terminal – Mission Control Won’t Open and How Do you set up control + up arrow to make it work

Hello I’m trying to use the control + up arrow to see my desktops/apps that are open but it’s not working. I have spaces enabled and for some reason, the mission control won’t work. I have tried the “killall Dock” in the terminal but that doesn’t work. Please help!

mission control – Shortcut to switch between Spaces – and not Desktops

In Big Sur, using Mission Control we have the Control+1, Control+2 keyboard shortcuts to switch between desktops.

Is there a way (built-in is preferred of course) to switch to a specific space (including full-screen apps and not only desktops) by its number?

macos – Is there a way to show app icons in Mission Control?

When I used Mission Control, I like to show all my open apps (not in groups) , but when I have a lot of windows, it would be nice to have an overlay of the application icon over the image of the window (similar to the icon beneath the windows when grouping is turned on). Is there some hidden preference / terminal command / utility that can facilitate this? Thank you!

java – Take more method count with Flight Recorder and JDK Mission Control


I am trying to inspect my Java batch application with Flight Recorder to improve the launching performance. Now it takes about 20 seconds to launch, and I am struggling to make it less than 10 seconds.

The application is built with Spring Boot 2.2 and Spring Batch, and running on JDK 11. I am using Flight Recorder rather than VisualVM because JDK 11 does not contain VisualVM out of the box (install of additional tools to the inspection environment is not impossible, but is restricted).


I have thought I can inspect the launching process with Flight Recoder, so I have run the application like this:

java -XX:StartFlightRecording=filename=demo.jfr,settings=profile -jar .buildlibsdemo-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar -spring.batch.job.names importUserJob -spring.batch.job.enabled false

But Mission Control shows only about ~100 counts in the “Method Profiling” panel. It is too little to understand the trend of the whole launching process and inspect which method spends the most time in the process.


How can I take more method count with Flight Recorder and JDK Mission Control? Which parameter in .jfc file affects the amount of the method count?

Mac mission control add new space + icon is on left – not the right

How can I fix this?

enter image description here

I don’t recall changing a setting for this, but I really wish it was on the right as per normal (was like this prior to Big Sur update as well.)

Normal is right I assume – much better!


disguise – “Mission impossible”-style latex masks in Cyberpunk 2020?

It’s a classic of spy movies: A character suddenly reaches for the back of his neck and tears off a latex mask he was wearing, which was perfectly imitating someone else’s face, revealing that he had been the big bad/hero in disguise since the beginning.
How would you run that in Cyberpunk 2020?

In the Fixer extension book Wildside, there are plenty of options for altering your biometrics (changing your fingerprints, voice, iris)… but I couldn’t find anything for the face, apart from heavy cosmetic surgery.

Did I miss something somewhere? Is there another way I could run something like this, with cybernetics for example?

dock – Windows Dissapear in Mission Control (Mac OS Catalina 10.15.5)

Windows will shrink/reduce to nothing while using the Mission Control feature. This applies to both the button and the three finger gesture. No other workspaces are open, and I have attempted to both restart the system and the dock, to no success. defaults read com.apple.dock only shows that showMissionControlGestureEnabled is enabled.

Unfortunately, I lost track of when this first appeared. If someone could nudge me in the right direction to diagnose the issue, I could tinker.

dnd 5e – Allowing your party to plan their own mission

Based on some feedback from my players, I’m going to allow them to plan their next mission, which will be a ‘seemingly’ straight forward heist affair onboard a moving vehicle (limiting their geographical range).

What I’d like advice on, is how can I impose limitations on their plans to prevent them from going completely off-track?

Narratively, I’ll provide them with the objective and some key facts and stats, but what’s the best way to try and ‘plan for the unthinkable’ from my perspective? Normally as the DM, I can react to the team going off-road within the context of a quest because I can generally foresee the branches they might take, but in this instance, giving them the ability to map out their approach might make things tricky for me to manage.

Hope this question isn’t too vague!


macos – Cannot go fullscreen by dragging a app in mission control

Steps I’m doing:

  1. 4 Fingers up to open Mission Control
  2. Dragging any app to the top (e.g. Finder)
  3. Nothing is happening it is not going full screen.

Did I do something wrong on settings and never noticed? I cycled through many boots it seems like a permanent thing.

How can I fix this?

mojave – Is it a MacOS normal behavior to switch between desktops slower while in Mission Control mode?

This is more of a performance issue than anything else.

Bringing up Mission Control is already a pretty complex split-second animation for your Mac to handle, especially if you have several windows open in your current desktop.

And if you have multiple desktops with several windows open, it has to render all the windows, grouped by application per desktop, and give them a different effect than usual (drop shadows are applied on the window group rather than individual windows in Mission Control) and so on.

Basically, it’s a more complex task for your Mac to do, and since you’re on Mojave, system UI is largely Metal, so if you have an nVidia chip or older intel graphics with no Metal 2 support, unfortunately it will feel like molasses.

The only solution would be to upgrade your hardware, or turn off the special effects by going to System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Display then checking reduce motion, reduce transparency, either one or both, depending on what you are willing to give up and how much of an improvement checking the options yield.