Which way round do the batteries go in a Metz SCA3000C flash control unit?

I have a Metz SCA3000C flash control unit; which way round do the batteries go? There is no indication on the unit and the manual is no help at all.

I have a metz SCA3000C flash control unit, which way round do the batteries go? there is no indication on the unit and the manual is no help at all

I have a metz sca3000c flash control unit, which way round do the batteries go in?

Where can I find a Metz P -76 power pack schematic?

I love my Metz P-76 and want to repair it. I have contacted Metz Germany and no reply. Metz Canada tried to find something but were unsuccessful. There does not seem to currently exist any American representative.

flash – Need a copy of the Metz P-76 power pack service manual with schematic

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troubleshooting – How do I fix a non-firing Metz Af58-1?

I have a Canon 50D and a Metz Mecablitz AF 58-1.

A few years back I used to work a lot with this combo, but it’s been set aside for a few years.

I took it out, and changed the batteries of the flash to brand new ones. The flash doesn’t test fire.

I put the flash in the hotshoe, powered up the camera and the flash, and I know the camera communicates with the flash because the flash knows my aperture and focal length etc.

I understand it’s probably a flash bulb problem of some sort, I just wanted to know if anyone ever encountered the same problem, if I can take care of the problem myself, and what is the expected cost of repair in a shop.

The flash really works flawlessly except for, well, flashing.

digital photo – Problem Metz 58-1 Digital Flash

I have a digital flash Met 58-1, I have not used it for a month maybe less. Today, I was going to use it and when I turn it on, gives it a bit to warm up, but when I press the flash button of the external flash, it emits a beep and no light turns on, even when I put it in the camera the 1st The white button labeled "Sel" emits a red beep but nothing is displayed at the top. screen? Someone knows what could be the problem. He has new batteries. on the screen, it displays TTL, F4.0, a clock, MZoom 24, ISO3200, 135ft, a sound icon and the bottom buttons in the order, "Mode, Para, Salt and Flash.

Someone knows why he does not shoot.

Why does my 58 AF-1 Metz flash display a low battery when new batteries are used?

the very A long recycle time indicates that at least one (if not all) of your batteries is bad / exhausted. If you use rechargeable batteries, chances are simply that they no longer hold the charge. It happens.

The simplest solution would be to acquire new batteries. If you like to use rechargeable batteries, I would also recommend you purchase a "smart" charger that allows you to pack, test and charge your batteries so you know when to replace them.

If the battery exchange does not work, it is possible that there is a problem with the flash capacitor. I would not recommend trying to solve this problem yourself, unless you have mastered the electronics and the tools needed to unload a capacitor (in order not to kill you; these objects can still contain tri-voltages figures once the batteries removed), and desoldering / solder card components, and can get an appropriate spare part with sufficient capacity.

Whether it's worth sending it to Metz for repair or to buy a replacement, it's up to you to decide.