mac os x – What method is used to transfer files other than photos from Android (Pixel) to Mac (Osx)

What method is used to transfer files from Android to Mac? Specifically files other than photos /videos/music, e.g. sound recordings,text downloads,contacts vcf file, etc.

There should be no problem transferring other files using Android File Transfer

php – Searching for best practice – Long calculating method

I’m working on a Laravel project for engineers. The software calculates the stability and pressure for specific wooden connections.
As you can imagine, depending on the connection, there are many calculations with many values to be done.

First, there was the approach make one calculation function / method for one connection type (inside the connection type class), where all neccessary fields are calculated.
Then it came up to my mind, to create a method to calculate each value seperately:

public function calculateConnection($connectionValues) {
   $connection->a = $this->getAValue($connectionValues);
   $connection->b = $this->getBValue($connectionValues);

public function getAValue($connectionValues) {
   return ...

public function getBValue($connectionValues) {
   return ...

I have a much better overview about the specific values, when creating a function for each value instead of calculating everything in one method, but the issue is, that the values are depending on each other. So value a is needed to calculate b.

So all methods need to be called in the correct order. Of course, I can do a check, if a is already been calculated, before doing the calculation of b, but this will blow up the code so much.

I’m interested, what is best-practice in this kind of situation.

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method WP_Error::has_errors()

I tried to install a “NEVE” theme and got this error. Not knowing how to fix it. Please help how this can be fixed.
The goal I want to achieve is to bring back the theme I used before, namely the original WordPress theme 2017. Let me clarify that the problem happened the day before.
The places where are added dots “….” are from me.

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method WP_Error::has_errors() in /home/…../addon_domains/…../wp-content/themes/neve/functions.php:81
Stack trace: #0 /home/…../addon_domains/…../wp-settings.php(425): include() #1
/home/…../addon_domains/…../wp-config.php(103): require_once(‘/home/concretec…’) #2 /home/…../addon_domains/…../wp-load.php(37): require_once(‘/home/concretec…’) #3 /home/…../addon_domains/…../wp-blog-header.php(13): require_once(‘/home/concretec…’) #4 /home/…../addon_domains/…../index.php(17): require(‘/home/concretec…’) #5 {main} thrown in /home/…../addon_domains/…../wp-content/themes/neve/functions.php on line 81

Autopilot Method | 20 Minute Setup | Earn Within 5 Hours MAX | NewProxyLists

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Is there any method to make PDF print out nicely for highlighting on Google Chrome?

This problem happens on Google Chrome but is also on the Mac, so I am not entirely sure if it is a Mac related issue or Chrome issue.

For some webpages, such as Google Chrome can print it out as a PDF, but the first highlighting would show the highlighting is off. This has been happening for more than a year:

enter image description here

It doesn’t happen if it is printed by Safari, but Safari sometimes has some issue such as the content column quite narrow. Is there a way to make it print out suitable for highlighting if it is on Chrome? It might be a Google Chrome issue or it might be somehow related to how macOS support printing but as a PDF file. Since printing as PDF is particular to Mac but not on Windows, so I am asking this on Ask Different.

Webmoney WMZ to Bitcoin or any other method


I’m looking for anyone (trusted) that accept Webmoney WMZ in exchange for Bitcoin or any other method of payment. I have tried finding a exchanger in BestChange but all is manual with minimum $70. I got a smaller amount…


linq – Make a method that uses Expression> for filtering and sorting more flexible

I have a method in a service that performs a Linq-to-SQL query:

public async Task<IEnumerable<Incident>> GetIncidentsAsync<TOrderBy>(
    Expression<Func<Incident, bool>> whereExpression, 
    Expression<Func<Incident, TOrderBy>> orderByExpression
    return await (
        from i in _context.Incidents
        // inner join
        .Include(i => i.IncidentType)
        // left-outer join
        join ft in _context.Driver on i.FaultTypeId equals ft.Id into ift
        from faultTypes in ift.DefaultIfEmpty()
        // left-outer join
        join v in _context.Vehicles on i.VehicleSerialNo equals v.VehicleSerialNo into iv
        from vehicles in iv.DefaultIfEmpty()    
        select new Incident
            Id = i.Id,
            IncidentTypeId = i.IncidentTypeId,
            IncidentType = i.IncidentType,
            // datetimes
            Occurred = i.Occurred,
            Reported = i.Reported,
            Resolved = i.Resolved, 
            VehicleSerialNo = i.VehicleSerialNo,
            Vehicle = vehicles,
            DriverSerialNo = i.DriverSerialNo,
            Driver = drivers


  • having to manually compose the Incident to be returned feels like an anti-pattern
  • handle situations where the whereExpression is null; this will try an exception now
  • handle situations where the orderByExpression is null; this will try an exception now
  • change the sorting direction from ascending to descending by changing the orderByExpression (if this is possible)
  • is there value to marking the method as <TOrderBy>?

