magento2 – M2 – To display the progress bar in Magento Modal popup

I have a button at the system configuration whose HTML code is below to display the Popup button.

I would like to show the progress bar in the modal content.

How does the code below work with the Progess bar?
The synchronization process only consists of retrieving the order pickup and synchronizing with ERP.

use SymfonyComponentConsoleHelperProgressBar;

// creates a new progress bar (50 units)
$progressBar = new ProgressBar($output, 50);

// starts and displays the progress bar

 $i = 0;
 while ($i++ < 50) {    

// advances the progress bar 1 unit

// you can also advance the progress bar by more than 1 unit
// $progressBar->advance(5);

// ensures that the progress bar is at 100%

Some Ref. taken:

e commerce – Best place to display a confirmation modal in a shopping stream

So I'm working on an insurance ecommerce and would like to know where to show a confirmation modal. Let's say I'm in the summary page and there is a "Change Plan" button to choose another plan. I have to choose where to display the confirmation modal

Option 1. Once the user has clicked on the "Edit" button, he is redirected to the Plans page. And just after the user clicks the "I want this plan" button to validate the change, display the modal.

Option 2. Display the modal in the summary page just after the user has clicked the "Edit Plan" button. And then redirect the user to the plan page.

I think that option 1 works best because the modal is displayed just before validating the change, but option 2 can also work. Any comment is appreciated.

Prototype showing both options

uploads – The media library filter Downloaded in this article & # 39; lack in modal insertion of Gutenberg

Final goal: Retrieves the selection menu entry box to allow a user to filter the results. "Downloaded on this post", "Mine", "Images", "Video", etc. when inserting a Gutenberg image block; not a gallery.

I'm trying to hijack the click on this button to open my new modal.

I have been researching this for a while now and I see some possible solutions, but I do not understand how to apply them or they are incorrect.

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

Possible solutions:

  1. Replace A with B because A is the default UI stream when you click Add Image> Media Library. The MediaFrame.Select has the modal frame still has the input field of the selection menu.

A. var frame = new

B. var frame = new

  1. Extend with the attribute "filterable: all". Thus, when a user opens the modal field, the menu entry field will exist.
  2. Create a new custom Guten block that uses by default and leave the existing Guten-Image-existing block alone.

The last code I tried to get a solution

I'm currently using a hook to load the JavaScript code into my functions.php file.

function add_my_filter_please () {

add_action (& # 39; admin_footer & # 39 ;, & gt; add_my_filter_please & # 39;);

php – Modal interior echo

I have a problem, had a link to delete data from the table normally, but I decided to put a modal to give a warning to the user, not to delete the recording at a time. Well put it in a modal, but it's not a matter of getting the correct column ID, any one could help you, thank you


Deletar registro

Tem certeza que desaja apagar o registro?

Sim, apagar!

'; echo ''.$linha('nome').''; echo ''.$linha('cpf').''; echo ''.$linha('rg').''; /*echo ''.$linha('data_saida').'';*/ echo ''.$linha('nome_cargo').''; /*echo ''.$linha('status').'';*/ echo ''.'R$ '.$linha('limite_valor').',00'.''; if ($linha('status') == 1){ $status = "Ativado"; echo ''.$status.''; }else{ $status = "Desativado"; echo ''.$status.''; } ?> Editar Deletar