Samsung J5 blocked in download mode

The big problem is that the phone does not have the power button at all. I can not use the usual combination (VOLUME LOW + POWER).

An idea of ​​what I can do?

photoshop – Lightroom – Importing a photo into development mode

Is it possible to import a photo into another story to develop a photo? After retouching a photo in Lr, I made some final changes in Ps. However, after editing in Ps, I would still like to make some changes in Lr. Do I have to import the post-ps photo separately? Or is there a way to import it and integrate it into the development process of the original?

windows – How to determine the color mode of a .png file

The manual way on Windows is to go to: right click on the file -> "Properties" -> "Details" -> look at the bit depth

If the bit depth is "8", it is a black-and-white (greyscale) file, if "24" is an RGB file and if "32", A file with RGB + transparency (RGBA).

Exposure – How to adjust the brightness of the screen in manual mode according to the exposure with Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II?

I have a problem for which I can not find an answer. My camera does not adjust the screen when changing the ISO, shutter, or aperture.
I would like the effect that Tony Northrup has in this video

By changing the values, its screen becomes darker or lighter. I do not find it in any option.

slr – Are the opening blades moving between shots in burst mode?

I have tested my cheap Canon EOS 2000D with a very slow burst mode, with continuous shooting and autofocus.

First, I selected the f / 5.6 aperture. Then I started shooting. The viewfinder was bright between shots.

Then I selected f / 22 aperture and I started filming. The viewfinder was still bright, no f / 5.6.

So, I guess this camera with its extremely slow burst rate will actually move the aperture slats. However, this is an entry-level digital SLR, so there may be a difference compared to the best DSLRs. I am interested in the answers for better DSLRs; I do not have such a digital SLR.

My main camera today is a mirrorless EOS RP, and with it, I can not really test because I do not see the world through an optical viewfinder, but rather through a digital display integrated into the electronic viewfinder . In any case, the camera automatically corrects the exposure in the electronic viewfinder.

How to copy (with the help of CTRL + C) the text of a text box disabled in angular mode

Using CTRL + C need to copy the text from the disabled text box

recovery mode – How to create a backup image (* .ab) of the Android device that does not start?

I am only a usual Android user, owning 9-10 Android devices. My mother's Android device was automatically turned off yesterday and, when restarted, it was stuck in the company Logo (Check_this_image_reference)

and did not turn on. The device is "10.or E" exactly this model.
My mother had some very important files on her phone with which she could not compromise. So, she came to see me and asked me if I could activate her without losing her files. I've tried turning on the phone using the combination of the three buttons (power button + volume increase + volume decrease). This did not do any good, but yes, he was able to turn off the mobile. Then I tried to go into recovery mode (on this device, the combination of the power button and the volume increase button) allows to check if there is an option allowing to perform a full backup of the device as another device. Unfortunately, there was no option to create a "full system backup" on the SD card. There were other options. See these pictures:

Recover_Mode_1 Recovery_Mode_2 Recovery_Mode_3.

Now, since there was no option to create a full backup using only the device concerned, I opted for my PC to do the same. I have an SDK installed (Screenshot of the SDK Manager) of all Android versions of Lollipop to Android 10 (I do not know his name). I turned off the phone and I connected it to my computer with the help of a USB cable (I do not know if USB debugging was enabled or not). After login, I tried to give the adb command for backup. (See this image for reference) but he could not establish the connection with the device. Whereas, in the list of my devices, I see a device named Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM5) (reference of the image)

which means that the device is detected by the computer. Although the device is detected by the computer, I can not create a backup using adb commands.
I do not know of any PC backup method other than the sdk-cmd-adb method.

So, as it is a very big problem because my mother 's data is extremely important to her and that she can not afford to lose it, I really need it. a working method to get the backup of his Android device before flashing a new firmware or a Factory / Hard / Soft reset it. There are so many Android enthusiasts here who may have had this problem before or maybe in the future. If any of us could help in this matter, it would not only be useful for me, but also for all the faithful Android Stack. Exchange members.
Please, help me, I have no other choice.

Thank you very much in advance

How to remove bulb mode on canonet ql 19?

I tested my gun ql19 which seems to work perfectly. However, I pressed the security latch and set the camera to bulb mode and I can not go back. How do you want to delete the parameter B?

adb – OnePlus 6 not recognized in fast start mode

So here is the background: I have a OnePlus 6, which I had rooted previously. I accidentally updated it without first fixing the startup application, so it 's not rooted now.

To try to root it again, I have to use fastboot. However, whenever I use

adb reboot bootloader

it restarts the phone in quick start mode, as expected, but then

fastboot devices

does not display anything. I find this extremely strange, because I already used fastboot commands on my Windows machine and on my Linux machine (although I recently changed distribution and I have a new installation, may missing a pilot or something).

I've tried searching for all the necessary drivers (I've seen that the usb drivers are sometimes different from the fastboot drivers, but I do not know if that's the case for OnePlus), but after the Installation of all that I have found, it still does not work.

I've also tried running adb as root (on Linux) and as administrator (on Windows), but it did not work.

I've tried using Tool All In One for the rooter for me, but the problem seemed to be the same. It would not detect the phone in quick start mode.

I am absolutely puzzled as to why this could be; Someone knows why this is happening or what can I do to fix it?

Embed Microsoft Forms in SharePoint Online to Be Displayed (Questions and Answers) – Classic Mode

I would like to use Microsoft forms for a quick intranet survey (classic mode)
and I was wondering if there was a way to redirect the user to the response page / link after submitting a survey or survey?
Or a way to have questions and answers side by side?

Any resources or advice would be appreciated