Configure advanced installer to ignore missed cab files and continue installation

I want to customize application installation and install some features based on existence of relevant cab file!

I want to use no custom feature selection dialog to show to user to select features!

How I can configure to install every cab file located next installer executable file without interrupting process due missed cab files! I am use Advanced Installer version 16.

altcoin – If my service only accepts Bitcoin, will there be a lot of missed customers who only have non-Bitcoin crypto currencies?

I’m about to release a service which only takes payments in Bitcoin.

I’m wondering if this will impact me negatively in terms of not getting business from people who own other crypto currencies.

I don’t reject the others out of ideological reasons, but for practical ones:

  1. My hard disks are already overflowing from the 335.8 GB Bitcoin blockchain.
  2. I barely trust Bitcoin Core to run on my computer — I don’t trust non-Bitcoin clients whatsoever.
  3. Even if I did have the storage space and the trust, I would have to learn the respective RPC APIs (assuming they exist) for each “altcoin” as well. It took me a very long time to grasp the Bitcoin Core API.
  4. Any kind of reliance on a third-party service is unthinkable due to KYC/AML BS, as well as the obvious risk with getting my money stolen if somebody else “holds them for me”.

Is there any way around this? Is there some kind of mega-trusted “multi-coin” client which doesn’t need to download the entire blockchains, yet is able to securely and locally handle multiple of the biggest altcoins, so that I could support those for payments?

Or would anyone who has altcoins also have Bitcoin? I get the feeling that they are very, very few, but perhaps they are also more likely to spend their coins compared to the stubborn “HOLDers” of the increasingly valuable Bitcoin?

I know myself that I’m very unwilling to part from any of my Bitcoin, especially as the price is increasing… It’s just a fact for me, but I can’t speak for others. I don’t have any other crypto currencies myself, and the times I’ve looked into them, I’ve just been put off by their software. (In the cases where software even exists!)


dnd 5e – Can I replay an AL module with the same character to get a treasure I missed?

I was wondering about the rules on replaying an official D&D 5e Adventurer’s League module with the same character:

If I am willing to forgo taking anything with me during the initial session (ie, no xp, rewards, DT days, renown, gold etc), can I run it a second time with the same character?

The reason being that this is the only module in all three seasons that has a weapon my character is able to use, and I’d like a second chance at rolling for it.

web – Why has the Internet died? Is there some sort of new Internet that I’ve missed?

I send e-mails to mailing lists. No reply for weeks upon weeks. Dead.

I ask questions on Stack Exchange. No replies. Ignored. Just trolls and toxic people left.

I left freenode because every room was a ghost town in the last few years.

Every search query results in irrelevant garbage and/or eternal reCAPTCHAs.

Fake sites, registration forms that don’t do anything, “phone verification”, “upload photo id to load page”, etc.

The “dark web” doesn’t seem to actually exist at all. I do have Tor browser installed but there are no .onions to visit either.

Nothing seems to work. Nothing (worthwhile) seems to be used at all.

I’ve looked all over for some sort of “new Usenet”, but there is no such thing. All those decentralized projects are minimal and have zero users, in perpetuity.

I feel like I’m going insane. What has happened? How can there be far less activity on the Internet today than it was 30 years ago? How is that logically possible?

I might as well be offline completely. I basically feel like I am.

android 10 – How do I block “you missed a call from…” messages for blocked spam calls?

Android does a great job of blocking spam callers. However, my phone provider sends me messages when I miss calls, so while I don’t receive the spam calls themselves I always receive these follow-up sms in my inbox;

enter image description here

I don’t want to disable these SMS as they’re genuinely useful to receive when I miss calls from people I actually know. Also, clearly Android knows that this message is related to a spam caller, since it has flagged the message, so how can I get Android to just block these messages?

pathfinder 2e – Does a natural 20 on an attack cause a critical hit (even if the attack would have missed)?

Related question

I was going over the degrees of success rules in relation to the above question and it’s answers and came across a bit of rules that seem contradictory.

Step 4: Determine degree of success (Core Rulebook, General Rules, Checks p445)

You critically succeed at a check when a check’s result meets or exceeds the DC by 10 or more. If the check is an attack roll, this is sometimes called a critical hit. You can also critically fail a check. The rules for critical failure—sometimes called a fumble—are the same as those for a critical success, but in the other direction: if you fail a check by 10 or more, that’s a critical failure.

If you rolled a 20 on the die (a “natural 20”), your result is one degree of success better than it would be by numbers alone.

We are, in general, pretty familiar of this concept introduced in the playtest era. However, there are more rules that seem like they may be more specific.

Critical Hits (Core Rulebook, Equipment, Weapons, Attack Rolls p278)

When you make an attack and roll a natural 20 (the number on the die is 20), or if the result of your attack exceeds the target’s AC by 10, you achieve a critical success (also known as a critical hit).

If you critically succeed at a Strike, your attack deals double damage (page 451). Other attacks, such as spell attack rolls and some uses of the Athletics skill, describe the specific effects that occur when their outcomes are critical successes.

This second section makes no accounting for “would have been a success/hit”, and says that “When you make an attack and roll a natural 20 (…) you achieve a critical success.” Does this make attack an exception to the rules that natural 20’s only take you one degree higher on success?

If my iPad is dead/switched off, will I still get a FaceTime missed call notification if someone tries to ring me?

If my iPad is out of battery/switched off when someone tries to FaceTime call me, will I get a missed call notification when I turn it back on? Because FaceTime uses WiFi, will the missed call be stored on Apple servers?

I missed my medical visit for my carte de sejour in france due to COVID-19. Can I still re-enter the country on my work visa?

I missed my medical visit for my carte de sejour in france due to COVID-19. Can I still re-enter the country on my work visa? I recieved my visa in November. My medical appointment to receive my carte de sejour was scheduled in mid March, but since all the craziness happened with COVID i returned to the US and couldn’t attend my medical appointment. Will i be allowed back into the country on my work visa, how does one go about rescheduling the medical appointment?

website design – Handle a missed task with a recurring deadline

I design a user interface for a website that allows the user to set deadlines for certain tasks. Some of these tasks can be recurrent in various ways (once a week, once a day, every Monday and Friday until a specific future date, etc.). How can I manage the deadlines that are ignored? For example, if a user wants to perform a task every Monday, the following Monday, should the website act as if the first deadline did not exist? In most, but perhaps not all, cases, by the time the next deadline has passed, it is too late to complete the first task.

I'm working on compiling a list of the top 25 cybersecurity companies – have I missed them?

1. Cisco – $ 156.7 billion

2. McAfee – $ 4.2 billion

3. Forcepoint – $ 1.9 billion

4. Palo Alto Networks – $ 16.7 billion

5. Carbon black – … | Read the rest of