Can I add controls for playback speed and subtitles in the mobile Youtube iFrame?

Is it possible to add controls into mobile version of YouTube iFrame player?
With controls I mean being able to change the speed and quality of the video, or turn on the subtitles.

Remove the URL/menu bar for a mobile website

A while back I noticed a cool feature in mobile Firefox that removed the URL/top menu. This made the website feel like it was a native mobile app and I was able to use this feature by making the website a shortcut on my phone’s home screen. This feature was apparently removed and I’m wondering if there’s a way to re-activate it. Or if there is another mobile browser with a similar feature.

Control functions in mobile Youtube iFrame

Is it possible to add controls into mobile version of YouTube iFrame player?
With controls I mean being able to change the speed and quality of the video, or turn on the subtitles.

Do you deposit checks by mobile or go to bank? | NewProxyLists

Well, the bans in my country don’t have the facility to deposit checks through mobiles but I would love to have such a service available in the future. Going to the bank for anything is a big hassle. However, is till have to go to the Bank in order to deposit any check that I receive.


Top Mobile Healthcare Applications On The Market Today

As an industry that deals with complex and sensitive data, healthcare providers have been traditionally slower to adopt IT solutions as strict regulations and secure privacy policies often have to be applied for both app development and usage. Patients have also been hesitant to consistently use apps due to privacy concerns, lack of interest, and the cost of some of the apps on the market. However, as regulatory governmental bodies like the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) have begun establishing and enforcing these regulations, it’s no wonder that the development of mobile healthcare applications is rapidly increasing.

mobile – What element to focus after user input on a chatbot?

This is similar to What element should have the focus after a search?, but not the same case.

I’m building a chatbot with Flutter (mobile). This is the flow:

  1. Bot asks a question.
  2. User is presented with several fixed options (like radio buttons)
  3. User chooses one of them
  4. String equivalent answer is added to the chat log
  5. Options disappear, since they made sense only for question in point 1
  6. Bot asks new question
  7. User is presented with new options.

I want to make this accessible. I’ve taken a look at role log and it fits great. I’m using a similar equivalent in Flutter and it handles new messages perfectly. The problem is that, since options disappear with each answer, focus disappears too: when the user “tabs” to the next element, focus goes back to the top of the app, and she’d need to scroll back all the list of messages (or find her way with an equivalent but also suboptimal manner) to get to the end, every time.

I can force the focus moving to the last message, but that would clash with the message reading, since that won’t be “polite” (ARIA sense).

For now, I’m not using the aria-live feature (so the app doesn’t read new messages) and I’m moving the focus manually, only after the user submits the info and only to the first unread message. It works, but I find that solution kind of hacky.

What should be the best way to handle this?

architecture – Multi-Tenant SAAS application with common backend for Mobile App and Front End Dashboard App

I have a requirement for a Mobile App to be able to write to a database managed by a backend. I will also have an admin dashboard that would retrieve data from the database, have analytics performed by the backend and present it to the View. The Front-end dashboard and the mobile app will not share any data between them and hence they need not be synchronized though I am open to suggestions here as-well. In a nutshell,

  1. The Mobile App writes to the database. Data will be JSON string.

  2. The Web App pulls data from the database and presents it to the dashboard. The Back-end will need to manage that analytics portion and paint the Front end dashboard.

  3. In addition, the backend will also need to create external notifications for SMS/Slack/Email(POP).

  4. Lastly, I also want to keep this entire application multi-tenant supporting multiple clients. Under each client there will be only one user.

As a first time Web App developer, My question is how would I go about architecting the APIs so that I don’t have a lot of duplicated code and achieve a clean architecure .I have heard of the Separation of concerns. I just don’t know how to apply that in this context.

Multi-Tenant SAAS

privacy – Hotspot mobile network tethering and DNS

I and probably others know, if turning on the mobile hotspot and enable wifi-tethering, we are able to use our android phone to get internet access via a notebook (and other devices of course) connected to this android hotspot over WiFi.

Our phone also then acts as a router, since tethering spans a private network, I usually know it as to forward requests from the notebook to the outside world, the internet which is enabled by receiving a public IP from the service provider.

What I am looking for, is a DNS service running on this tethering phone on the private side of the network.
I’d like reach my devices via hostnames on the little private LAN provided by the tethering phone.

I know there are lots of options and public discussions to tune DNS settings on the public side of the hotspot (, and things like that). Since A9 there is even a private DNS option. But all this stuff is not what I am looking for.

So to configure my question:
How can I enable a DNS service on the private side of my tethering hotspot?

mobile web – How to let users know that updates are not real time

I’m working on a food ordering mobile website. After ordering the meal, the preparation progress screen that aims to give users a rough estimate on what time their meal will be ready. Due to technical limitations, the time estimate won’t update automatically. However if users refresh their browser, the time will be updated.

i’m faced with 2 choices

  1. inform the user in words. that they need to refresh their browser
  2. change the words of the time estimate to manage their expectations.

from these which is the better choice. and how should i convey the message, would appreciate examples. Or is there another way to overcome this?


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