Can a MacBook Pro 13 (mid-2010) battery be used in a 2009 Monocoque polycarbonate MacBook?

I've got one somewhere, I just do not have it on me. I'm just curious because my MacBook Pro is dead but has a new battery and my 2009 MacBook has a dead battery. I would rather not buy a new one if I do not have to.

after installing win 10 on macbook pro 6.2 mid-2010, the windows remain stuck and reboot 2 to 3 times, and then shut down

after installing win 10 on macbook pro 6.2 mid-2010, the windows stop and restart 2 to 3 times, then stop
i've tried to install win 8.1 and the same problem is produced
your suggestion will be helpful

hardware – Macbook mid-2010: no power supply after ssd upgrade

I've replaced my hard drive with an SSD drive with the help of the ifixit guide on my MacBook Unibody, model A1342 (mid-2010).

But after reconnecting the battery, the Mac seems to be dead (Magsafe light off, no chime, no fan, nothing). I've tried another charger that works perfectly with another Mac without success.

Any chance that it is "only" a problem of battery? Or the logic board is dead? Or any other solution?

high sierra – Installing Windows 10 in mid-2010 Mac Pro – "The EFI Boot" is not in the boot manager

I have been working on installing Windows 10 on my Mac Pro mid-2010 and I have followed the following thread: says thread. I have formatted my partitioned BOOTCAMP volume (where I plan to install Windows) on ExFat, as well as on the USB drive used to boot. As of now, Windows 10 ISO and Windows support software have been mounted and copied to my BOOTCAMP volume. I've changed the .xml file name and disabled the ability to start EFI from the BOOTCAMP volume. I've also copied the same content (Windows 10 iso, Windows Support Software) except that here I have not disabled the ability to start EFI. Basically, I came to step 10 in the thread I was following.

The problem I encounter is when I restart my computer. I do this by holding down the alt (option) key at startup to access the boot manager. I'm waiting to see the EFI boot as an option to select and boot from, but my USB (EFI boot) is not there. The only options I have are my hard drive recovery, recovery, and an additional internal storage drive, but no USB or EFI boot option. I went back to check that everything was in order but that I could not find a reason why I could not boot from my USB key. Maybe the ExFat partitioning scheme is incorrect for this process?

Any idea would be greatly appreciated because I have been working on this topic for a few days now and would like to find a solution.

Thanks in advance.