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Algorithms – How to mix a large dataset without touching each line?

Let's say that I have two large groups of users with an equal number of lines and that I want to match them randomly and one by one (one of the first table, one of the second), I will d & # 39; First I have to mix one of the two sets, because I have to do it every x hours and I do not want the matches to be the same each time. The problem is that, as noted, they are large and I do not want to do a for loop when I set up a random read method. Ideally, I'd like a function that takes an index from the first array, as well as a randomly generated key and returns me the corresponding index.

My problem is that I do not know how to generate such a key. I do not even know if it is possible or what to look for.

css @import does not work with laravel mix

I have a css file in which I import other css files using @import. When I compile this css file using laravel-mix, I can not import the included css files after compilation

I have the following css stored in
resources / css / icheck / all.css

/ * skin of iCheck plugins
----------------------------------- * /
@import url ("minimal / _all.css");

@import url ("square / _all.css");

@import url ("flat / _all.css");
@import url ("line / _all.css");
@import url ("polaris / polaris.css");

@import url ("futurico / futurico.css");

And here is my webpack.mix.js

mix.js ('resources / js / app.js', 'public / js')
.sass ('resources / sass / app.scss', & # 39; public / css & # 39;)
.styles (& # 39; resources / css / icheck / all.css & # 39 ;, public / css / icheck.css & # 39;)

Now when I run & # 39; npm run dev & # 39; command, you have to copy the imported CSS files, but I only have the following icheck.css drop in public / css folder

@import url ("minimal / _all.css");

@import url ("square / _all.css");

@import url ("flat / _all.css");
@import url ("line / _all.css");
@import url ("polaris / polaris.css");

@import url ("futurico / futurico.css");

Now all I want is when I compile resources / css / icheck / all.css file using laravel-mix then all imported css files need to be copied into public / css folder

mistletoe design – A mix of single and bulk delete

I am working on a user interface that will allow users to save thousands of records. They also have the opportunity to organize these recordings in projects.

In the main record screen, we allow bulk deletion, that is, you can check multiple items and delete them as a whole. That's because, as mentioned, thousands of records.

However, in the Projects screen, we do not expect users to have a lot of projects. It will only be 3 or 4, so block editing is not really necessary here, so I thought only allowing users to delete one project at a time.

Here is what the record screen looks like with the bulk edition. Note that the "Delete" button will only appear after at least one item has been checked.

enter the description of the image here

The Projects screen looks almost exactly the same, but without the check boxes / ability to delete as a block.

enter the description of the image here

I guess we can replicate the consistency of the UI, but I just do not think that a mass edition is needed for something that does not even contain a ton of items.

Is it possible to combine block and single editing in the user interface?

Schengen Master Visa for a mix of tourism / family visits

My family (me, my wife and my children) live in Switzerland where my mother visits us regularly. Usually, she applies for a visa from the Swiss Embassy and obtains a 6-month multiple entry visa marked "Family Visit".

Now she wants to make a 3-day trip to France and no plans to visit Switzerland are currently planned, but most likely she will spend much more time in Switzerland than in France in the next 6 months.

My question is: if she applies for a tourist visa for France and obtains a multiple entry visa (for example, a 5-year visa), can she visit us in Switzerland for the duration of the visa? And in general, does the "main destination" rule apply during the first trip to the Schengen zone? For example, if you plan to travel to France for 3 days, then leave the Schengen zone, then travel to Spain for 2 weeks, should you contact the French Embassy or the French Embassy? Spain?

Thanks in advance!

5th dnd – Origin witch of the magic mix

For a new campaign, I created a half-elf kid, kidnapped by a demon who turned his magic background from a draconian Bloodline into a shadow follower.

At first, I only used the dragon line for the background, and I only had shadow features, but is there a way that is approved? To mix the skills of the origin?

I mean, for all witch origins at levels 1, 2, 3, 6, 14, 18, 20 and 20 gets a new trait, in these levels could I choose from one or the other? Would always be balanced?

Make a DJ mix for your future sets for $ 4

Good morning, dear Sir.
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you can also use if for your radio shows and podcasts. Just contact so that I can give you the link to one of my mixes.
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dnd 5th – How can I mix weapons for large groups of monsters / similar characters?

The DMG specifically mentions the weapon change as a monster modification option (section Creating a Monster, pp. 273-274). Since the weapons you swap against the spears do the same damage, there is very little to change for your swordfish and your guards (simply delete the text on brandishing a two-handed spear) multipurpose weapons).

The only "problem of balance" that you may encounter (if you can call it that) is that short words and masses are worth a little more than spears. Neither the swords nor the masses are expensive, but the spears are really cheap. If your party is very poor and they have time to loot the guards after killing them, you may give them a little more value than you want (although you make the difference later by making very difficult the sale of the "stolen" weapons in the city). It will not make a difference, though, and if the loot balance is greater than 50 inches, you will probably have other problems. If your players are well enough equipped, they make fun of a whole range of mundane weapons. So you can probably completely ignore the values ​​of the weapons (or prevent them from having enough time to loot).

But this calls into question your assumption regarding the arming of the guards. You say that they should have a variety of weapons to combat various threats. But it may not be the goal of the guard. Most of the time, they are there to tell the townspeople that they can not come in or out of the alley rather than fight, and for that any weapon can be as good as another one. . It is more likely that the municipal guard will be equipped in the least costly way possible. Giving them all their spears is cheaper for the city than giving them a mix of weapons, but it also simplifies training and administration.

So I say: do not hesitate to change the equipment of a creature if you wish. The DMG even tells you that it's a good way to customize monsters. But feel free not to bother if the new material does not make a significant difference. Or, have it serve another purpose, such as bringing out an individual guard. If a team of six guards has five types with spears and one with a short sword, your players may think that the type with the sword is special. It may be a subtle way to distinguish the sergeant from the rest. Or maybe it's a red herring!

dnd 5th – How to mix weapons for large groups of monsters / similar characters?

In Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, there is a meeting that requires a lot of NPC / similar monsters, based on the text block (slightly modified for spoilers):

the city guard arrives and cords from the aisle, displaying six guards at each entrance. the guards do not allow anyone to enter or exit without the permission of a senior officer. Six others guards, including a sergeant with 18 points of attack, go to the crime scene and monitor the scene until the City Watch arrives.

The statistics block for the guard has a single action as a spear.

However, it can be assumed that a squad of this size would have a mix of weapons for different situations, ranges, types of damage. So, instead of 12 urban guards armed with spears, I have 4 armed, 4 mass and 4 short swords and I have changed the modifier to touch and damage for that. they correspond to the RAW attack and damage values ​​of KeepTherefore, if a fight begins, there should be no statistical difference (apart from the types of damage vulnerability / resistance / immunity).

Are there any unforeseen problems with the change of such weapons? Are there better / recommended methods to make these changes?

transactions – Is it worthwhile to mix coins if I had to use an online wallet?

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