tickets – Is it permissible to use custom barcode mobile apps as a boarding pass?

(It was going to be a comment, but it turned out longer than I expected)

I think your question is wrong because the important thing is the content of the barcode itself rather than how this barcode is rendered on your device. In fact, the TSA (in the U.S.) or the person at the door never sees the app when I place my phone face down on the scanner – whatever it sees, what it sees ; is if the barcode contains data that corresponds to their internal systems and therefore allows you to pass through this particular checkpoint.

In my case, the barcode is rendered via the Apple Wallet app, so it is neither the original airline PDF file, nor the airline app .

I'm not sure if this is happening in the barcode era, but there was previously a website that allowed you to generate fake paper boarding passes that would allow you to exceed the points of TSA control. Of course, I don't expect them to take you on a plane, but I think the idea was to avoid being followed by TSA or something something like that.

Is the Tinder web app different from the mobile app

I have Android 4.4.2 and I can't install Tinder on mobile.
However, I do know that Tinder also has a web application.
Are there any limitations if I only use the web application?

seo – Bad favicon displayed on Google’s mobile SERP

For some time now, Google has been posting the favicon of a website next to its title on mobile SERP according to this response.

But, for a website that I manage, it displays a completely different favicon. You can see it if you open the following URL on a mobile device, I'm talking about orange:

I am talking about the best result.

As you can see on the website itself, the favicon has been added correctly using the appropriate meta tag:

This is in accordance with Google guidelines.

Additionally, all browsers display the correct favicon, which is not orange but black and red.

This META tag has been used for weeks and the favicon has always been the right one as far as I know.

But for some reason, Google displays the wrong favicon on its mobile SERP.

Any ideas why?

Build a JS mobile indoor navigation application without relying on GPS or any other type of sensor

I would like to create a SIMPLE mobile inland navigation application (Android + IOS), which would be used for navigation in complex buildings.The application would not use GPS or rely on any type sensors (mobile or external). Each level of the building would be presented with a 2D map (bird's eye view). The user enters his place of departure (point A) and his destination (point B). The app calculates the shortest path from A to B and presents it by drawing the line on the 2D map. I would first like to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build the app Web, and then convert it to a mobile app. Please answer all questions and label the answers with numbers. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

1) Can anyone PLEASE give me advice on how to create an app like this? For example, programming examples, libraries, technologies, tutorials, etc. I don't know what to use and how to build the app.

According to my understanding, this application should use:

2) 2D MAP of each level of the building (bird's eye view). Could anyone recommend the software that I could use to create this type of card? I already have pictures of simple level plans (bird's eye view) of the building. Do I have to modify the photos of the levels in certain software in order to make them usable in the application?

3) Mathematical ALGORITHM to calculate the shortest part from A to B. Could anyone recommend the best mathematical algorithm for this type of application?

4) JavaScript graphics library for tracing the shortest path on a 2D map from A to B. Could anyone recommend the best JavaScript library for this type of application?

Thanks in advance! John

Edit image in mobile search results

When searching for my company, "Tattini Boots", on a mobile device, you will see that the next cut image is displayed next to the search result (see image below ). This is not the image that I have defined in Yoast or the image selected for the search results on my index page. Can someone dive into the source and explain why this image is chosen? This image is simply a cursor overlay on the main page:

enter description of image here

mobile – Is the dialog box on the bottom sheet "unsuitable" for navigation?

I'm developing an app with a somewhat special main screen, from which the app is split into two main parts. These parts are fairly independent and basically form a 50-50 relationship of the content.

Now the fact is that in addition to the main content, I have to bring in a few other very minor screens, for example on the page. I don't want to "be forced" to use one of the common navigation models like a nav. bottom drawer or tab bar just so I can view those minor pages.

So, from my point of view, it would be cool to include these in a modal dialog that only appears when needed:

Two screenshots showing the original state and one with the dialog open

But the problem that concerns me here is that these background sheets only seem to be used for management / modification of actions, like when selecting photos or files:

A sample screenshot showing a bottom sheet in a file management application

Material documents say

Modal lower leaves are an alternative to online menus or simple dialogues on mobile and offer room for additional elements, longer descriptions and iconography.

So it doesn't seem to be “against the rules”, but maybe it is against user expectations?
What do you think, better solutions to this?

Does anyone play mobile pubg on computer? Help me, please. | Forum promotion

Hello guys,
I recently bought a new 3rd generation i7 computer and I play on pubg mobile with tencent gaming buddy. I can't play a good quality game and it drags on too much. I don't think it's my computer's fault since I think it's a decent processor. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Please help.

mobile app – How important are explicit back and next buttons in integration?

I design an integration screen for an Android mobile application, I looked at integration screens in dribbling, I found that some models did not have previous and next buttons, just a point indicator and a jump button. example

How important is it to have a Previous and Next button in an integration flow? Is it enough to just have a point indicator with swippable slides and a jump button? If yes, how do you go about accessibility?

Sale – Company creating mobile applications for sale

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react – PagSeguro Mobile – Battery overflow

We are implementing an app in React Native which should use PagSeguro as a payment method.
We are making backend requests (Spring Java) for the PagSeguro API, but have a request that requires a SenderHash generated by lib JS for the web ( ).
But as our applications are in React Native, the function of this lib does not work using the functions of the browser.

Have you done this kind of integration?

Have you used the SDK for Android APP and IOS? It works?

Any ideas on how to fix this problem?