mobile phones – Why do Claro sellers give SIM cards already preregistered in Peru for free?

I read on (mirror):

Despite this, visitors cannot help but notice that there is still a very visible black market in many streets of the market in Lima, Cusco and other cities for SIM cards already preregistered called chips. They are sold for as little as S./5 and Claro sellers even sell them for free. Itinerants (street vendors) can be easily spotted for their vests with vendor logos and some of them even brandish placards (see details in this report in Spanish).

Why do Claro sellers give pre-registered SIM cards for free? Do these SIM cards have nothing by default (no text, no calls, no data)?

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mobile application – Entry for an arbitrarily large radius in the map

I am developing a mobile application in which users must select a point on a map, then define a radius around this point. It will be used to define a geographic fence and to perform an action when the user later enters this area.

At the moment, the user can select a point by touching the map, then sets the radius with the help of a search bar. The circle drawn on the map updates dynamically with the modifications of the search bar.

a map with a location and a search bar to define a radius

My question is how to allow the user to enter an arbitrarily large radius?

For the moment, I have defined a maximum for the Geofence radius. But I would like to allow the user to define a radius as large as they want.

An idea would be to simply increase the maximum of the search bar when the user "pushes" the search bar on the right edge. But then, removing it, the scale would be weird: small changes in the search bar are now making huge changes in the radius.


I have a problem with my woocommerce product image gallery.
On mobile, images do not change. When I click on the thumbnails, the page reloads and keeps the main image displayed.

Here is a page link where this happens:

I tried to install cursor plugins to work around the problem, but when some plugins are active, I get two galleries.

If it is possible to remove this by code to add a plugin via, also solves.


magento2.3.3 – The category link of the mobile menu is an undefined URL cannot work in Magento 2

I face annoying problems. When I'm on the desktop, no problem with the menu link.

When I'm responsive, when I go through the menu, I have the right URL but
when i click on the item category link, i am redirected to a 404 page (my.domain / undefined) and an undefined URL.

If a custom script, tool and module, give me the link
so i sorted this problem out quickly as soon as possible.

I used the module but I cannot work

If you have any idea how to sort out this problem, please give me
solution as soon as possible and any custom script for it?

Thank you.

responsive webdesign – Two menus, one for the desktop, one for the mobile, screen reader issues?

Suppose a web page has two menus, one for a desktop size screen and another for tablets / phones. It might look like this: items...
    ...the same menu items again...

CSS hides and displays the appropriate menu using multimedia queries and display: none

My question is, will this be a problem for people who use screen readers? If so, how can we mitigate this, assuming we do not want to refactor our HTML.

Real SIM numbers and virtual mobile numbers for SMS

To integrate



Link Image:

9.0 pie – How can I see mobile data usage for each app for a given day?

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