Front-end migration in an Agile process

In our organization, we plan to migrate a single-page application (with a complex back-end) to another Front-end technology (Angular to React). We want to proceed with an Agile mindset by gradually migrating (page by page) and deploying frequently.

However, we are in a bit of an enigma as to how to proceed, and we would like to have advice or comments from the community. Here are some constraints that I have tried to summarize here:

  • UX : Roaming from an angular page to a React page degrades the user experience: instead of a single application experience (where the header and the sidebar does not reload), the user sees the page as a full reload.
  • Technically: we can solve this problem by enclosing an Angular page in a React page, but that induces a lot of risks in session management, a js / css overload … The Angular application is also strongly coupled with the back- end, and one of the goals of migration is to decouple it
  • Methodology : Working on a 9-month redesign before delivering exposes us to great risk, as there are few user comments. We love the frequent delivery and feedback cycle that has worked so well for us.
  • New features : We must also offer new features to meet our commitments. Initially, we wanted to connect a page migration with new functionalities, and resolve our migration roadmap with our new functionalities roadmap

There is a paradox between a gradual migration process which is methodologically sound, but which is technically risky and degrades UX during the transition phase. We can think of living with some of these constraints, but we would like to receive comments. I hope the question is also suitable for this site. Have you ever experienced this situation before? Thank you!!

migration – Configure a cron job to run the drush migrate command

I have a custom module that migrates articles from a remote xml file. Because the RSS feed is changing, I want my Drupal site to be synchronized with the RSS feed. How to add for example this command drush mim xml_content to my cron job, so it will be updated every cron interval?

Or how do I add it to my custom module with hook_cron ()?

migration – Migrate updates all nodes when first import / track_changes does not work

I use migrate to create and update nodes from external sources (xml files). These xml files are stored in a directory and are deleted and re-downloaded once a day (overnight). In these files, only part of the lines / elements is updated.

I use the track_changes module (with a true value) to test the row data and update it if necessary.

But, during the first migration, all the nodes seem to be updated: in the admin / content table, all the nodes seem to be updated and all the nodes have as update date the date of the first migration.

I did tests:

  • If I manually restart the migration (in admin / structure / migrate / …), the nodes do not seem to be re-registered (the update date does not change)> it's ok
  • If I modify the data of an element in the source file (xml) and restart the migration, only 1 node is updated> it's ok

Why are all nodes re-registered / updated during the first migration?
Does downloading xml files every night break the hashed data on each line? If yes, is there a way to resolve this problem?

Thank you for your help.

magento2 – When migrating data with the data migration tool, the following error as seen in the screenshot is encountered, is it safe to ignore it

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migration – I migrated from Blogger to WordPress. Should I create a hyperlink of Blogger images to the new WP site?

I recently migrated from Blogger to WordPress. I was wondering if instead of uploading existing images to the new WordPress site, I should instead link them directly from Blogger.

I'm not worried about my WP host space, but I can't find my host very quickly. Will Blogger hot-link images improve the performance of my site? What's better in SEO?

P.O: I have verified and found that Blogger hotlinking to other sites is permitted in accordance with Google / blogger policy.

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migration – How can I import fields into the Drupal 8.4 user profile from a csv file that has identical values ​​in the key line?

I use Migrate Tools, Migrate Plus and Migrate Source CSV. My CSV file looks like this:

"user2";"black";"rotten banana"

I use the profile module (

I have a migration within my migration group that looks like this (migrate_plus.migration.user_vorlesungen.yml):

id: user_vorlesungen
langcode: de
status: true
            - user_migrate
migration_group: hoevwa
label: 'HoeVWA Vorlesungen Import'
    plugin: csv
    track_changes: true
    path: /config/Vorlesungsverzeichnis.csv
    # Column delimiter. Comma (,) by default.
    delimiter: ';'
    # Field enclosure. Double quotation marks (") by default.
    enclosure: '"'
    header_row_count: 1
        - Stg
    plugin: entity:profile
        plugin: default_value
        default_value: 'vorlesungen'
        plugin: migration_lookup
        no_stub: true
        # previous user migration
        migration: user__hoerer
        # property in the source data
        source: Stg
    # These field have multiple values in D8
    field_color: Color
    field_fruit: Fruit

    required: {  }
    optional: {  }

In my YAML file, the content is printed like this:

{{ content.field_color }} {{ content.field_fruit }}

When I run drush mim –group = hoevwa, only the last values ​​of user1 (blue, pear) are imported. How can I launch a process plugin to browse the CSV and get all the imported values. And finally, how can I browse all the values ​​of my TWIG model?

Information Architecture – Teams – SharePoint Migration

We plan to deploy Microsoft Teams across the organization and create a team for each department.

Currently, everyone stores documents on SharePoint or locally. Would it be a wise option to move all the content stored in SharePoint folders and other locations to Microsoft teams?

We tried to play around to see how it would work and created a document library on SharePoint, but it doesn't appear in Teams. We have also created a folder in SharePoint which is supposed to be a channel in Teams – and it also does not appear in the list of team channels. It seems that there is no synchronization between SharePoint and Teams.

We have just started using Teams and it seems like a lot of things are not working as expected. Did anyone have experience with Teams-SharePoint migration?

Migration from SharePoint to another 2016 environment – RBS compatible content DB

Would like to know the process or steps to migrate / configure the staging environment from production for SharePoint 2016 with a multiple content database enabled with RBS.

For non RBS databases, we followed the approach of mounting and dismounting content databases, we would like to know the steps for databases enabled for RBS.

Disabling RBS / moving data to the content database and then restoring from backup will not be an optimal solution as the size of the database is huge and cannot disrupt the production environment.

Entity Framework Core Migration Constructor not found

When you try to migrate to the nuget package manager console

I get the following error:

Construtor não encontrado no tipo 'Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Design.OperationExecutor'.

I have the most recent versions provided by the nuget (3.1.2).

Has anyone had this problem, and if so, how did you solve it?
I have searched the internet, and there is very little information to help me.