[ Standards & Testing ] Open question: What do you see once in a minute, twice in a moment and never in a thousand years?

[Standards & Testing] Open Question: What can you see once a minute, twice a minute and never in a thousand years?

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The installation of cPanel is complete in 1 minute and 54 seconds!

Some people say that compilation from source software is faster than pre-built binaries, because the compiler can produce native code optimized for that particular processor and environment.

Thus, you negotiate faster installation and updates for a faster running application / software / server …

c – Read the start time, the start minute, the end time and the end minute of a game. Then calculate the duration of the game

Hello, i'm trying to solve this problem from urionlinejudge.com.br, but the problem persists: "Wrong answer (5%)". Already checked all the suggested entries in udebug and the output control. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? I'm sorry noobice

int main (void) {
int time (2) = {0.0}, minute (2) = {0.0}, result (2) = {0.0}, i;

for (i = 0; i <= 1; i++){    
//Checar se são 24 hrs
if ((hora(0) == hora(1)) && (minuto(0) == minuto(1))){
    result(0) = 24;
    result(1) = 0;
    //Calcular horas
    if (hora(0) > hora(1))
        result(0) = 24 - (hora(0) - hora(1));
    else if (hora(0) < hora (1))
        result(0) = hora(1) - hora(0);

    //Calcular minutos
    if (minuto(0) > minuto(1))
        result(1) = 60 - (minuto(0) - minuto(1));
    else if (minuto(0) < minuto(1))
        result(1) = minuto(1) - minuto(0);

    /*checar se os minutos somam 1 hora   --percebi que essa parte do código é provavelmente desnecessária
    if (result(1) > 59)
        result(1) -= 60; */

if(hora(0) == hora(1) && minuto(0) > minuto(1))

printf("O JOGO DUROU %d HORA(S) E %d MINUTO(S)n", result(0),result(1));
return 0;


dnd 5th – If an animated object receives a task that takes more than a minute, does the object remain animated for more than one minute?

An animated object is only a creature while the spell is active

The spell says (emphasis added):

Each target animates and becomes a creature under your control. until the end of the spell or until it is reduced to 0 points of life.

As soon as the spell ends for any reason (end of duration, loss of concentration, dissipation, etc.), an object animated by the spell ceases to be a creature and becomes an object again. At this point, all the orders you issued to the creature become useless because the creature no longer exists.

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MattBurditt1Reviewed byMattBurditt1sure.Choose Luvyle's Casual Blouses and Comfortable Ladies' Heels
Choose Luvyle's Casual Blouses and Comfortable Ladies' Heels

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cron – Script running Crontab every minute

I'm currently trying to schedule a cron job to run a .sh script file every few minutes.

This is my simple script:

#! / bin / sh
notify-send "hello welcome"

I saved this on my desk and named it notify.sh. I then opened a new terminal window and entered crontab -e. This opened a new nano file where I typed:

* * * * * /Users/navania/Desktop/notify.sh

I have saved and existed this nano file. What should I do next for the cronjob to run successfully?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

5th dnd – How does the "five minute adventure day" affect class balance?

I will go through each class individually, but first outlines:

The main check of the power of a Spellcaster lies in its limited resources. If a level 9 character uses a level 5 spell slot, that's all: it's the only fifth-level spell for the day. Wizards and Druids Land Circle can recover some of their slots, once a day, on a short rest, but in general, once the slots are used, they are gone for the day.

This means that if a caster enters into combat for the day and waits for no other fight for the rest of the day, he can impose impunity on his most powerful spells and not really think about just keep them for the possible scenario. need a really powerful spell later.

Conversely, classes that do not have resources or have resources reloading on a short rest (most martial classes, also warlocks) will not benefit from this benefit. Their resources are designed to be used in this way under normal circumstances. Therefore, being able to do it during an "Adventure Day in Five Minutes" is of no use to them. feel like a Nerf, since they will probably use their features 4 to 12 times a day to 1 to 3 times a day, depending on the features. Concentrated in one fight, it may not be so serious, but it can make these features more valuable and valuable, making them more difficult to justify.


Barbarians nominally benefit from this style of play. Barbarians receive a limited number of rages per day (before level 20) and each rage lasts a minute (longer than the usual duration of a non-boss fight).

Since a regular day of adventures as defined in the Dungeon Master's Guide will last approximately 6 to 8 combat encounters, a barbarian will only really be raging for 20% to 60% of these encounters , depending on their level (lower for lower level characters). , higher for higher level characters).

On Adventure Day in five minutes, they can remain enraged 100% of the time spent in combat. This is good enough, offering a substantial reduction in overall damage, but only a marginal improvement in damage.

Yet among the martial classes, it is probably they who benefit the most.


There is not much to say here: the bards are complete spellcasters, so they take a considerable advantage from this style of play. There are not many advantages to save the Dominate person Level 5 spell location if you know that there is not much more in the day and that dominating a critical enemy creature could dramatically change the balance of the fight.

One thing to note however is that bards have a number of features that load on Short Rests, like Bardic Inspiration (after level 5) and Song of Rest, the latter becoming almost completely useless in this kind of gaming style. Thus, a bard may feel uncomfortable with other casters for this reason. But overall, they still benefit.


Same thing as a bard, unlike Bardic Inspiration / Resting Song with Channel Divinity.

For a clergyman, Channel Divinity's nerve may seem harder, but the picture remains the same, with more obvious Spellcasting features.


Like the cleric, switch Channel Divinity with Wild Shape.

Lunar druids will feel less embarrassed than other druids, simply because their only Short-Rest function, Wild Shape, will be more important than other druids. But otherwise, they will mostly enjoy the high-level spam capability Moon Beams or Healing spirits.


