Questions about Office 365 Microsoft 365 Personal

I want to use the Microsoft 365 Personal from this link @ compare-all-microsoft-office-products-d.. but i have the following questions:-

  1. From where i need to download the setup file for the Office Microsoft 365 Personal?

  2. Also can we (legally & Technically) install the Microsoft 365 Personal inside windows 10 pro for a business company ?

Microsoft Exchange Server Updates Resolve 0-Day Vulnerabilities

Users of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, 2016, and 2019 should update as a priority.

How to see Word Track Changes in Google Docs/without Microsoft Word?

I don’t have a local install of Microsoft Word, but I’m getting writing feedback in the form of .docx files with track changes on. Ideally, I would like to see the tracked changes in Google Docs, but I haven’t been able to find a way to do that. I would prefer not to have to dive into the XML, but I’ll do it if necessary.

microsoft – Pesquisa sobre Azure DevOps no Desenvolvimento de Software

Olá! Este questionário é parte de uma pesquisa baseada na investigação dos principais fatores que influenciam a aceitação da plataforma Azure no contexto do desenvolvimento de Software no Brasil.

As informações aqui registradas serão mantidas em sigilo e analisadas de forma conjunta, sem identificar os respondentes.

Tempo estimado de leitura e preenchimento: 5 min.

Agradecemos sua colaboração!

microsoft excel – How to add receival and Booked out button to update stock

I have a stock sheet that I would like to update the stock on by entering goods received and booked out on another sheet.
So I would enter receivals or parts booked out then click a button at the top of the respective column to update stock and clear the data entry column.

Can anyone help on this as I have very little VBA experience.
I can provide the workbook

Thanks in advance


certificate authority – Microsoft CA Web Enrollment authentication issues

Currently i have a separate server configured for web enrollment with open trust delegation from the enterprise CA. (using kerberos only)

However, when i require windows authentication for the web enrollment web page, it throws me an error
An unexpected error has occurred: The Certification Authority Service has not been started.
(this is for the download CA certificate, CRL option)

When i turn set to ‘Automatic login only when in intranet zone’ from internet options, everything works fine. (Kerberos ticket is retrieved when i check using klist http/web-server) Once i change to ‘Prompt for username and password’, i get errors above and sometimes the authentication fails 3 times with the 401 not authorized error.

windows 10 – Microsoft Teams hangs at the start and won’t load

yesterday I was still able to use Microsoft teams Desktop version in my PC. But today when I will start Teams, it just won’t load, it stucks at the startup screen, saying loading and then it doesn’t respond at all.

Here are some of the things I’ve tried so far but still haven’t solve the problem:

  1. Run Task manager, then end task microsoft teams and then run teams again
  2. Clear the cache by deleting files inside the %appdata%MicrosoftTeams folder
  3. Uninstall Teams from add/remove programs and then download from the latest version from Microsoft Teams site.
  4. Run Teams in compatibility mode, I tried for Windows 7, Windows 8 but all doesn’t work
  5. Checked the firewall, and it has microsoft teams rules inside with all profiles supported
  6. turned off antivirus, in case this might be the one causing problems

I had tried all of these but still Teams still doesn’t open. I am running Windows 10 (64 bit) and my processor is an Intel i5-3470 3.2 ghz. Btw, I had tried to download and install he latest version of teams in another computer, and it is working fine, so this problem is only isolated in my personal PC.

The one I haven’t tried is to reinstall Windows but I don’t want to go to that extend since I have lots of important programs and files in this PC. Anybody can offer an advice, tips on how I can make Teams run in my PC without problems? Thank you.

microsoft excel – Dynamic sheets reference + column ranges using only column number

I have multiple sheets simply named “2019”, “2021”, “2021”.
In each of those, I have columns whose first cell contains a currency code: “EUR”, “XRP”, “XBT”, etc.

Now I wanna create a new sheet in which a dynamic formula would take a year and a currency code as inputs and find the last filled value of the columnt starting with this currency code on the sheet named with the inputed year.

I can find the column number using MATCH(D5;’2021′!$1:$1;0), where D5 contains my currency code, but I don’t know how to make the sheet name dynamic (say I write 2021 in cell A1 on my new sheet, how do I put A1 in this formula instead).

I can find the last value of column O using OFFSET(‘2021’!O1;COUNTA(‘2021’!O:O)-1;0) but I wanna use the column number found previously instead.

I’m scratching my head over this, any help would be appreciated ^^

mslists – How do you duplicate a list in the Microsoft Lists App?

There are a couple of ways to do this.

  1. You can export the list to excel and then create the new list using
    that spreadsheet read here. This requires you to go to the list in sharepoint first.
  2. This might help Duplicate a list in Sharepoint Online.
    If your list is smaller than 50MB you can make your first list a template in the sharepoint settings. Go to the List Settings page Click on “Save list as Template” and make sure to check the “include content” box. more here (scroll down to: “Method 4: Copy a SharePoint list using a List Template”)
  3. You might be able to copy the list item in the document library or use save as to make a copy.

Hope these help. Like I said in the comment, from what I understand, the method you used doesn’t copy the content only the headings/titles.

licensing – Software license for paid open-source app on Microsoft Store

What is the right software license to use in order to be able to sell my application, have it be open-source, and still be able to accept pull requests?

I am developing a productivity/utility application for Windows. I would like to release that application on the Microsoft Store as a paid application, with a free trial option, and also have the binaries available on GitHub.

The intention here is to allow users who have tried the app and liked it to pay for it and in turn get updates through the Store.

What worries me is that once I start getting pull requests, by accepting them I will find myself in sort of a grey area, since I will no longer be able to take advantage of the fact that I am the sole copyright owner, which is what allows me to distribute it (if my understanding is correct).

I would also like to prevent other parties from redistributing my application. Sorry, I meant preventing other parties from distributing it for profit.

Is there a standard license that fits these requirements? Should I just disable pull requests? Maybe just forget about open sourcing it and keep the source closed.