Simular evento de área pressionada no mobile

como eu posso simular o evento de botão ou área pressionada, no celular, usando javaScript e de preferência, se possível, puro ( sem bibliotecas e APIs externas ). O touchstart não ajuda. O ideal seria algo semelhante ao que o mousedown faz.

googlebot – Mobile usability issues reported by Google at Search Console

Google search console reported that some pages have a Mobile Usability issues:

  • Clickable elements too close together
  • Content wider than screen
  • Text too small to read

Some details:

  • this is not about restrictions in robots.txt
  • some failed pages have less than 8 resources with 550KB size total
  • the failed pages make up a small part of the total and are random
  • “LIVE TEST” for the same URL may fail randomly
  • there is no network problems (packet loss/response time/DNS) with the server where site deployed
  • this issue appeared since April 14th
  • most of the failed pages have 90-99% mobile performance in PageSpeed Insights or Lighthouse

Lighthouse embedded in the Chrome and PageSpeed Insights haven’t found a problem in mobile mode in the same pages that have an issues in Google search console.

But when I use “LIVE TEST” for failed URLs in Google search console, sometimes I get a same failed result with Mobile Usability issues, where CSS file not loaded with a reason “Other error”. I think this is an issues reason but I don’t understand what can I do to fix it, especially if it is due to some netiquette limitation (crawl budget)

JS & CSS Assets not loading in Mobile Safari

I have a website having issues with the latest mobile Safari versions when viewing in the console JS files are being "cancelled" or not load… | Read the rest of

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mobile – Flashlight switch: display the desired state or the current state

I need to design a view in a mobile application (iOS + android) to scan qr-codes. The view needs a toggle to switch the flashlight “on” and “off”.

I first designed the switch that represented the current state of the flashlight (V1). This means that when the flashlight is “off” the icon shows a crossed out light bulb and when the flashlight is “on” the icon shows a glowing light bulb.

enter image description here

Like toggles work in settings for example:

enter image description here

When I tested my design in a prototype (Adobe XD) is feels very strange to turn on the flashlight by clicking on an icon that shows a crossed out light bulb.

For this reason I have created another variant that shows exactly the opposite:

  • When I want to turn “on” the light, I click on the icon with the light
    “on “
  • When I want to turn “off” the light, I click on the icon with the
    light “off”.

It’s like a play and pause button on a music player

  • When I want to play the song, I click on the play icon
  • When I want to pause the song, I click on the pause icon

enter image description here
enter image description here

enter image description here

I had a discussion with a colleague about whether it makes sense to display what the user wants to achieve, or the current state. Displaying the current state makes less sense to me in this context, because the user knows that the flashlight is off when sitting in the dark. And as I said it feels weird to click on this crossed out icon. Now I am successfully confused how to solve this problem. I think it’s not good to break the switch behavior everyone is used to know, even if it feels weird to me.

What do you guys think?

mobile network – Able to text and use internet, but no phone calls

It is a refurbished Yureka Note.

I added a newly activated sim in it. It’s sending and receiving text messages. After saving the gprs/mms settings sent by mobile operator, I am able to use internet (which is pretty fast) as well.

However, despite trying variety of things, I am unable to make or receive calls on it. When I tried calling it from another number it says: outside network coverage.

Given that signal is full, my guess is that this has something to do with no VoLTE support in this phone.

I tried many options from ##4636## also. If I select WCDMA/GSM only then there is no signal. When I use LTE only, there is signal but calling to it says Line Busy.

Is there any way to make calling work on this device with this sim?

Ecommerce mobile apps


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Exporting WebGL For Mobile Browsers

I was asked by a client to create a pretty simple 3D game that will be embedded on a website, a plain landing page that will contain the game and will be played on mobile devices.

The game itself has no complexity whatsoever, not in the functional aspect and not in the lighting/shaders aspect – the basic functionality is a simple finger swipe in order to “throw” a ball.

I have checked and concluded that opening a webGL game on mobile devices might cause issues and only high-end devices can run the game smoothly.

My question is –
Is there a go-to solution or any solution in which I can develop the game on Unity and build it for webGL in a way that it will be compatible with mobile devices?
Or my only option is to develop the game using plain JS?