When making mockups for a mobile app, is there any reason to create both a mockup for android and iOS?

My manager is asking me to create mockups for both, but I really cannot think of a reason to do both. What would be different between the two besides native functionality like file upload?

Thanks for your help!

ux field – Thoughts of time tracker mockup

I am new to web design, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This is a first attempt to create a time tracker. Both for manual inputs and stop watch.

So far it has no connection to a database, so it is more about the user interface, look and feel.

(Note that this is an HTTP and some browsers must be forced not to use https.)

Am I on the right track? Else please point me in another direction.

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The difference between mock-up, prototype and wireframe

Totally agree with Rolland. I’ll suggest you to think about usage of each one of this thing.

Mockup : is often referring to “zoning”, I always start with this one. Using it to place elements and informations on page templates.

Wireframes : looks really often like what the other one answers, I’ll add a little precision, you’re supposed to use real content (real texts, real pictures).

Prototypes : are supposed to simulate user interactions, different states etc. You can have some low-fi protoypes based on mockups, wireframes or some hi-fi prototypes based on graphic design or even more (conditions, real data-bases) etc. I would say the prototype is meant to be used not just “shown”.

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layout – "Translate" the dimensions of the desktop mobile app mockup to the size of the smartphone?

I'm sure this is a common problem, but I'm not sure I can explain it correctly. Stay with me.

I have included a screenshot of a mobile application that I am working on in my Windows 10 PC. For the sake of argument, let's say I created it in MS Paint.

As you can see, Paint the font is 48 pt and the text area is 580 px wide. On the other hand, if I send this "drawing" by email to my iphone and watch the drawing from the phone, the picture is perfect. I know the image is resized in the phone.

On the other hand, I sent this same image to the developer, and the font in the app he deployed (in my ihpone 7) is too big, but I don't know not what size I should tell him. The same goes for other orders. I guess he is using an iphone plus, while I have a normal iphone. I guess Android will have the same problems.

My question, how do I tell the developer when he asks me the font size and the control size? I can't tell her that the font is 48 points since I guess it will be too big for the iphone.

In other words, how do I "translate" the sizes of my Windows 10 PC into sizes that would fit a smartphone?

The reason I ask is because I sent a developer a mockup of a screen I created in FireWorks to a developer, but the font sizes are very different. So I have to tell him the specific font sizes, but I don't know what those sizes are.

enter description of image here

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