JavaScript onkeydown event does not work in full screen mode (F11)

I have a page that has a header. I would like the F11 button (which leaves the browser in full screen mode) the header to be hidden from the page and when I click again, the header will reappear on the page.

When I click the F11 key for the first time, everything goes perfectly, the page goes into full screen mode without a header. However, when I click the F11 key again, the page exits full screen mode, but the header does not return to the page. If, after that, I press the F11 key again, the page goes into full screen mode with the header.

In other words, the event onkeydown it does not work in full screen.

I have made a simple example here that clarifies the situation I am going through with my code. Look:

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Why latex code entered in MMA text mode cannot be converted automatically

I am entering the following latex code in MMA text mode, but it cannot be converted automatically. While the latex code pasted from the outside can be converted into a formula. What's the problem?


$J(y)=y^{2}(x_{0})+int_{x_{0}}^{x_{1}}(xy+y'^{2}) dx$

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opening – Time difference between automatic mode and other modes

I can only guess.

When you are in fully automatic mode, the camera will use the 3 parts of the exposure triangle to end up with a decent amount of depth of field, a shutter speed that is acceptable for taking photos by hand with the lens set and fill with more ISO.

When you switch to aperture mode, it allows you to manually choose the aperture and controls the shutter speed. BUT this can also allow you to set the ISO manually.

So if you are indoors and shoot it ISO auto, 1/25, f/4.0 and if ISO was at 25600, then the equivalent would be ISO 100, 10 seconds, f4.0.

The only thing that does not make sense is that the cam does not have such ISO capabilities. It only varies from 100 to 3200.

So, what I believe is that what is happening:
You are set to a low manual ISO like 100, which triggers a slow shutter speed. This triggers a reduction in noise which then retreats the image and this results in the long duration that you perceive.

Quote from the manual:

• Although noise reduction is enabled, it takes about twice the
time to take a picture.
• The access lamp for the card flashes and (busy) is displayed
on the viewfinder during noise reduction. You cannot take
more photos until the card access lamp goes out.

If the perceived "offset" is still 10 seconds, there is also an option to reduce the shock of the shutter. This adds a delay after tilting the mirror to avoid shock from the shutter when using longer exposures. The option is called anti-shock in the camera. Please also check that this option is disabled or 0 seconds.


ANTI-SHOCK You can select the interval between when the mirror is
lifted until the shutter is released from 1 to 30 seconds. This
decreases camera shake caused by vibration when the mirror moves.
This function can be useful in astrophotography and microscope
photography or other photographic situations where a very slow shutter
speed is used and camera vibrations should be minimized.
Notes • Anti-shock is added to the shooting functions individually
(single shot, serial shooting, self-timer shooting and
shooting with remote control). “Serial shooting” (P. 61)

Start recording Quicktime Player in Split View mode

I have two apps side by side in Split View mode and I would like to save it. Is there a way to start a QuicktimePlayer recording while in Split View mode with two applications?

Thank you for your help !

Windows 10 freezes outside of safe mode

Since this morning, I have had the problem that my Windows 10 computer will no longer work unless I run it in Safe Mode.

A few seconds after startup (on the desktop), the computer crashes completely.
Not responding to mouse / keyboard input, system time crashes and the only way to do anything is to hold down the power button to force a shutdown.

No fancy settings have been changed in the UEFI BIOS and the system runs indefinitely in safe mode.

What I did while trying to fix it (in safe mode):

  • Disabled all autostart programs in task manager
  • checked the state of SSDs and hard drives with CrystalDiskInfo
  • temperature controlled equipment under resistance test
  • GPU drivers uninstalled
  • run Malwarebytes

I have uninstalled the GPU drivers but it seems that it automatically reinstalls the drivers at startup as they are still (or again) installed after a reboot.

In addition, Windows settings close if I click on the "Update & Security" tab, which I don't do if it's normal for safe mode.

The Windows version is 17763.rs5_release.180914-1434

Earn Satoshis in automatic mode

Earn Bitcoins in automatic mode

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You can see this video to know how this system works:


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Office mode in WordPress also in a mobile phone having a role of editor in the site

I have an editor role in a wordpress site, can I force the desktop mode on a mobile phone?

long exposure – gphoto2 – interval photography with bulb mode

I discovered gphoto2 a few days ago and delved into the documentation but couldn't resolve my problem.

I would like to create a star trail with my Nikon D3400. The camera should take a sequence of bulb shots (exposure time 2 minutes). Ideally, there should be as little free time as possible between two different shots. I would also save the images to the camera's SD card.

The command I have collected so far is as follows:

gphoto2 -F 30 -I 1 --set-config bulb=1 --wait-event=120s --set-config capturetarget=1


  • F 30 sets the number of images to take.
  • -I 1 sets the interval to 1 s.
  • --set-config bulb=1 activate bulb mode.
  • --wait-event=120s shoot for 2 minutes.
  • --set-config capturetarget=1 save the image to the camera SD card.

Unfortunately, it only takes one hit, then it comes out without giving any errors.

What am i doing wrong? Is it even possible to take multiple photos when using Bulb mode? Are there other approaches to reach my goal with a PC connected to the camera?

Oneplus 6 crashes in Fastboot mode when booting on TWRP after system update

After upgrading my Oneplus 6 to Android 10 from Android Pie using system update, I tried to reinstall TWRP using both the ; most recent image from I have tried both the most recent image and the one I had previously used to install TWRP.

When i run fastboot boot twrp.img in the boot loader, it hangs in "Fastboot Mode". If I hold down the power button, the phone will turn off and I can restart it normally. How to start correctly on TWRP?

How to install SQL Server 2017 Express in "Quiet Simple" mode without extraction folder?

I need to install SQL Server 2017 Express with the least amount of user interaction possible. I use the SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe installer file for which i found a microsoft download.

Currently, I can do exactly what I want with 2012 using the following settings:


In 2012 it works very well, but I am now trying to do the same in 2017. The problem I have is that it creates an extraction folder called "SQLEXPR_x64_ENU" in the same directory as the installation. It is not desirable.

Question: Is there anyway to prevent the use of this extraction folder, so that it works in the same way as the 2012 configuration?

Alternatively, one of the following solutions would be acceptable:

  • Allow the user to select the extraction location – as he does with the default installation (not silent) – but still ensure / QS mode for the rest of the configuration
  • Have the extraction folder automatically deleted after configuration (it wouldn't be so bad if it cleaned up its mess once done)