the spell and then when you use a bonus action to inflict damage again. Otherwise, touching the object (despite the heat) does not cause damage, so just hitting someone with such a metallic object would not do more damage than normal – you don't have to worry about accidentally giving your enemies a boost by using the spell against them.

Action Shenanigans!

That said, there are two ways I would allow you to achieve this kind of effect if you deliberately tried to do it.

First of all, if you prepared the spell to cast at the time the target object was used to hit someone, I would decide that the wearer and his target were both in contact with the target. Object at launch, so both would take damage.

Second, if you throw it at a weapon you hold yourself, then in subsequent turns, you can basically use your bonus action to cause additional damage exactly when you hit someone with it (because an action bonus without specified timing can be used when you wish). This would give you one hit per turn with additional damage.

Obviously, this is not a recommended strategy for yourself / your friends, unless you have fire resistance or immunity.

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The laptop is operating normally, but it seems to me that it currently has a static electrical charge. I read little about it – and they say on the forums that the electric charge can appear once the laptop is taken apart.
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I have a kubernetes cluster running with 4 nodes, my main main node plus for the other nodes. I used kubespray to make everything work. It is on my home network, which I will explain below. What I am trying to accomplish is to get some sort of DNS resolution so that I can proceed with the configuration of the entry.

My configuration:

  • Network – Unifi configuration with USG, Cloud Key and a switch. DHCP DNS points to the internal IP of the main box plus and, with the default search domain set to one of my personal domains (mydomain.com is used as an example)
  • Master: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS running DNS (Bind9) plus serves as master for the Kubernetes cluster. It resolves internally as server.mydomain.com
  • Nodes 1-3: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS serving only Kubernetes hosts. Internal resolution as nodeX.mydomain.com, where X is node number 1-3

I guess I somehow need to tell the DNS server running on my master anything XXX.server.mydomain.com. At least, is that how I think it should work? I'm not sure, maybe I don't understand it.

The point is, even if I try to manually search for services, it still doesn't seem to work. I have tried something like:

> nslookup nzbget.server.mydomain.com

** server can't find nzbget.server.mydomain.com: NXDOMAIN

as good as

> nslookup nzbget

** server can't find nzbget.mydomain.com: REFUSED

With being the IP of the CoreDNS service's IP in the cluster.

I know it's just that I don't know what I'm doing, but I don't even know enough to google the good stuff at this point. Thanks for any advice you can offer.