Man-in-the-Middle Mobile (e.g. Android) Application Tool

I’m trying to MITM an Android application but I cannot get it to work properly. Usually, I’m using Burp for those kind of attacks, which allows me to intercept and decrypt HTTPS traffic. (Assuming the certificate is installed on the Android device.)

However, it seems the application I’m currently testing is using a non-HTTP(S) protocol, but still TCP at port 443. I’ve googled my issue and discovered the following Burp plugin:

Sadly, this plugin does not work properly for me and other’s seem to have similar issues. I’ve also discovered mitmproxy but this just like burp only works on HTTP(S) traffic.

Does someone have any idea on how to perform a MITM on this application and which tool I should be using?

Mobile Hamburger Nav not collapsing after choosing menu item – CyberPulse theme

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mobile – Best practices for pinned banner alerts in iPhone X view?

iphoneX with pinned bottom alert

Hey everybody,

I’m experimenting with pinning a full-width banner on an iOS app I’m working on, but as you can see it looks a little awkward with the bottom curvature of an iPhone X-12. I debated bumping it up slightly but then there would be a strange gap between the banner and the bottom of the screen. Is there a best solution for this scenario, or do full-width banners and iPhone X’s just not mix?

(and FYI the app uses top navigation, not shown in the screenshot. And I did consider pinning the banner to the top but it was too disruptive and blocked out a lot of key info)


javascript – Is there any global variable i can use for mobile phone?

Im trying to prevent default on form refresh on mobile phone. It works fine for my mac laptop but on my laptop it still resubmits the form.

This code works for Mac because i can use the “window” global variable, is there a global variable or code that would work for my mobile phone? Anything that pertains to a mobile phone?

      if ( window.history.replaceState ) {

         window.history.replaceState( null, null, window.location.href );

usa – Best strategy to get a cheap long-term mobile SIM card for the US?

T-Mobile Prepaid almost meets your requirements currently. Note that their offerings have changed over the years and may continue to change.

First, get a T-Mobile Prepaid SIM by going to a T-Mobile store in the US. They can get you started with “Simply Prepaid” which is currently $50+tax for 30 days of unlimited calls/texts + 10GB data. You may have to pay extra for getting a new SIM.

Before the 30 days are up, log in at to pay for the next 30 days. You add the money to a prepaid balance and then it gets deducted when the next 30 day period starts. Repeat every 30 days.

When you no longer plan to use the SIM but want to keep it active, log in and click “Plan” and change to “Pay As You Go” which is currently $3+tax for 30 days including 30 minutes or texts. The change will take effect for the next 30 day period. You have to add at least $10+tax to your balance, which will be deducted $3 every 30 days. I’d suggest to log in every 30 days and add another $10+tax every 60 days to be extra sure your account doesn’t get deactivated.

The catch will be how long you can do this without using the SIM at all, which is not 100% clear from their website. I did this for 75 days of no usage and it was ok. Their website currently says “Service available for 30 days after activation/refill/conversion; then account is suspended. If you have a balance, your plan will resume for 30 days with 30 voice min. or SMS messages. After this 30-day period, your account is suspended.”

When you want to change back to the $50+tax plan, log in and click “Plan” again.

If you need to change plans and can’t wait for the end of the current 30 day period, you’ll need to add money to your prepaid balance and then call T-Mobile customer care by dialing 611 from your phone and the representative will make the change for you. They can also help you with other options that aren’t on the website like $5 to add 500MB for one day, etc.

eMarket – All-in-One Multi Vendor MarketPlace Elementor WordPress Theme (35 Indexes, Mobile Layouts)

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eMarket – All-in-One Multi Vendor MarketPlace Elementor WordPress Theme (35 Indexes, Mobile Layouts) – eMarket – All-in-One Multi Vendor MarketPlace Elementor WordPress Theme (35 Indexes, Mobile Layouts)

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eMarket – Best Multi-Vendor MarketPlace Elementor WordPress Theme 2021 (35+ Homepages & 03+ Mobile Layouts Ready!)

eMarket is the best multi vendor marketplace WordPress theme

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facebook – Auto Download of photos working in WhatsApp Desktop App, but not in mobile App

A couple of months back, I was working on a project and all the collaborators were staying in touch via WhatsApp. As it is a fairly large group of about 80 people, lots of photos tend to get generated each day. Since I was working on my laptop, I decided to use the desktop application rather than the mobile app, as it was more convenient. We were required to complete a certain task, within a fairly short amount of time, so everybody was working full throttle at that moment. As the deadline was approaching, the number of photos in the WhatsApp group started to increase. Moreover, as the navigation in the desktop application was becoming difficult, I decided to switch to the android app.

To my surprise, absolutely none of the photos had been downloaded on the app. As per my knowledge, whatever auto-download settings are applied to the mobile app, are also followed by the desktop application. But that didn’t happen.

I’ve checked all my settings and everything seems to be fine. All permissions have been granted. There is no data usage check applied. But still, the auto-download feature didn’t work on my phone, while it did flawlessly on the desktop application.

After that incident, there have been several other instances wherein auto-download was only working on the desktop application, instead of working on both the desktop and mobile version of WhatsApp in tandem. This has begun to worry me a little, as it is affecting my work. Can anyone suggest any tips to fix this?

android – How many users you lose when forcing a mobile app update?

I’m evaluating if forcing my android & iOS users to upgrade their apps by disabling the “default functionality” of the app and only showing an “update message” is a good idea.

Thats why I ask to any experienced folks out there: How many users (on average) you lose when forcing an update?

P.S: Any resource that would help me answer this question is welcome!

mobile – Scroll time on SaaS

As is the case with most SaaS, there is sometimes simply too much data to fit on one section of a page. On the desktop app, we use a standard table view of data. On the mobile app, we use cards in place of a table as they are traditionally hard to read on mobile.

We have begun to run into a problem, where we are running out of room for necessary information within a table view on the desktop iteration of the software. My idea is to convert the tablular data that exists on desktop into cards similar to how they exist on mobile, so we can free up some space and unify some of our mobile concepts with the desktop iteration.

However, each card item takes up a bit more real estate (approx 4 lines of tabular data to a card) than a simple item within a table. By converting the items to cards, we can view all necessary information, and each card can grow as we continue to add info to these tables. The feedback I have gotten is that there is a concern about scroll time.

Out of the 200k+ userbase, there would be a maximum of 30 items on this page as it is an underutilized part of the interface.

Is “too much scroll time” enough of an issue to shoot down this idea altogether? How would one handle too much information on a table without truncating text or using icons in place of text?