Migration – How to parse the JSON feed from one d8 to another d8 site using the Feeds Migrate module

This is the JSON output of a view using the REST export.

    "spotlight-title": "Spotlight 3",
    "spotlight-body": "

This is spotlight 3

" }, { "spotlight-title": "Spotlight 2", "spotlight-body": "

this is spotlight 2

" }, { "spotlight-title": "Spotlight 1", "spotlight-body": "

This is the first spotlight

" } ]

And in my other site d8, I'm trying to consume JSON output via the Feeds Migrate module. I tried to set $. * And $. [] In the JSON element selector without having any chance. I've got the error quickly "An AJAX HTTP error has occurred.
HTTP result code: 500 "in recent log messages, I see" Note: undefined index: $. [] In Drupal migrate_more … "

What should I set as the element selector?

Thank you!

Migration from Woltlab to MyBB

I like to migrate my Woltlab Suite 3.1 forum to MyBB and when I tried the MyBB merge system, it did not work. Has anyone been successful in converting?

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Why are they against the mass migration of non-whites?

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When Trump arrived … it was like a breath of fresh air to acknowledge that our immigration policies were not heavily enforced.

But then he became uncontrollable, building far-right terrorist groups. And now we are almost divided by race, near days of segregation.

In a sense, the shooting at El Paso brought us closer together. Because it was a wake up call that we could push towards the edge of a racial / civil war. The left is liberal and for equality. The right is now more for white superiority.

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Migration from cPanel to Directadmin Reseller hosting

Hi all.
Our current reseller accommodations are WHM / cPanel. I see that Directadmin reseller hosting is so cheaper than cPanel.

Is it possible to move cPanel to Directadmin? Are the backup files (complete or at home) the same?

So, if I did not like (or any other reason) Directadmin, can I move Directadmin backups back to cPanel (without plug-in, modification, etc.)?

How is the migration to DirectAdmin after cPanel price increases!


I'm just curious how everyone migrated to DirectAdmin after cPanel's price rise.
My host stayed at cPanel and just raised his prices, which forced me to increase mine, but I'm just curious to hear.

When the announcement was made, the industry was angry and most people were spitting and promising to move away from the AD.

There were also rumors that people thought DA would not stand the flood and that their good support experiences would drop because of that.

Question 1: So I'm curious about how this happened and if it's the SH # T storm that everyone expected it to move ??
Question 2: How did your customers react to the change of cPanel dashboard to DA?

Thank you :-]

SolusVM migration to Openstack | Talk Web Hosting

Quote Originally posted by Rodrigo Baldasso
See the article
Hey guys,

We pay Solusvm a lot of money every month to manage our virtual machines and our KVM nodes. I want to migrate to an open-source and more customizable platform.

I have tried CloudStack a few times but it still seems to be a product too beta. I get all kinds of errors on the user interface and the only way to know what happened is to check the controller log, which is not practical in an environment prod.

Openstack, by contrast, seems to be by far a more robust and stable product. However, there are too many modules and options that I do not know what to look for. Basically, we want to deploy a relative scenario, similar to the one we already have on SolusVM:

# a controller server
# KVM hosts with local LVM storage
# KVM hosts with iSCSI storage

Is there anyone who has done this, able to provide insights on what / where should I look?

Very appreciated.

The deployment, operation, automation and delivery under OpenStack have been my full time job for over 7 years. So I can give you some information about this.

you want an alternative to solusvm .. but do not make that the only argument to choose an equivalent equivalent to open source because you go anyway to a new technology .. for example, what do you want to sell, what control do you want on the users? have, how much background administration you need to do, etc. Do not think of today's need.

It all depends on your goals and the way you see yourself in the market. If your goal is simply to have an open source system with the same features as solusVM, then proxmox is a very good choice. Highly recommended.

With OpenStack, you will no longer have a license .. and the new version and new features will be published every 6 months .. so it is always possible new products for sale.
As for features, in addition to self-service hosting, you can easily start selling products such as DNS as a service, Load Balancers as a service, Storage of objects, Volumes, Containers, etc.

If you want to sell as a cloud provider – where users can create a site-to-site VPN on your cloud, deploy their virtual instances and routers and run their workload, or if you want to provide solutions to companies or colleges, with their AD / LDAP system, site-to-site tunnelset VPN, then surely OpenStack. Openstack has grown a lot and is now a stable and robust product. That's why, if you look at the popular companies providing cloud solutions – redhat, suse, canonical, cisco, dell …, the reference architecture of these clouds is based on openstack and ceph. You can go to https://www.openstack.org/user-stories/ to check who already uses OpenStack and why. It stands out for its stability and reliability, but above all for its flexibility.

It is true that there are many modules, but it is because it is very flexible and the modules you select and how you build them depend entirely on your needs of tomorrow (and not today) . If you look at the needs of today, more than 6 months later, you could be "oops … we built it badly …" or "we could have chosen a different technology," and so on. Will you just be IaaS or do you want to do PaaS, SaaS, etc.? all the way … what your customers might look like … do you plan to be just a supplier … or a supplier … .. what price segment you want to pack and sell your products and solutions .. what kind of workload do you expect … these are all the questions you should ask yourself .. The link will show you how it is used and how it can be used .. so you can see how you can do it. If you have a lot of customers, you may already have data on upsell opportunities.

Your position is indicated from Brazil .. you should also take into account .. what benefit would I have on my region / city / country depending on the degree of flexibility and wealth of your service provider? cloud computing .. what kind of business etc can use your cloud etc ..

Once you have solved the problem, all you have to do is indicate how you will install it and what modules, network, number of servers, start to boot, where to find support, how to build it, how to use it, how to do it. support him, etc. the subjects and all the architecture of it ..

using it just for a solusvm replacement will underutilize its potential and could also be an overload for your team that is trying to implement, support, upgrade, understand it, keep it up to date, etc. You'd better migrate to proxmox.

google cloud platform – GCS bucket migration between different organizations

We are currently planning to migrate some GCS buckets between different organizations.

After reviewing the documentation, it seems to be something that can be done between projects and compartments, but not between different organizations.

Does anyone know if this is the case or is there another way to migrate with the GCP tool set?