mysqldump – MySQL dump is missing routines and events

I am doing a MySQLdump from MySQL 5.7 (ubuntu 16.04) and import it into 8.0 (ubuntu 20.04), unfortunately after import the routines and events are missing.


/usr/bin/mysqldump -u $MUSER -p$MPASS dbname --single-transaction --routines  --quick --compact | gzip -9 > $DIR_BA/DB_$NOW.sql.gz


gunzip DB_210510.sql.gz

mysql -u myuser -p dbname < DB_210510.sql 

What am I missing? The dump should contain events and routines according to the options.

plugin wpml – Missing Meta Keys on WooCommerce orders

I have a WPML problem with order language being ignored, and according to WPML it is because there is no meta keys in the metabox on orders. I only see attributes. Especially wpml_languages are missing.

I have a fresh install with the same theme, the same WP version and the same plugins – here I do not have this problem.

I have 3 sites from the same DB copy, one local, one for testing and one live. Everyone has this problem.

Have tried switching to a default theme, disabling all plugins, updating everything, etc. Nothing helps.

Any idea what could be causing this?

Missing “Additional CSS” option in Customizer

Since upgrading to WordPress 5.7, the “Additional CSS” option seems to be missing in Customizer at Appearance -> Customize on various WordPress websites I look after with various different themes including Astra and GeneratePress.

I have updated the plugins and themes to the latest versions but this has not helped.

I realise I can add custom CSS via a plugin and possibly via a child theme but what happened to this option?

unity – Missing references in built bundles

The following is a copy of our post in Unity Forum (


We have a bundle for our scenes and another one to store our prefabs (actually we have around 10 bundles but let’s keep it simple). In every scene we have unpacked prefab instances. We have no problem in playmode using the AssetDatabase but once we use built addressables some unpacked prefab instances in our scenes are broken. Sprites and / or scripts are missing in a inconsistent way; in some scenes those objects are fine and sometime they are not. This comes along multiple warning messages “The referenced script (Unknown) on this Behaviour is missing! “.
Note that the issue also happens when we fully deploy our player.

Unity version : 20193.3.13
Addressables version : 1.16.1

Bundles references diagram

Solution 1 : We tried to remove addressable prefabs (A,B,C in the diagram) from their bundle since we don’t really have to instantiate them at runtime for now and it worked.
Solution 2 : We also tried to put scenes and prefabs into the same bundle and it worked too.
Solution 3 : Switch to 1.18.2 and 1.15.1 version of addressable package and it didn’t work.
Solution 4 : Finally we tried to use the Duplicate Bundles Dependencies analyzer multiple times in order to have no more issues of this type and it didn’t work.

Questions 1: As far as we understand, when addressable groups are built, Unity computes all dependencies and build them inside the bundle along the orignal assets (in my diagram “Scenes” bundles is packed with D’). What we don’t understand is why having our prefabs in a separated bundle break references link in the scenes. Our guess is that Unity doesn’t know which version of those dependencies to use (the one in the scene bundle or the one in the prefab bundle) and somehow fails to load them properly.
Question 2 : Is splitting our content is a good approach, we did it mostly for visibility but it appears to be more a problem in the long term, what are your guidelines regarding this matter ?
Question 3 : Why Duplicate Bundle Dependency rule has to be processed multiple times to properly fix every issue ? We think that running this rule creates duplication issues itself but we can’t really tell..


plotting – Smooth ListLinePlot with missing elements in list

Consider the following list:


Plotting with ListLinePlot gives a smooth linear curve.

How can the list be plotted smoothly if it were


In matlab there is an option to replace any missing elements with NaN and the plot command ignores these entries.

Here ListLinePlot({{1, 1}, {2, 2}, {NaN, NaN}, {3, 3}}, PlotRange -> All) cut the plot before (or after) the NaN values.

How can the missing entries be ignored while keeping the list as it is (i.e, not removing {})

address – My BCH is missing from my Trezor wallet

address – My BCH is missing from my Trezor wallet – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

sql server – Maintenance Plan folder missing in SQL Managed Instance (via VM)

Accessing our new SQL Managed Instance via an Azure VM/SSMS, the Maintenance Plan folder is missing from the Object Explorer pane. Reading other posts (that all relate to other versions of SQL Server) I’ve checked I have the valid permissions:

enter image description here

Is there a way to enable maintenance plans in SQLMI?

If not (assuming that SQLMI doesn’t use maintenance plans), what is the modern day Azure equivalent to perform automated backups/deletion/index maintenance?

windows – Cross-compiling from WSL causes missing dependencies

I’m cross-compiling from WSL to Win32 using i686-w64-mingw32-gcc. The program is dependent on some DLL:s that I have. Compilation and linking works without throwing any errors or warnings, but when I run the executable (by double-clicking on it in an Explorer window) I get a Windows-error-prompt:

The procedure entry point DeleteCriticalSection could not be located in the DLL...

and then it points to the program (the .exe) itself, not a DLL (message translated from Swedish ;-).

enter image description here

When I do the exact same thing on Cygwin with the same archive for the DLL:s and the same DLL:s the resulting exe works as it should.

The new(ish) Dependencies shows some red lines for COMCTL32 and OLEAUT32, but those are the same for both.

Ubuntu in WSL is upgraded.

Any ideas on what might be the problem?

google sheets – Can I implement this moving average with missing periods using ARRAYFORMULA?

I have these columns:

  • A person_id
  • B date
  • C cupcakes_eaten

And this formula to calculate the 35-day moving average of cupcakes eaten:


Now I can replicate this to all other cells.

Is there a more elegant way to do this using ArrayFormula?

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