Setting maintenance mode via REST API

Is there a way to set a WP site to maintenance mode via REST API?

tablet – how to boot in recovery mode without volume buttons and reset hole

Im having a chinese tablet Allwinner QuadCore A33
The Tablet has only POWER and HOME buttons. No Volume buttons, No reset hole.

When it boots it freeze on Company logo.

The ADB devices command see no devices.

I am trying to boot in recovery mode holding down POWER and HOME button then release POWER button but nothing happens. (like presssing POWER and Volume Up button in other devices).

Please if someone can help me to boot in recovery mode.

Universal browser based Dark Mode (Dark Reader) vs. Individual separate black themes on each site

I’m pondering an idea about browser based, concentrated dark mode/dark theme service’s that operate pretty much like current superb add-on Dark Reader.

What makes me wonder why does the community that usually optimizes for not repeating work among developers, does take the burden of developing a dark theme for pretty much every popular web application.

Wouldn’t it be wiser to develop a set of standards when it comes to colour management, maybe even a .darktheme config file to override some of the basic settings, alongside a single browser based dark mode program for every browser that operates on the principle of current dark reader? I mean the reader is so good that I pretty much prefer it to custom made dark modes on most of the sites anyway.

What’s your insight on this matter?

My personal opinion is that it’s the inevitable future, but I haven’t found any signs that the process has started yet.

EDIT- before someone suggests sticking to the Dark Reader extension, It’s all good but compare a little a bit clunky extension developed by few enthusiasts to fully fledged browser options backed by hundreds of full-time developers.


LCD screen of Canon showing black in auto mode

Whether an image is automatically displayed or not following capture can be turned on or off using the menu on all digital Canon EOS cameras. If you have selected a setting that displays the image, you can also select from several options that determine for how long the review image is displayed. You may have turned it off without realizing what you were doing. The reason you see it when in the C1 mode is that the C1 mode was set up before you accidently changed the setting. When you turn the dial to C1 it uses the settings active at the time you recorded the then-current settings to C1.¹

You can turn image review on or off using the Shooting1 (red) menu tab of your camera’s menu. From page 180 of the EOS Rebel T5/1200D Instruction Manual:

enter image description here

To control when the settings appear on the screen, use the Setup2 (yellow) menu tab of your camera’s menu. From page 193 of the Manual:

enter image description here

For Live View, please be sure you have Live View enabled under the last tab of the Shooting (red) menu:

enter image description here

¹ This, of course, requires a Canon camera that offers user configurable “Custom” modes on the mode dial. The EOS Rebel T5/1200D does not include this feature.

postgresql – Database system is in recovery mode: Segmentation fault

PostgreSQL version : 12.4

Server: RHEL 7.9

I got postgres server into recovery mode for a minute and then came back normal.

Looking into logs, found this error before it went to recovery mode:

db=,user= LOG:  server process (PID 4321) was terminated by signal 11: Segmentation fault
db=,user= DETAIL:  Failed process was running: select distinct some_col.some_state_id,case when some_col.some_state_id=99 then 'CENTRAL' else state.state_name_english end as stateNm,case when some_col.some_state_id=99 then 'AAA' else state.state_name_english end from xema.table_name_definition_mast defn_mast left join othe.get_state_list_fn() state on some_col.some_state_id=state.state_code where defn_mast.third_srvc_launch ='Y' and some_col.some_state_id < 100 order by 3

I doubt if this issue will come up again. Is this query specific or hardware problem? Got stuck.

What is default wireless cards mode using Wireshark?

So, I think when I run Wireshark the wireless card works using promiscuous mode because if it is managed mode the wireless card will capture only packages directed to its. Monitor mode also cannot be used by default. Is it so?

network – What is the difference between managed mode and promiscuous mode?

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Is there anything wrong using a cold wallet from BitKey in watch-only mode on my normal desktop Electrum?

I followed the instruction for cold-offline in BitKey and created my cold wallet on a USB key with BitKey burned and booted from a CD-ROM. I noted the encryption password and the seed phrase on a paper which I will store in a secure location.

The workflow described on the BitKey website would use cold-online mode for watching the wallet (and preparing transactions).

Now, is there anything wrong in adding the watch-only mode (I think BitKey stores the proper information unencrypted on the USB key) to my normal work PC running Electrum on Win 10?

In my opinion, it shouldn’t because no single secret will be exposed. However, I am wondering why the documentation is so keen on emphasizing the workflow with cold-offline and cold-online.

Lastly, I intend to store my Bitcoins for long term. In 10 years I may have forgotten details about the sofware, BitKey may not exist any more, I may not have a CD drive any more, Electrum may be at a completely different version and who knows, it may be hard to import the data.
For that reason I really love the simplistic idea of paperwallets. But individual paperwallets are hard to deal with. Hence I would like to store an export of the public/private key list of my wallet as well. I feel this format will be most barebone and most likely to be importable also in ten years or more (I know that the seed could re-generate them but I hope you get my point).

For backup purposes, I also want to store the AES encrypted contents of the USB key on my NAS. I am thinking of packing the public/private key export into this file as well. Using a very long passphrase and storing it in a KeePass database.

canon – Picture looking sharp in Live View mode, then losing sharpness after picture has being taken

Since recently I am experiencing an issue with the sharpness of my images.

I am using canon 70D with a macro lens for shooting jewellery and I need to have a very clear picture to capture the brilliance of the crystals. That’s why I am using a tripod, I am using tethering between computer and camera and I shoot from the software program basically – my camera is as still as it gets when taking a photo.

What happens is that the crystals of the jewellery look sharp when I am looking at Live View mode and then when I look at the picture after it has been shot sharpness is lost to a certain extend.

This is how the image looks before taking the picture (in live view mode):

This is how it looks afterwards:

I took these pictures with my smartphone capturing the screen of the camera. If you look closely you will see the difference. It won’t be noticeable in daily life pictures I suppose, but for my job, it is an issue.

Does anybody have an idea what is the problem here ? I recently upgraded the firmware to 1.1.3 (canon 70D), of course, that shouldn’t be an issue, but I figured I will mention it.

Thank you!

Fastboot mode in my violet is blacked out

The thing is when I get my phone into fastboot mode the interface is like nothing totally blacked out. But I thought of connecting it with my Pc and my Pc is detecting it successfully but at last when wrote the commands to detect the fastboot it isn’t showing up I’m very frustrated I cunt change my custom recovery. My custom recovery is showing some errors so I also cunt change my rom also🥺🥺