formulas – Modify the information of the whole sheet according to the entry of a cell

I'm trying to create a function on a secondary sheet to monitor the blogs that generate the most traffic. Currently, my secondary sheet contains a formula that displays blogs that have more than 400 views and works: = QUERY ("Raw Data"! A3: AM, "Select * Where AF> 400)

However, I wish to modify this to allow me to simply write in A1 the view threshold I wish to see, which will dictate the entire worksheet without having to change the formula each time, but the formula I thought would work does not mean: = QUERY ("Raw Data"! A3: AM, "Select * Where AF> A1).

What am I doing wrong?

Modify cmd + c to copy the entire line

I want to change cmd + c so that when I press it, the copy of the entire line on which the cursor is currently placed is copied.

How can I accomplish this?

I want this configuration to be at the system level.

SQL Server – Create / Modify an SSIS Derived Column Task from Text / Code for Large ETLs

I need to insert a large UTF-8 encoded flat file on a 1252 encoded SQL Server. To do this, I use SSIS to cast each column. Is there a way, other than copy and paste in the 400 columns, to create / edit a derived column transformed from text / pragmatically? I can not use bulk insert. The PCA is an option, but I had a hard time making it work.

Side note:

This is for Salesforce replication on SQL Server. In addition to the preconfigured solutions DBAmp, Skyia, etc., I am open to other options. I need this to happen quickly because of the commercial requirements.

version control – as a manager, modify the default branch of a module provided on Gitlab

It turns out that this is a parameter of your version of the module page. Visit edit > default branch in the specific menu on the page of your module.

When creating this question, the 2012 documentation page (updated in 2015) is still close enough to be useful.

python 3.x – Why colorlistedmap does not work properly when I modify numpy array variables?

I have problems with this issue.

When I try to draw the scatterplot with ListedColormap, the following code is correct.

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import pandas as pd
from matplotlib.colors import ListedColormap
X_set = np.arange(20).reshape(10, 2)
y_set = np.array((1,1,0,1,1,0,1,1,0,1))
for i, j in enumerate(np.unique(y_set)):
    plt.scatter(X_set(y_set == j, 0), X_set(y_set == j, 1),
                c = ListedColormap(('blue', 'green'))(i), label = j)

Figure 1

However, when I changed the y_set table to

y_set = np.array((0,1,1,1,0,0,1,1,0,1))

It's like that
Figure 2

For some reason, it seems that ListedColormap no longer works.

Why does this happen?

Modify the registered element as soon as it is registered and access the modification form with a new identifier

we have the requirement below to be filled

we have a custom button that will save the form and redirect to allitems.aspx, but we need to save the item and access the edit form with the new item ID created

How can this be accomplished?

java – How to access an activity and modify its content by clicking on an element of the list?

I've created an activity with a list, and set its onItemClickListener to open another activity and pass it the item's position.
In this other activity, they have a text view whose content changes depending on the position of the element.
However, I can not retrieve the position of the article! See my desperate attempts:
// Get the position, but get fixed the second entry
int position = getIntent (). getIntExtra ("position", 0);
// Get a table, but when iterates, the application closes
int () position = getIntent (). getExtras ();
// In all the documents I've seen recommend this method, but it does not work on my idea
int position = getIntent (). getExtra ("position");
I hope someone can help me out.

java – Modify a String resource in string.xml from code

I am developing a quiz app in which I have a section where I can edit the questions asked. The problem is that the questions are stored in the strings.xml file. I know how to show what they have, but I have to record. the modified text in the same reference, example:
I have this reference in strings.xml

    Al pensar en su experiencia más reciente con NOMBRE EMPRESA, ¿cómo fue la calidad de servicio al cliente que recibió?

The idea is that in the same application you can change this string to change the name of the company, and when you see the quiz again, see the change.

Help me, gods of programming

views – Modify the query to join an inner join subquery on two fields

I know this question is asked many times (I found many), and each time it is slightly different. Most of the answers I have found are on Drupal 7 and I do not understand how to address this issue.

My basic problem
My basic problem is that I have nodes with one or more paragraphs. Each paragraph has a date field. I need each node only once in my result, but sorted by the first date to come.

Now it's not enough to group and aggregate according to the node ID and the min (date_field) of the paragraph, because I need the paragraph itself to be rendered.

Also note that my actual case is slightly more complex than what I describe here and that my Views query queries the paragraphs (looking up the node) instead of the other way around.

The necessary solution
I have tried several solutions, but I still can not make it work.

I've created an SQL query that gives the node IDs and dates I need. The subquery will generate two columns, call them "nest" and "field_date". For example:

nid    field_date
5      2019-10-10
10      2019-10-11
2      2019-10-12

My view is currently querying all paragraphs and joining the parent node. My opproach would be to modify the view-query and join my sub-query on both the "nest" and the "field_date", to keep only the paragraphs I want.

What I can not understand is:
– Can I just use my MySQL query or do I have to create a query object first?
– How can I join a subquery and join it in two columns (I only see examples where the join occurs on a single column)
– Does anyone know a good documentation or a good article explaining all this?

Any help would be very appreciated.