Litcoin Paper Mini Key – Bitcoin Battery Exchange

I have two or three physical Litecoins based on Cassius Bitcoins

I have the public key and see that Litecoins are there: lightweight_smile:

They have a mini private key under the seal / sticker that I can not import into Litecoin Core

I continue to get

importprivkey (…)
Invalid private key encoding (code -5): Frowning:

Thanks in advance

unreal 4 – How to make a sprite appear above my character on the mini map attached to the ground?

I have a project where I made 2 mini cards.

One of the mini-cards is related to the character of my project and the other ground:

enter the description of the image here

As I already said in the title of the question, my character has a sprite above the head (red arrow) that appears on the attached mini-map, but does not appear on the mini card attached to the ground.


enter the description of the image here

I have looked at the rendering options and many others, but I have not managed to bring up the sprite. How to make the sprite appear on the ground minimap?

display – Can a 2018 Mac mini support two 4k monitors?

I guess I need more than one personal experience answer. The specifications indicate that a Mac mini can support two 4k monitors, but are there any reservations to that?

I'm planning to get 2 4k monitors and run them both at 60hz, connected through display ports (I'll have Thunderbolt 3 to display the port adapters).

contacts – How to keep the "Frequent contacts" list on S4 mini

I have a Samsung S4 mini aged 3 years. Recently, the list of frequent contacts (not a favorite), under the Favorites tab, deletes the list daily. How can I keep the old feature? Keep the list to enlarge. Is this an Android problem or a service problem provided?

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How to adjust the audio delay when streaming Android on Google Home Mini and playing videos?

Oneplus 6 runs on Android P, when I broadcast the phone's audio on Home mini and I watch a video on youtube / netflix, etc., there is some audio lag (~ 1 s). How can I fix it?

P.S: my phone is rooted if it helps.

Hosts to Collocate an HP Z2 Mini G4 Workstation?

Hello people,

I was wondering if co-location providers allow hosting of mini-workstations such as the HP Z2 mini-G4. With less than $ 2500 you get:

CPU: Intel® Xeon® processor E-2176G (3.7 GHz, up to 4.7 GHz with Turbo, 12 MB cache, 6 cores)
RAM: 64 GB (2 x 32 GB) of SODIMM memory DDR4-2666
M.2 Storage: TLC SSD with 1 TB HP Z Turbo Drive
other storage: 2 TB hard disk 5400 rpm 2.5 "…n–1#!&tab=vao

I think servers dedicated to similar specifications would go well beyond $ 100 a month.

I've looked into the offers, but no provider has announced anything about the mini-workstations colocation.

(Are there any disadvantages to using such a Xeon workstation as missing servers?)

Thank you

love at first sight – Mac Mini 2018 – 3 monitors

I've already seen this issue for older versions of the Mac mini, but I have a hard time finding an answer for the 2018 Mac mini.

I want to connect 3 identical monitors (22 inches 1080p). I am currently able to connect two monitors using HDMI-to-Thunderbolt 3 cables, but I can not detect the signal on the third monitor. I have a third HDMI-Thunderbolt 3 cable and a VGA to HDMI adapter that I can also use.

If I connect the VGA-HDMI cable to the HDMI port of the Mini, the two monitors that work start to blink. The third monitor still does not detect a signal.

The monitor is a 1920×1080, 75 Hz

Has anyone ever successfully configured a 2018 Mac Mini on 3 monitors using any of these configurations?

Thank you!

admin – Mini mac admin hidden

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