Nikon d3500 remote shutter control missing

I have Nikon d3500 DSLR but remote shutter control is missing. I can use Snapbridge application but it is annoying as it gets disconnected every time. Nikon d3400 has remote shutter control. Is there other alternatives, I can remotely release shutter for Nikon d3500?

data synchronization – How do I get a missing activity from Watch to the iOS Activity app?

I have an activity that is correctly recorded in the Activity app on my Watch but not in the Activity app on iOS. I have searched for solutions (not of which I can find are recent) and tried them all (all the permutations on rebooting and force quitting, both Watch and iOS, in various orders) but none have solved the problem.

All activities before and after the missing one are correctly synced with iOS.

I’m interested in whether anyone has had this same thing happen and found a solution.

How do I get an activity that is present in Activity on Watch but missing from Activity on iOS Activity to appear there?

2013 – Refiners missing in Sharepoint

Last year I asked a question about Search Results Web part refiners here : –
Search Results Web Part Refiner issue

I was offered a Solution and it worked. Thanks.

However, now the Client is reporting another issue. On investigation I have discovered that there are no refiners at all to choose from. They are all gone.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Investigation lead me to believe this is a Search issue and upon inspection of the Search I came across an error due to a password change of the Managed Account

enter image description here

‘The Item was not crawled because of a password change’

I’ve followed the wisdom on Google and re-applied the Password to the Search Account. I’ve made sure the Account has Read access to the WebApp and it still only crawls the Top Level and nothing underneath

enter image description here

I’ve checked the Content Source and it has 2 URL’s in there to Search. It searches the top URL fine but only the top level of the second.

So my question, is how do I get my refiners back ? Am I on the right track with Search or have I missed something entirely.
All answers greatly appreciated

plugins – Custom Taxonomy is Missing (Or Limiting) Items

I created a custom taxonomy; “places” using toolset

region>country>city with 12 Regions / All Countries and just a few cities; 12 parents, 260 children

Where I am using the taxonomy in a post, custom post type or the menu, only some of the items show and it is quite random. 1/2 of Europe shows up 3 from the Caribbean, etc

I used the plugin Toolset; this issue has repeated in 4 different installs. I have worked with hosting and they assure me it is a development issue. I have worked with toolset and am on Day 6 of no solution; I have tried with different themes (Hello & Astra), Using Elementor or not (no plugins other than toolset itself; there is no support over the weekend. Does anyone have any idea WHY I would be missing just some of the taxonomy?

I am not seeing any errors in debugging

Missing or invalid modules updating Drupal 8.6.x to Drupal 8.9.x

When I try to update from Drupal 8.6 to 8.9 I get the following error when executing update.php

Missing or invalid modules
The following modules are marked as installed in the core.extension configuration, but they are missing:

I follow the instructions the instructions that appear in:
and also this page:
To solve the problem, but I do not realize where you are referring to the modules that it says are missing. I check the file
core.extension.yml, but nothing related to that error.
How can i solve this problem?

Quilted/Tiled Image Sensor: How do you eliminate stripes of missing photos in huge quilted sensors?

This question is largely inspired by one of the answers in:
What limits the size of digital imaging sensors?

So the answer mentions uber-large image sensors that are made by “quilting” or “tiling” smaller CMOS sensors in a single silicon. Now, I’ve seen quite a few astronomy images that uses this kind of humongous sensor.

One of the example image is this:
enter image description here

How can you eliminate the horizontal and vertical strips of missing photo? Is this kind of thing even possible or the astrophotography photos are heavily photo shopped?

Missing notification bar and navigation bar on an Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet

I turned on my Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet the other day, and some (but not all) of the bottom navigation bar buttons had disappeared. I rebooted, hoping that would clear up whatever caused it, but now all of my navigation bar buttons are gone. My notification bar is gone too, and I am unable to swipe down to activate the notification shade. There is empty black space where the notification and navigation bars are supposed to be.

If it matters, I have the Google Play Services and the Google Play Store side-loaded, through which I installed typical Google apps.

(I’m asking and answering this myself mostly so that if/when this problem recurs, I’ll be able to remember/find how I fixed it.)

lisp – Racket code to find missing ranges

I’m doing some toy problems in a variety of languages and wanted to do the following in Racket Lisp.

Given a sorted integer array nums, where the range of elements are in the inclusive range (lower, upper), return its missing ranges.

0, 1, 3, 50, 75

Lower: 0

Upper: 99

Expected Output:

("2", "4->49", "51->74", "76->99")

As you can see on the linked page I had to take two whacks at it but eventually came up with the following. How does it look? Is it idiomatic? Could I have done certain things far better?

(define (missing-ranges nums lower upper)
   (define (yield-missing-range current num)
     (yield (if (eq? num (add1 current))
                (~a current)
                (~a current "->" (sub1 num)))))
   (let recur ((remaining-nums nums)
               (current lower))
     (match remaining-nums
       ((cons num rest-nums) (if (< current num)
                                   (yield-missing-range current num)
                                   (recur rest-nums num))
                                 (recur rest-nums (add1 current))))
       ('() (cond ((<= current upper)
                   (yield-missing-range current (add1 upper)))))))))

Import Asana project in Notion missing images?

I’m trying to use Notion’s native import function to import Asana projects into my Notion account. In the past it worked as included images and docs like pdf’s. Now when I import all of the pictures are replaced with long URLs that when clicked, returns no access.
Does anyone have a workaround for this or having the same issue?

us citizens – How can I locate a missing person abroad?

If said person is traveling by public transport or good rental car, I would not worry if there is no contact for a couple of days. Only if the person in walking or cycling and has not reported in at the time they promised to do that I would try to search for him. And in that case I would start by calling his relatives to ask if they have been in contact.

Starting an international search through a foreign government (to the country where the person might be missing) is way out of balance for someone who has just not contacted a friend through internet.

It has happened to me, and others I know, loosing your phone or having it stolen, crossing a border and finding that your phone does not work for whatever reason in the new country. Just being so busy with life as a tourist that you forget to log on with your usual groups, and so on.

You may not be told whether he has used the hotels or transport he was supposed to be using. But if you call the hotel he is supposed to be ‘tonight’ or ‘tomorrow night’ and ask them to hand him a message to contact someone specific it should work.

In the past it was normal to travel around for months and only send post cards home and nobody worried if a card arrived a day or two late. Now we are connected almost 24/7 and start worrying as soon as contact is broken.
Somewhere in the middle is the right level of worry. For me it was calling home every two or three days, so you would get updated on news from both ends. And it was not uncommon to warn that the next call might be late if you headed out into the unknown.

Only if there is a good reason to find the person, like a seriously ill close relative they should see before passing away, I feel it is right to start a big search. And then first in the location where they are supposed to be, (and them not being in the hotel you expect them to be.)
The local police to that place might be the most efficient.