It will depend a little more on the archetype, but in general, fighters are the first class where this style of play does more harm than it helps.

Action Surge and Second Wind, two features that recharge during short breaks, will now only be available once (or for Action Surge at later levels, twice) per day. For most archetypes of hunters with expendable resources, such as Battlemaster and Arcane Archer (and technically, the Banneret archetype), their archetype functions are also reloaded on a short rest, which means that they will only get them a few times a day. . This will feel like a substantial nerve.

Conversely, the archetypes Cavalier and Eldritch Knight will feel a bit better, their Long Rest-based resources being more freely usable, but the Rider tends to see only niche games, and spell casting by Eldritch Knight is than 1/3 of that of a normal person. spelling, so it will be much less substantial than an ordinary spelling.


The only main resource of the Monks being their Ki points, which recharge themselves during a short rest, the Monks will be the most affected by this style of play. The monks do not have any feature that reloads on a rest long, and even archetypes, the only feature available based on the long rest is that of the open-hand monk. Sanctuary effect, whose effect in combat is minimal.

Thus, whatever the Ki points obtained by a monk at his level, they have only the day. They can spend it very quickly with a judicious use of their Ki-consuming features, but none of these features change the game as much as the casts that other classes get, at least before the highest level of play.


Paladins probably benefit most from this style of play, with the exception perhaps of wizards. They are only half-casters, so they can not send maximum damage spells with the same level of death as other spellcasters, but they have Divine Punishments that they can handle more freely when they fish for critical hits and a paladin who sometimes their blows can brutalize many encounters. And among the spells they get, Paladin spells often far exceed their pay level because of the level of slit they consume.

Like the clerics, they will suffer from not being able to use their Channel Divinity more than once a day, but they will also like, like the clerics, being able to spam their most powerful features.


The Rangers are apparently in the same boat as the Paladins, but they do not have the Paladins 'powerful punching abilities, and some of the Rangers' most powerful features do not cost resources, so their advantage is less pronounced. . However, they will enjoy using their most powerful Ranger spells with wild abandon.


Curiously, thieves do not usually have resource costs associated with their features. Assassins have a de facto limit on their traits because they usually only activate on Surprised creatures (which can appear only once per fight), in order to feel a nominal nerve to their abilities, but aside from the arcane trap (which can be combined with the Eldritch knight as receiving a nominal bonus), the Thieves will not feel a lot of changes in this style of play.


Sorcerers compete with the Paladins in terms of power gained through this style of play. Not only do they have the same benefits as other spellcasters with regard to the ability to spam their most powerful features with wild abandon, but they also offer features such as Twin spell and Expedited spell (or Font of Magic) that will allow them to use their Action Economy more effectively, releasing their deadliest spells faster and more dangerously than other spellcasters. I think it's fair to say that wizards benefit the most from this style of play.

And unlike other spellcasters, their only major short resting trait is acquired as a level 20 Capstone skill. and in my opinion, it sucks anyway, and it's easily one of the worst features of level 20, so they will not even feel the nerves of this style of play. For wizards, this style of play is rather strictly positive.


The magicians have the Arcane recovery they will have a small nerve compared to other spellcasters, but otherwise, this style of play is essentially positive, with the ability to spam powerful spells with impunity, attached to a very large list of spells that gives them a lot of flexibility.


Warlocks will feel a heavy nerve in this style of play. This will not be as serious as for the Monks, as the Warlocks benefit from many of the features of Repos Long, which they are invocations of. Archetype or Mystic Arcanums, but their main spell casting allows only a few spells a day. to four, even at level 17. This will not compare favorably to a wizard or wizard who is casting his most powerful spells, especially given the very limited list of a warlock to choose his mystical Arcanums. – And we must not forget that the arcane mystique only begin to come online after level 11, which means that they will not benefit players in the range of levels covering the majority of campaigns.

begin {array} {l | lr}
text {Class} & text {Effect of the five-minute adventure day} & kern 15em \ hline
text {Barbarian} & text {Buff Buff minor} \
text {Bard} & text {Major Buff} \
text {Clerc} & text {Major Buff} \
text {Druid} & text {Major Buff} \
text {Fighter} & text {Nerf} \
text {Monk} & text {Major Nerf} \
text {Paladin} & text {Major Buff} \
text {Ranger} & text {Buff} \
text {Rogue} & text {No impact, maybe minor Nerf} \
text {Sorcerer} & text {Major Buff} \
text {Wizard} & text {Major Buff} \
text {Warlock} & text {Major Nerf} \
end {array}

Actions – Can I cast Contrespell when I am casting another spell with a 1 minute casting time?

In my last game in AL (it's important to respect the rules), I was in the process of elementary conjurer (Duration: 1 minute, range: 90 feet, components: V, S, M). During this casting, I tried to use against-spelling to counter a spell in my range.

Suddenly, my DM said that when I throw against-spelling, I would drop my casting of elementary conjurer because I can not do that. Another player and I pointed out that I could do that and that against-spelling It's only a component S, so I have no problem running it.

But when I throw shield, my DM said that shield now has a V component, so I dropped your casting and we again reported the Sage Advice Compendium:

Can you cast a reaction spell on your turn? You can of course! Here is a common way for this to happen: the wizard Cornelius launches fireball in turn, and his enemy throws against-spelling on him. Cornelius also against-spelling prepared, so he uses his reaction to launch it and break the game of his opponent. against-spelling before he can stop fireball.

And after one session, he said that against-spelling works after the casting but before the effect. I have emphasized this line of counterspell:

You are trying to interrupt a creature casting a spell.

So I can use against-spelling in this situation?