How to best ensure unattended updates on a mobile laptop?

APT seems to have a persistent blind spot for computers that are not permanently connected to the Internet. These days, there are surely a ton, mostly laptops.

The general solution is unattended updates. This is installed and run by default with a daily log cron employment. As protection, anacron is also installed and run by default, and runs everything cron jobs that were missed because the computer was off. Until here so reasonable.


  1. fault unattended updates config (/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades or similar) requires the following configuration, otherwise the upgrades may be ignored:

    Unattended-Upgrade :: OnlyOnACPower "false";
    Unattended Upgrade :: Skip-Updates-On-Metered-Connections "false";
  2. Most important, anacron, as cron, performs work, whether an Internet connection is available or not! This is clearly a major design bug for non-server Ubuntu because personal computers are not always connected constantly. With the default configuration, on a nomad laptop, unattended updates will just fail a lot of the time.

(Perhaps a separate class of cron work that waits for a network connection until it runs. Or failed cron.daily jobs could be switched to cron.hourly until they perform successfully.)

A practical solution is a systemd file unit to execute unattended updates as a user script after going online. But it will only work once per boot.

What is the optimal solution? Does anyone know if it is planned to solve this problem with a new package or a configuration enhancement?

Resizing slider for the mobile version of the website

Hi, I have a slider / promotional image set up for my website, which you can see under the menu bar. RIGHT HERE.

I am satisfied with this and its appearance / operation on the desktop version of the site, but as soon as you can view the page in mobile, most images are removed because of their size.

My question is this: does anyone have any idea of ​​how the slider can be resized and adjusted to the screen when you look on a mobile? Basically, I would like it to be resized instead of being cropped.

Thank you!

Code (markup):

android – How to learn game development? (PC and Mobile)

I am an electronics student and none of my friends, even in CS, have an idea of ​​how to become an independent developer or even work as a game developer / developer in a mobile game startup. They certainly know that part development (on mobile), also working on an engine like Unity, etc., but nothing more. An idea of ​​what is important and tips for non-founders on how to get started?

Bug – Mobile Home Page | Promotion Forum

The home page displays very strangely on mobile.
I have an old iPhone 5s because my Google Pixel has crashed and its display is extremely strange.
The text "Promote and develop your site" appears in fact vertically, with 1 letter per line.

The whole page is distorted and I can not imagine that it is a pleasant experience. To be honest, if I saw this page as a mobile visitor and did not know PF, I would leave instantly. I guess it's a broken / old website that's no longer maintained.

On top of that, the information is out of date. We have over 3,000 additional members, 100,000 new positions and more than 10,000 new topics. It also states that there are more than 14,000 promoted sites, but that only 4,438 threads exist in the promotions directory, so I'm not sure where this indicator comes from. All this is minimal and will not affect the user experience … it's the layout and design that need to be updated first.

I recommend spending a little time repairing the mobile home page so that newcomers are not instantly disabled by the damaged presentation. At a time when the community needs new members, I think this is much more important than the other suggestions in this section. I know that new theme changes are planned, but setting the home page for the current theme would not take much time and I think it's well worth it.

mobile – Are there any studies on user comments embedded in the app?

I plan to ask users of the app to share their comments on a specific feature just after using it. The goal is to have a) a quantitative feedback on functionality and b) a list of comments from step 3 where I can see what people would like to see improved.

It would be a 4-step process,

  1. Non-blocking background sheet for requesting feedback
  2. Dialogue with quantitative question (can be dismissed)
  3. Dialogue with free-text question ("Why?", Can be dismissed)
  4. Dialog for Requesting Consent for Data Processing (GDPR)

enter the description of the image here

I've already seen similar approaches, for example from Google Lens:

enter the description of the image here

Are there any publications on the validity of this type of feedback and its negative impact on the user experience?

I find a lot of service providers doing this kind of in-app dialogs, but until now, no solid literature on their usefulness.

Showing the icon in mobile google search

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googlebot – Google's crawler is inaccessible – mobile robot works

I've seen a sharp drop in Adsense earnings on one of my sites this week and after some extensive research in the search console, errors suggesting the existence of a problem with my robots.txt file have been reported. I've checked this and it's quite good.

When I went to the old console and started a recovery operation under Google (Desktop), I became unreachable for all the URLs I tried on that domain ( including /). However, when I tried the mobile robot, everything was fine, including rendering.

A little background. I host multiple websites on a shared IP address. I recently moved the server / IP address. It was about 4 weeks ago and I had no problem for a few days back, and only on this site.

I run application firewalls (Fail2Ban and mod_security), but again, they should not have changed suddenly. In addition, I have now disabled them.

I've checked the site from a few IP addresses to verify that it is working properly.

Any ideas – or is it just a wait and see …

Other – W88 Introduces Extremely Convenient Mobile Poker App for You NewProxyLists

W88 introduces a handy mobile poker app for you
Super hot news for your favorite poker players online: win real money at W88 bookmaker The new W88 boss has launched the online poker application on mobile phones. For iOS and Android.

For those who experience online poker at other resellers, playing online at the website is relatively inadequate. When you have to sit down and the durability of the network is not that of the application installed on the phone.

You can also check out the w88bet link to satisfy your passion when you bring your phone.

W88 announced the launch of the online poker application
Before launching the application, there are not two. The painful phases are repeated because the network path is stable. For example, when playing with your hands, the network shift. As a result, you are evicted and you can not enter the table. It's extremely frustrating!

universal you Please contact W88 call support immediately. Perhaps because people think badly, then the house is installed. The result is that this hot online poker application has hit the brand strategy.

Finally, this practical product has been launched. With this application, the network will play much longer. You will not have to worry about losing money unfairly.

Below, an image of playing online poker by applying it on a tree to W88:


Overall, the image is extremely clear and the network is very long term.

This is the right direction for W88 because it is really useful for W88 players on phone reminders and online betting separately. Admin W88 I hope you will update the application soon and enjoy the benefits that it brings.

magento2 – Magento API for mobile application

You can use magento's REST API service for mobile app integration. (You need to check the magento integrations document for the same state where it says "Mobile apps authenticate with tokens".)

By default magento, we have web services for catalog, customers, shopping cart and orders. You must follow the methods below to share the data on a mobile application.

Home Page / Custom Pages

Having the whole page in HTML for mobile application is not a good idea. You must share the necessary meta-information (banners, promotional data such as newcomers, best sellers) as JSON data to a mobile application. The mobile application must create the home page / custom pages according to the data of the web service.

Print – Mobile Snapshot Printers Compatible with Canon DSLRs

I am looking forward to buying one of these mini sharp printers for snapshots. Here is a table of this article comparing some of them. (At least) The Instax SP-1 and Kodak Mini 2 are missing.

I want to print images directly from my Canon 70D to the printer, but I'm not sure that all of them support it. The 70D only has Wi-Fi, so no Bluetooth or NFC, which excludes a few. But what about those with Wi-Fi? I've been barely able to find anything on those that do not involve only smartphone for a printer, only the Canon Selphy user manual says how to send photos directly from the camera. A digital SLR. This one is definitely too big to be considered "mobile" for me though.

So my question was: which mobile snapshot printers are compatible with Canon cameras (DSLRs) without any other wireless connectivity than Wi-Fi?