Codahale Metrics The histogram reproduces the last data point received after stopping the entry.

I've also stopped data entry for Yammer's histogram and timer. But both still reproduce the latest data received.

The way I assure myself that they do not get, is that I added the newspaper. I assure myself that they are not receiving new data.

What should I do to ensure that they do not replicate the unnecessary data point?

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combinatorics – software metrics for data growth

I write an article for software that uses combinatorics to generate large sets of results. I would like to describe that if I put in n elements, I will have in return 2 ^ n elements.

Is there a software metric describing the "data growth" of an algorithm or should I just write "data exponentially increase"?

btw: The size of the 2 ^ n elements varies, so I can not determine their size (storage)

Geometry mg.metric – Can different metrics for the same distance give different results?

Let's propose that I want to calculate the distance between two points $ A = (1,2) $ and $ B = (3,4) $. To do this, I want to work with L1 (taxi), L2 (Euclidien) and L-$ infty $ (Chebyshev) metrics.

L1: $ qquad d (A, B) = | 1-3 | + | 2-4 | = $ 4

L2: $ qquad d (A, B) = sqrt {(| 1-3 |) ² + (| 2-4 |) ²} = sqrt {8} approximately $ 2,828

L-$ infty $ : $ quad d (A, B) = max {| 1-3 |, | 2-4 | } = $ 2

If I have not miscalculated these distances, my question would be:

How can the distances vary between the measurements if the "real" distance between the points does not vary?

Possible follow-up: if it is true that they may vary, why did mathematicians propose different metrics to describe distances?

Dg.differential geometry – Metrics with the prescribed Levi-Civita connection

My question concerns the symmetries of a (pseudo) -Riemannian metric preserving the Levi-Civita connection (LCC), its unique metric connection without twisting. For a basic example, we note that the standard flat connection on $ mathbb R ^ d $ is the LCC of $ sum_i a_i dx_i otimes dx_i $ for all nonzero constants $ a_i $. This example suggests that sufficiently rigid transformations of a metric can solve the LCC.

Question. Let $ M $ to be a multiple (smooth). Let $ mathcal G $ to be a maximal group of automorphisms of vector beams of $ DeclareMathOperator {Sym} {Sym} Sym ^ 2 (M) $ with the property that the action of $ mathcal G $ on non-degenerate sections leaves the LCC invariant. What are the geometries of the $ mathcal G $-orbits? is $ mathcal G $ finite dimension?

Dramatic drop in Google Analytics Search Console metrics after linking the HTTPS property

I recently switched to HTTPS without any prior experience with GA, GSC, etc. I had not realized until last week that I had to change the property and view the settings in GA accordingly, so I did it. I then went to GSC, I linked the HTTP property and linked the HTTPS property to GA. It took a few days, then everything was synchronized and seemed normal until the beginning of this week.

The screenshot below shows what should be two of the same graphs displaying HTTPS property data – the GSC graph at the top and the GA graph below (Acquisition -> Search Console -> Pages destination).

Clicks on GA and GSC Landing Pages

Since I've linked the HTTPS property, I have not changed the settings in GA anymore, but as you can see, the data suddenly vanishes completely in the GA chart. The only changes I made to GSC are the correction of the crawl errors and I deleted a set of tests that I had created for the sole purpose of seeing the process (never related to anything else). it would be).

QUESTION: Any ideas on why this could happen?

FOLLOW UP QUESTION: Is it better to create a set for HTTP? and HTTPS property in GSC so that I can connect all old AND new data to GA (if it works as well)? Note that when you log in to the old search console, it is indicated that "the property sets will no longer be available after March 28".

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oauth 2.0 – OAuth2RestTemplate HTTP Client Metrics and Spring Boot

Actuator manages the instrumentation of RestTemplate, just inject RestTemplateBuilder create RestTemplate bean:

Public class HttpClientConfiguration {
RestTemplateBuilder final final restTemplateBuilder;

// let Actuator manages the instrumentation
HttpClientConfiguration Public (RestTemplateBuilder restTemplateBuilder) {
this.restTemplateBuilder = restTemplateBuilder;

@Bean // leaves Sleuth interception queries
public RestTemplate createRestTemplate () {
return ();

How to create a OAuth2RestTemplate bean (OAuth2 built-in) with HTTP Client Mertics support?

Attempt to display multiple hosts for unique metrics in InfluxDB + Grafana

Launch Grafana 5.4.2-1 + InfluxDB 1.7.4-1 + Telegraf 1.9.4-1 on CentOS 7.6.

I had used to run a monitoring stack on collectd -> graphite -> grafana, where, say, a single metric graph (inactive CPU) might display multiple hosts queried in the same graph dashboard.

For the moment, I am unable to reproduce such behavior with telegraf -> influxdb -> grafana. All the dashboards I've viewed on offer a drop-down menu to select which host to display, but none offers the ability to view multiple hosts for the same indicators.

Is InfluxDB structurally unable to do it or something missing (and if so, what do I miss?).

Thank you

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