I missed my medical visit for my carte de sejour in france due to COVID-19. Can I still re-enter the country on my work visa?

I missed my medical visit for my carte de sejour in france due to COVID-19. Can I still re-enter the country on my work visa? I recieved my visa in November. My medical appointment to receive my carte de sejour was scheduled in mid March, but since all the craziness happened with COVID i returned to the US and couldn’t attend my medical appointment. Will i be allowed back into the country on my work visa, how does one go about rescheduling the medical appointment?

website design – Handle a missed task with a recurring deadline

I design a user interface for a website that allows the user to set deadlines for certain tasks. Some of these tasks can be recurrent in various ways (once a week, once a day, every Monday and Friday until a specific future date, etc.). How can I manage the deadlines that are ignored? For example, if a user wants to perform a task every Monday, the following Monday, should the website act as if the first deadline did not exist? In most, but perhaps not all, cases, by the time the next deadline has passed, it is too late to complete the first task.

I'm working on compiling a list of the top 25 cybersecurity companies – have I missed them?

1. Cisco – $ 156.7 billion

2. McAfee – $ 4.2 billion

3. Forcepoint – $ 1.9 billion

4. Palo Alto Networks – $ 16.7 billion

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scheduling – smartd – Reschedule the “missed” SMART controls when the machine is running

I have a machine (NAS) that is not always powered / powered. The time when it is varies quite dramatically.

I would like smartd to perform certain checks (hard drive self-tests, etc.) at least twice a month, but it is likely that most of them will be missed because the machine is down when this should happen.

Is there a way to tell smartd just do the checks as soon as the machine is powered up next time?

Or even better: is there another way to perform checks "non-uniformly" but with a certain frequency?

Delay, connection missed – can the airline book me again in any country without checking the visa?

I recently booked for a flight from New Delhi to London to Nassau, all on the same airline. Unfortunately, the flight from New Delhi to London was delayed, which made me miss the flight London-Nassau.

The airline booked a different flight from London to Miami to Nassau as there was no direct flight available. However, they did not check with me if I had a US transit visa or not. And I didn't do it.

This prevented me from reaching Nassau and a direct flight did not take place until two days later.

Can airlines just book me a different flight without checking my visas and calling it one day?

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cron – Kubernetes CronJob, do not queue for missed jobs

I have read these documents many times but I still do not understand what startingDeadlineSeconds Is.

I'm trying to understand if it's possible to avoid reprogramming a job if a work in progress is being run (with CronJob) and just leave following planned work picking up where he had stopped.

I have extremely erratic working times (problem to be solved separately). It can take 1 hour or up to 24 hours. So, sometimes, if a job takes a whole day, but I have scheduled it to run every 12 hours, I get a queue of another job that starts immediately when the last is displayed. Completed.

I really would just like to do it never put a job in queue and create only new jobs on the following expected time.

Is it possible with Kubernetes CronJob?

5th dnd – Inspiration for a missed idea?

If you are the DM, you can give inspiration to anything you want. But the results of the dice are probably not what you want to encourage here.

Obviously, the SM is responsible for all at the table, up to and including cancel any published rule or any detail published by an official or unofficial source. But the inspiration is even more explicitly under your control.

In the end, inspiration is a reward for playing in a way that the DM likes. If one of your players has a creative idea and true to his character, as described in your question, I would give you inspiration on the spot. For me, what deserves inspiration, it's the player thinking like their character and engaging with the game enough to come up with a clever idea.

The execution of the idea does not affect the game features that are important to me and depend on the dice. The inspiration is do not intended to be a prize awarded at random. I would like to reward the player's approach to play and creativity, not the result of an arbitrary rollover.

dnd 5th – Who should take damage in case of missed throws?

I am a new DM and I lead two groups of people (a completely newbie and one with experienced players).

Well, long story, both groups have players with Create Bonfire (Any creature in the bonfire space when you cast the spell must make a Dexterity save roll or suffer 1d8 fire damage) spells.

For the beginner group, I have taken control of the unrelated players' jets that occur "naturally", so for a bonfire, throw the saving throw AND damage, because the damage is no longer under the control of the player. player.

For the experienced group, players INSIST by casting damage dice at a time when casting the spell and when a creature enters the bonfire.

Who is correct? Does the failure of the backup throw have to undo the damage, or the launcher / initiator of the effect?

5th dnd – Does Holy Water deal damage when an attack roll is missed?

If the attack roll fails, it does not do any damage

As the description of Holy Water says, this water must be treated as an improvised remote weapon and will use the rules applied to other improvised remote weapons. If you miss your attack roll, the target demon / undead will not take any damage. There was damage to the area of ​​effect that the holy water caused (as in the Ice knife spell), then the description of the article would say it.

In short, Splashed Holy Water / Jetty is an improvised remote weapon. If you miss, it does not hurt. The separation of the clauses ("Step 1" and "Step 2") simply serves to clarify that in a stroke, holy water will only damage enemies or undead. If you throw your bottle of water on a cleverly done, even after a hit, it would end up being a little wet.