plugins – Ultimate Member Basedir/Baseurl modification problem

I’m trying to modify Ultimate Members plugin behaviour so I can upload files outside public website domain folder (usually www folder).

I’ve achieved it by modifying class-uploader.php in plugin’s folder, but that’s not optimal as changes will break at every plugin update.

I tried using um_upload_basedir_filter filter inside my child theme’s functions.php as stated in their docs but it isn’t working, as this successfully creates the intended folder but doesn’t uploads files there as requested, instead it does it inside the default upload/ultimatemember folder.

Any help will be appreciated!

Code example of what I’ve tried:

add_filter( 'um_upload_basedir_filter', 'custom_upload_basedir', 10, 1 );
function custom_upload_basedir( $basedir ) {
  return "NEW BASE PATH HERE";

customization – How to get the full product name by ignoring custom modification on it

I’ve added a filter to simplify product name on my shop page.
This is the code I use

add_filter('the_title', 'mod_product__title', 10, 2);
function mod_product__title($title, $id) {
    global $pagenow;
    if ( $pagenow != 'edit.php' && get_post_type( $id ) == 'product' ) {
        if(preg_match('/(^(:|.))*/', $title, $matches)){
            return trim($matches(0));
            return $title;
    return $title;

As you can see here on the home page
If you click on “Keith Sonnier” you will see his full product name only on the product page.

Problem is : when I use a button to share the page by mail (contact button on the product page), the name of the page is the one simplified by the previous custom code.

Currently, I use this code to get the name of the page on the email

add_shortcode( 'custom_mailto_title', 'custom_mailto_title' );

function custom_mailto_title( $atts ) {
    return esc_attr( get_the_title( get_the_ID() ) );

How Can I get the full name of the page with this button while keeping the product title simplified on the shop page?


If I have two cyberarms, do I need an additional modification to interact with AR?

I feel like this is a stupid question, but I cannot find this answer anywhere in the RAW.

If I have two cyberarms (whole or partial, doesn’t matter), do I need some kind of additional modification to interact with augmented reality?

javascript – Modification of the const array

I have the problem with tempOccupiedMonths

this.occupiedMonths = ();
for (let index = 0; index < this.startMonth; index++){
      for (let index = this.endMonth+1; index<=34; index++){
      const tempOccupiedMonths = this.occupiedMonths

For example, from January to March, tempOccupiedMonths = this.occupiedMonths = (3,4,5, ..., 34)

this.occupiedMonths.push(0, 1, 2);



I was still expecting tempOccupiedMonths (3,4,5, ..., 34) but tempOccupiedMonths = this.occupiedMonths = (0,1,2, ..., 34). Why is this and how I solve this problem. Thank you

continuous integration – Cloud Build: how to restrict the time of construction according to the modification of a directory?

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Magento2.3.3 – Configurable product modification time, the Size attribute does not remain selected

I found a problem on the product modification page in the default version of Magento 2.3.3.

I added 1 configurable product to the cart with Cut and Color attributes.

Once I click on the Edit link, I get to the product edit page, but the Cut the attribute did not stay selected only Color the attribute remains selected.

Has anyone corrected this?

enter description of image here

Modification of the hyperlink column according to InfoPath forms

I have a requirement from my client that is unlike anything I have done in SP. So I'm redesigning their change request system. I have created a form with multiple views in InfoPath that serve different purposes and will launch email notification workflows as the change request advances. So I have a column on my SP 2013 list titled "Actions". This column serves as a status update display for those viewing the list. Currently, when a user clicks on a new item, they are prompted to fill out the initial change request form and then submit it. It fills the list very well. However, the Actions column now indicates the next step to be taken, "Initial sorting". This is a view in my InfoPath form. I would like to make the contents of the Actions column "clickable" and redirect the user to the appropriate new form to fill out. By filling it out and submitting this form, the Actions column changes again and allows the user to move to the next form to fill out.

I know it's a bite, but can I make it happen? Any help would be incredible.

thank you,


Online modification or configuration modification on the same form

We create a form with default values ​​for which we need to go through several steps, and then modify it. so we look like something quick, so any online modification or modification of configuration options is possible for the web form

something like this picture online or fast editing type

plotting – Modification of the values ​​of the plotting axes

I had an equation in which I replaced two of my variables k and n with their logarithmic counterpart variables logk and logn as following :

eq = (Binomial(n, 2)*(3.97887*10^-10 Cos(200 k ArcSinh(50/k)))/
       Sqrt(1 + 2500/k^2) == -0.00003 // Rationalize) /. {n -> 
    10^logn, k -> 10^(-logk)}

Then I solved for one of the variables logn :

solk(logn_) := 
 logk /. NSolve({(1.9894350000000002`*^-10 10^logn (-1 + 10^logn) Cos(
          200 (10^-logk)* ArcSinh(5*10^2 (10^logk))))/
       Sqrt(1 + (25*10^2 10^(2 logk))) == -(3/10000), -65 < logk < 0},
     logk, Reals)((1))

And finally traced:

p1 = Plot(2.0*solk(logn), {logn, 0, 23}, 
  PlotRange ->All)

The plot I get has the values ​​of the y axes and x axes as the powers of 10 (since my log base is 10).

I just want to convert normal values, i.e. for example instead of showing 0,1,2,..,23 on the x-axis i would like to show 10^1, 10^2,..., 10^23 How can I do this?

The answer could be in one or the other of two formats: -

i) Actual conversion of x and y values ​​to decimal scale and display as such on the graph

ii) A simple re-labeling of the values ​​indicated on the axis.

It sounds trivial but I can't understand it!

Note: A small caveat is to note that I have values ​​that go up to 10^23 in the calculation and I can't just use k and n instead of logk and logn for some reason.

windows 10 – Detection of a modification in a log file and launching of a script when a modification is detected

I'm trying to write code (in batch / PowerShell) which will launch a batch script that I did (with the help of great people here) when a change is detected in a log file, I tried a few solutions, like this one, but it wouldn't correctly detect when the file was changed, which I think is due to its opening in the program itself ; connect to it. i found that

Get-content filename -Tail 0 -Wait

Powershell command that would correctly display any new changes added to the file, but I'm not sure I can use it to launch my other script. Here is this script if it helps

@echo off
copy foobar.log file.log /Y > NUL
echo Loading...>currentsong.txt
timeout /t 5 /nobreak > NUL
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
for /f tokens^=2^ delims^=^" %%a in (file.log) do (
  set "lastLine=%%~na"
echo %lastLine%>currentsong.txt

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!