simulation – How to find estimates and bias from simulated data using method of least square estimation

    f((Alpha)_, (Lambda)_) := 
       x^((Alpha) - 1)*(1 - x)*(2 - x)^((Alpha) - 
        1)*(1 - x^(Alpha)*(2 - x)^(Alpha))^((Lambda) - 
        1))/(1 + (1 - x^(Alpha)*(2 - x)^(Alpha))^(Lambda))^2, {x, 0, 
       1}, Assumptions -> (Alpha) > 0 && (Lambda) > 0)
    n = 10
    (Kappa) = 1000
    x = Table(RandomVariate(f(2, 0.5), n), {i, (Kappa)})
    logl = Table(Sum(((
        1 - (1 - x((i))^(Alpha)*(2 - x((i)))^(Alpha))^(Lambda))/(
        1 + (1 - x((i))^(Alpha)*(2 - x((i)))^(Alpha))^(Lambda)) - i/(
        n + 1))^2, {i, n}),{i, (Kappa)})

FindMinimum({logl, (Alpha) > 0, (Lambda) > 0}, {{(Alpha), 2}, {(Lambda), 0.5}})

I tried the above code to find the estimates and bias after simulating the data. For that ,I generated the sample from pdf. Then specified the function which is to be minimised, but i am unable to find the estimates. Could anyone please help me to correct the code to find the bias and estimates. As the sample size increases, bias to be decreased.

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[Method] Sell Digital Products With PTC Traffic

Hey guys,

What do you guys think of this method? Keen to try but not sure if PTC is the best way to drive traffic. I’ve heard good and bad things.

Source: Sell Digital Products With PTC Traffic – The Cash Lab

Sell Digital Products With PTC Traffic

This is a very simple concept for making money online, but this particular method does require advanced copy-writing skills. So if you’re good at selling products online (with good copy-writing skills) then this method will work for you, but if your sales page is as boring as bat shit then you won’t make any sales and this won’t work. Do not try this method if you can’t write a good sales page. Go and learn how to write a good sales page (we have lots of articles about writing good sales copy) then come back here and try out this method.

How much cash can you make? Well that really depends on how good you are at selling. But people have reported over $2800 profit per week with this method. That’s a big chuck of money and nothing to be sneezed at! Also once sales start to drop off because you have saturated that PTC site you can always switch to another site, or sell the domain on flippa.


Create a quick product (ebook or otherwise) about internet marketing and making money online. Create an amazing sales page that sells the product. Send a LOT of cheap traffic to your site via paid to click (PTC) sites. Sit back and wait for the sales to flow in!

Step-By-Step Guide:

  1. Sign up with PayPal, NeoBux, and e-junkie.
  2. You’ll also need some sort of website hosting. I wouldn’t use shared hosting because we are going to be sending a LOT of traffic to your site. If you have shared hosting your site will get shut off by your hosting provider because of the server load. Yes, that still happens even if they say it’s ‘Unlimited Traffic’. I would get a Hostagtor Tier 3 VPS to start off with, that should be enough to handle the traffic load.
  3. Create a product. This is not as hard as it sounds. Just google ‘internet marketing ebook’, or go to the downloads section of an internet marketing website (not ours!) and you’ll find lots of free ebooks to download. Combine a few of those into a product. I’ll say this only once so make sure it gets into your head… it doesn’t matter how good your product is, it only matters how well you sell it. I’m not saying just churn out some crap product on purpose, put some effort in, but pay 100% more attention to your sales page instead of improving your product. With this method it’s your sales page that gets you money, not your product.
  4. Upload your product to Set the price for the ebook to $9.99 or something similar. I wouldn’t charge any more than that for the product because the traffic your sending to this page don’t have a lot of money to throw around. They can afford $9.99 if they think their going to make more money, but any more than that they won’t pay.
  5. Create a sales page. This is the important part. Spend more time on this part than any other. This is what is going to make the difference. So make it good! I usually use wordpress plus a sales page theme to make things easier.
  6. Include a ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Get Instant Access’ image at the bottom of your sales page. Link that image to your e-junkie payment. So when someone clicks on the image they get redirected to your e-junkie payment. Don’t use ‘Buy Now’, it doesn’t convert as well.
  7. Go to NeoBux and buy 50,000 views for your website. This costs $70. Yes you have to invest some money but if you’ve done everything correctly you’ll make your money back (and more) no problem. You can buy more views every day to keep up the sales but don’t buy any on Sunday. Sales suck on Sundays.
  8. Watch your inbox fill up with sales notifications.
  9. When sales start to drop off sell the site on Flippa.

Some tips:

  • Include the guarantee just before the price. It’s been proven that people stop reading after the see the price. Including the guarantee just before the price is one more final selling point before they decide if they want to buy.
  • Use different size text and colors.
  • Include a few testimonials. Make up a few comments from ‘customers’ praising the product. It’s been proven that people are more likely to buy something if others have also bought the product.
  • Stick to the Make Money Online niche. The traffic your sending to this page is already trying to make money by viewing ads (PTC) so they are looking to make money online and are ready to buy. Selling products for other niches won’t work.
  • If your sales suck, improve your sales page. I can guarantee that 99% of the problems people have with this method is that their sales page sucks. I haven’t used it but the Google Optimizer might work for split testing.
  • If you’ve done thing right you’ll be making about $2500 per week after expenses.


Sign up to PayPal, e-Junkie, and NeoBux.
Get good website hosting.
Create a product and upload it to e-junkie.
Create a good sales page with e-junkie buy link at the bottom.
Send cheap traffic to your website with NeoBux.
When sales drop off sell your site on Flippa.