I will design and develop modern website with latest technologies for $80

I will design and develop modern website with latest technologies


Please contact me before placing an order, so we can understand your requirements.

What you’ll get in this Gig

A creative and modern website from very scratch using advanced web technologies.

Modern technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, and Bootstrap Framework

A fully responsive website that will look perfect on all the small & wide screens.

I will use advance CSS3, jQuery animation for your website

In this Gig, I’ll be using below tools & technologies.

HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript / jQuery / Bootstrap 4 / Web fonts, colors & icons / Web tools / Web animations / CSS3 media queries / Perfecting responsive layout / Optimizing website / Cross-browser testing

You will get the complete the Project with MOdern

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ag.algebraic geometry – A modern proof of the Verlinde formula?

Let $G$ be a semisimple algebraic group and $Sigma$ a smooth proper curve. Then $text{Bun}_G(Sigma)$ comes equipped with a line bundle $mathcal{L}$ which generates the torsion free part of $text{Pic}text{Bun}_G(Sigma)$ (e.g. in type A or C it’s the determinant bundle or in type B or D the Pfaffian bundle). Then the Verlinde formula is an explicit formula for
$$H^0(text{Bun}_G(Sigma),mathcal{L}^{otimes k}),$$
intimately related to fusion products.

There are lots of nice proofs of the Verlinde formula published in the 1990s, e.g. Beauville’s Conformal blocks, fusion rules and the Verlinde formula. However, they are all quite algebraic which makes it hard (at least for me) to understand what’s going on. Given how much better the geometric side has been understood in recent decades (e.g. fusion and the BD Grassmannian), is there written up anywhere a slightly cleaner/more geometric proof of the Verlinde formula?

sharepoint online – Modern Site “Highlighted Content” web Part links not working properly

This seems to be a known issue on Microsoft’s website. When a new link is created and a filter is added to the highlighted content web part to pull that link it seems to pull the link in a card layout.

enter image description here

But upon clicking the link it tries to download the URL file, and not go directly to the link you entered on the link. Very strange.

enter image description here
enter image description here
If I go to site pages and click the URL there it goes to the link.
But I must have a card layout for highlighted content. The cards don’t have IDs so I can do any CSS to them. Is there any way to get a link to work like a link is supposed to work?

Fetching modern sharepoint page comments and likes count using search api

I can’t seem to find the correct managed property for both modern Comments Count & Likes Count at all as all managed property within schema returned 0 counts.
enter image description here

enter image description here

I would like to avoid additional query again just to get each items likes/comments count when querying news posts using search api.


boot – Create an El Capitan rescue USB using a Modern M1 Mac

I am trying to rescue my dad’s 2008 iMac. It is running Snow Leopard but the most recent OS it supports is El Capitan. It won’t boot past a spinning progress bar on a grey screen, and will not boot into Recovery Mode or Safe Mode.

It seems to me next step is to try a bootable USB stick. I am running into walls trying to make the stick from my own computer, which is an M1 MacBook Air running Big Sur.

An El Capitan .DMG is downloadable directly from the Apple Support page, which provides instructions on how to make a bootable volume, with a major caveat On a Mac that is compatible with El Capitan, open the disk image and run the installer within, named InstallMacOSX.pkg

I used a utility to extract the Install OS X El Capitan.app file from the .dmg and then ran the terminal command from that support page:

sudo /Applications/Install OS X El Capitan.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/MyUSBVolume --applicationpath /Applications/Install OS X El Capitan.app

But this yields /Applications/Install OS X El Capitan.app does not appear to be a valid OS installer application.
When I google this error some results indicate it is due to an expired file, but changing my system date to 2016 does not fix it. I assume the real problem is a system incompatibility.

Surely there is just an ISO I can get and write without all these hoops?s

Kohost – Modern Web Hosting & WHMCS Template | NulledTeam UnderGround

Kohost – Modern Web Hosting & WHMCS Template. Kohost is a powerful Easy to Use, Mobile friendly, Highly customizable SEO friendly template, built with the latest Bootstrap. It is perfect for any unique hosting, domains and reseller business company and empresse all of your clients and competitors. Highly customizable sections with multiple elements to use for any company providing web hosting, reseller hosting, clouds hosting…


sharepoint online – My Create & Edit list forms are rendering using the modern UI although we have customize them using Script Editor web part

We have migrated 3 custom lists from SP 2013 to classic team site inside SP online, now the 3 lists have the following main settings:-

  1. we have customized the list forms (Create & Edit) using Script Editor web parts, as follow:-

enter image description here

  1. for the list settings >> we define to render based on the site settings (which is to use modern UI):-

enter image description here

so now the expected behaviour is that the list views will render using the modern UI + But when we create/edit the list items the Create & Edit forms will render using the classic experience. Now this is working as expected for 2 lists. but is failing for the third list.. where on the third list the Create & Edit forms will render using the modern UI, although they have customized the forms using script editor web parts.. any advice on this?

malware – Do modern video game consoles sandbox games?

If for example there is a game, that is specifically designed to try to get control of your game console or to be able to provide the user of the game control over their system and somehow got onto the console’s respective official store (thus is easily install-able for a lot of people).

How much could it do? Are the games sand-boxed and are denied access to certain abilities? If so what are they denied? How many historical vulnerabilities have there been for such a thing?

Or is the game able to just do anything like ancient consoles could I think.

game design – When designing a medieval style Tabletop RPG, which style has proven more popular: historically accurate social views, or modern views?

“Modern,” by default, just because that describes at least some of D&D

D&D is not, and never has been, historically accurate, nor has it ever intended to be, or been claimed to be.

Sometimes—e.g. currently—D&D has embraced more progressive social causes of the era of publication, and other times—e.g. Gygax’s original writing—it has not particularly. But that isn’t the same as saying that it embraced a “historically-accurate style” whatever that means—it just means that it made no overt attempt to embrace contemporary progressive views. Gygax was trying to capture the feel of certain fantasy and Romance narratives, not history. He mostly just captured his own social views, which was fine from the perspective of being compatible with his goals and his claims. After all, Gygax’s conception of the game includes heavily authoritarian DMing styles, where the world should reflect whatever the DM wants. As the author of the game, that just makes him kind of the “ultimate DM” in a sense.

All of which is to say, simply, that “modern” sensibilities must win this debate by default—at least some editions of D&D, i.e. the current one, have explicitly embraced modern mores. No edition of D&D has been particularly historically-minded with respect to social mores.

So that means “modern” has at least some D&D in its column, and “historically accurate style” does not. And in terms of sales, “at least some of D&D” absolutely swamps literally the entirety of the non-D&D RPG industry.

Which is good, because if we didn’t have a default answer like this, we could not have an answer.

Is there a modern “x86″(64) assembly language resource (book/pdf/datasheet) with all AMD EPYC 7702 (or similar) instructions documented?

Back when I learned 6502, 6809, 8088, 80×86, and a few others – there was always a book that had the entire instruction set clearly documented.

Is there a modern equivalent for multi-core chips like the AMD EPYC 7702 ?

I’m wanting experiment with sophisticated multi-processing – mathematics specifically – so I’m hoping for something that lays out all the latest math-related op codes and anything about inter-core communications.