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Hello Mindset24 superstars !!

What an incredible 72 hours it was! Thousands of people join us to share our vision! The news of our official launch date, on 9/12/2017 at 12:01 pm, Eastern Time, has spread like wildfire and people are happier than ever before. have 6 more days to open and finance their Bitcoin account and strengthen their team.

As most of you know, Mindset 24 Global offers all affiliates the opportunity to get a free job, explore our marketing and back office, see examples of our product and then decide if we agree. The world recognizes that this has never been done before.

We are proud to set the bar high and establish a new benchmark to follow for all other companies. We only exclude Bicoin and we only pay Bitcoin fees. We pay 70% of every dollar we pay and we pay all sales commissions in real time! Just imagine receiving your 100% commission or bonus a few seconds after the sale. Finally, we share 20% of gross revenues with each qualified subsidiary. Finally, we offer a product that changes lives. Courses and a personal development program that will help people around the world improve their relationships, careers, confidence and even their finances! Did we mention that we already speak more than 10 languages ​​and have registered people from more than 30 countries around the world?

We are ready for the number of affiliates who sign up and we focus our efforts on satisfying requests. We built Mindset 24 Global on 5 basic principles:

1. Under promised and on deliver
2. Provide a world class customer service
3. Offer the most powerful and exclusive personal development training available
4. Provide a generous and rewarding compensation plan
5. Enable people around the world to participate at an affordable price

Our new Director of Field Operations is preparing to deploy his strategies to build a successful team. "Coach" Jay is expanding our product library. The first Shark himself, Kevin Harrington, prepares Mindset 24 Global for one of the largest business launches in history.

You will find below the calendar of calls of opportunities for the week to come! Our new Field Development Manager, Scott Whitney, will be hosting an opportunity call every day this week! Make sure you get your prospects on this call and let it share the vision of Global Mindset 24!

– Monday at 20:00 ET
– Tuesday at 21:00 ET
– Wednesday at noon ET
– Thursday at 18:00 ET
– Friday at noon and

Dial: 641-715-3605
PIN 434597

Scott's call is INCREDIBLE! It covers all important information in less than 15 minutes. Get your prospects on these calls!

It is now that we must act. NOW is the time to share these 24 magic words with everyone you know:

"If I could show you how to improve your relationships, your career, your self-confidence and your finances, would you be interested in learning more?"

THIS IS ALL! 24 words that can change lives, including yours!

Keep up the good work and we'll see you in the circle of winners!

Mindset 24 Global Team

JOIN HERE: https://www.mindset24global.com/proReflex/

Payment Accept: BTC – Bankwire

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