TypeScript compiler options for strict code compliance beyond the strict mode

We would like to configure TSC with a command-line option to generate an error when developers declare class fields with the help of implicit type expressions instead of explicit See the code below

We use the latest typed versions as soon as they are available.

Appliance class {
// coding style we want to apply:
private _group: Group = new Group ();

// coding style that we want to avoid by issuing an error:
private _group = new Group ();

// coding style that we want to apply because it does not rely solely on
// list of constructor parameters for the declaration
public assetTag: EquipmentTag;

public constructor (assetTag: AssetTag,
// coding style that we want to avoid by issuing an error if
// no explicit statement above the constructor
supplier: company) {

this.assetTag = assetTag;


We use the strict mode for TSC, but it still allows for an occasional coding style, as shown.

Is there a TSC option that we can use to go beyond the strict mode and impose conformance to the coding style?

After installing the twrp recovery in my galaxy tab a lollipop 7.0, it does not open the recovery mode of twrp and it's also not rooted

I am not able to go into twrp recovery mode and if you can help me after each step, it clearly does not work

macos – Videos will not play on any browser after going out of sleep mode (MacBook Pro)

Videos are not played after sleep. The video loads, I can go to different parts of the video, but this does not read and does not give me the loading loop. This applies to almost all video sites. The only way to get it working again is to restart the computer.

That's about the mistakes below:

Windows 10:

Why did my Nikon J1 stop working in all modes except Smart Photo Mode?

My Nikon J1, which has had the 10-30 lens fix, has stopped working in all modes except smart photo mode. When I try to use another mode, the camera turns off by itself. Does any one have a solution?

email – Can not find the safe mode of converting OST to PST?

If you want to convert your OST files to PST conversion, then you have to try OST to PST converter. This is a very safe, fast and advanced tool for file conversion. With the help of this software you can easily format your big files.
My dad also used this software for his personal and professional use. Because he always has a big mass of files and OST to PST converter is very safe to convert, install and configure the data.
Visit here: – https://www.toolsbaer.com/ost-to-pst-conversion/

motorola moto g – Can I install GNU / Linux in text mode on android?

I want to use my old smartphone (Moto 3G) such as Rassbery Pi to create low-level content with only one terminal. I want to install GNU / Linux in text mode, have access to it with SSH, have an Internet connection and have the possibility to type the installed system with the onscreen keyboard as in Android.

What is important is that I want to remove ENTIRELY Android and install GNU / Linux here. I do not care about SMS, phone calls, etc. (But it's good to have things like handling the camera and the way to see the battery status, playing / recording sounds or changing the brightness of the screen).

Is there a distribution that can satisfy me? And how can I install the chosen system instead of Android?

boot – How to flash an h310 from IR mode to IT mode

OK, I have already done it on another server that I own. But I seemed to have misplaced my notes.

What I need to realize, is to flash the BIOS / firmware on a (DELL / LSI) h310 from IR mode (RAID) to HE mode (pass through). While I saw a lot examples / references – even here. j & # 39; I do not nothing found completed. They only talk about references to a problem the person had. Or were a mix of both BIOS, and (U) EFI. But no were completed In regards to no more.

More precisely, on Linux, UNIX or * BSD:

  • where can i get the firmware
  • What is the completed procedure
  • this question is NOT about (E) EFI, but the boot says Legacy or BIOS.

Thank you for all your time and consideration.

P.S. I am not allowed to create the most effective tags for this post; hba, cross, dell. So, it will probably be awarded the "tumbleweed" badge. 🙁

Encryption – A way to make the old alarm application use the direct boot mode?

I'm trying to use an old application called AlarmPad, but that does not seem to work if the phone has not been unlocked after a reboot.

However, I have read that Android N and later versions support this feature ("Direct Boot"?), Using device encrypted data rather than data encrypted by information. identification for the data of the application.

How can we make this old application work this way on reboot?

How do we support the dark mode in the current iOS application?

My current application is developed in both objC and Swift. i need to endure a darkmode. can anyone suggest how can I achieve this goal globally?

usability – Is high contrast mode really useful?

After a brain injury, I had more and more visual difficulties. Initially, the inflammation changed the shape of my eyes and made the pictures blurry. A larger font was useful.

Then, as my symptoms progressed, I began to have a lot of trouble distinguishing the ads from the articles. I've blocked all the websites that ran ads in the article text or that required pressing a button to make a "page" between the screens.

Retinal tears (torn from the back of the eye) developed in both eyes. The tears were small at first, but caused a "black snow storm" of blood cells blocking my eyesight. A high contrast first helped me see through the "snow", but as the tear of the retina progressed and the blood flowed, I could not see it. I need low contrast and low light so that less light is reflected on parts of my retina.

The lenses in my eyes began to get cloudy a few months after the retinal reattachment surgery. In the months before my replacement of the lenses in my eyes, it was impossible for me to read white and shiny screens because of the glare, and a glossy text on a dark background was even worse. The best solution I found was to find the lowest possible contrast with the larger fonts and I had to adjust my monitor as dark as possible, which allowed me to navigate the computer, but I end up copying all the text from my computer to my Kindle. where the lighting of the room controlled the glare.

Now, after lens replacements and retinal reattachments, I continue to face ongoing focus changes related to inflammation. With all these different challenges in my use of a computer, the most valuable "generic" setting for improving my ability to read my screen has been a variety of moderately dark backgrounds with a wide variety for me. to distinguish different parts of the screen. screen, with light gray or dark gray text (depending on the colors of the background). Dark black text and bright white text are distractors, but the most important element of a useful screen is that it is not too light or too dark and that the contrast is not extreme. The right balance in this range (which requires a dark theme) provides perceptible comfort to the eyes that everyone can feel, regardless of vision difficulties.