8 – How to migrate the value of the field in the same nest?

I need to migrate the value from the address field to the paragraph field in the same nest. I have migrated the address field to the paragraph element, but now I need to map this paragraph element previously migrated to the paragraph field. The main blocker is that I have to migrate the value of the field in the same content. The values ​​of the migration_map table are stored but the value of the destination field is not filled in.

8 – Migrate the content of the Book module from D7 to D8

I have a Drupal7 website that I want to upgrade to a Drupal8. I'm taking this opportunity to rethink the structure and theme, but I would like to extract / copy / move / import the book content from the original website into the new one. (I don't have access to drush)

I can retrieve all the contents of the book in a dataexport of views, but how can I add the structure of the book? I found a relationship with a parent, but how do I use it?

migration – Storcli – migrate from RAID1 to RAID10

I have a system with two hard drives configured in RAID1. I bought two more – same model / size, etc. – and now I want to reconfigure them in RAID10.

I have storcli installed in VMWare and works, but I can't find anything on the conversion to raid10, just raid5 / 6 …

I only found how to create raid10 from scratch:
storcli -CfgSpanAdd -r10 -Array0[64:0,64:1] -Array1[64:2,64:3] -a0

But nothing on how to migrate the existing array from two disks to four.

Of course, I would like to keep the existing data.


Lightroom CC says it can only migrate a Lightroom 6 catalog once – why?

I am trying to move one of my LR 6 catalogs to the new CC LR. I get the following dialog:

LR dialog

Why this? And is there a way to redo the migration later despite Adobe's warning?

I need to migrate more than 100 domains from SmarterMail 13 to Linux

Hi all,
I need to migrate more than 100 domains using SmarterMail Enterprise 13.0 to a new Linux server and after reading a lot about how I could … | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1802812&goto=newpost

migration – Configure a cron job to run the drush migrate command

I have a custom module that migrates articles from a remote xml file. Because the RSS feed is changing, I want my Drupal site to be synchronized with the RSS feed. How to add for example this command drush mim xml_content to my cron job, so it will be updated every cron interval?

Or how do I add it to my custom module with hook_cron ()?

migration – Migrate updates all nodes when first import / track_changes does not work

I use migrate to create and update nodes from external sources (xml files). These xml files are stored in a directory and are deleted and re-downloaded once a day (overnight). In these files, only part of the lines / elements is updated.

I use the track_changes module (with a true value) to test the row data and update it if necessary.

But, during the first migration, all the nodes seem to be updated: in the admin / content table, all the nodes seem to be updated and all the nodes have as update date the date of the first migration.

I did tests:

  • If I manually restart the migration (in admin / structure / migrate / …), the nodes do not seem to be re-registered (the update date does not change)> it's ok
  • If I modify the data of an element in the source file (xml) and restart the migration, only 1 node is updated> it's ok

Why are all nodes re-registered / updated during the first migration?
Does downloading xml files every night break the hashed data on each line? If yes, is there a way to resolve this problem?

Thank you for your help.

web hosting – How to migrate email addresses from an old one to a new domain, but still allow to send to old email addresses?

Our company currently has a domain old.example.

In the future, they want to use a new domain new.example as the main domain.

  1. This means that we will host the new website on new.example and then set a redirect from old.com to new.example. No problem here.
  2. In the future we will create new email addresses like mail@new.example.
  3. My question concerns the processing of email accounts already linked to old.com.
    We want to make the old email address accessible via mail@new.example.
    However, when someone still sends mail to mail@old.example, mail should always be received on mail@new.example.

How can I achieve this goal? Should we recreate all email addresses with the domain new.example then create a transfer rule from mail@old.example at mail@new.example. There must be a smarter way to do it? Some kind of alias method that can be used?

sharepoint server – Migrate a subsite with content types

I have a large subsite in a Sharepoint 2016 site hierarchy that I would like to export to another site collection. The problem is that each document set library in the subsite uses only one type of content that was created at the parent level of the subsite. For example. if my site is on http: // example / type / site, the content type and columns are configured on the site http: // example / type.

I tried to use import / export-spweb to copy the site and its content to the new location, but it only moved the child content types as part of the libraries. How do I move the content type and columns from the parent site and reassociate them with child content types? And can I keep additional columns or column masks present in child content types?

I am comfortable enough with Powershell to write a script by importing the content type / columns or updating them on child elements, given an idea of ​​how to do this without losing customizations or more .

Unable to migrate my blogger to WordPress

I recently started a WordPress.org blog with hosting my WorkerVoice.in blog and am looking to import my blog from Blogger. It sounds very simple and when I have already used WordPress.com, it did not work. I have already set up my two websites also these methods. With just a few clicks, it was up and running with all of my Blogger blog posts, photos, and comments.
For the record, here is what I encountered while trying to import my Blogger blog…
1. Tools> import> Blogger Run Importer> Choose File> Download file and import
2. It loads at the bottom of my% screen, then once it's done, all it displays is a button that says "Submit". No other text.
3. Then all he says is "Everything is done." Have fun! Do not forget to update the passwords and roles of the imported users. "And nothing has changed. I can't find my blog posts anywhere.
I am also trying https://wordpress.org/plugins/blogger-importer-extended/ but each time an error message "Oops! Something went wrong. Click the button below to reload the connection to Blogger. The importer will then continue. "
If anyone has help, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you!
Surjeet Shyamal