Can not tap the touchpad twice to highlight multiple words in macOS Mojave

In previous versions of OS X, I could "double tap" on the trackpad, then move my finger sideways or down to highlight / select text / multiple texts.

I can not duplicate this in the new Mojave MacOS. Previously, I would turn on System Preferences> Trackpad> "Tap to Click". Ideas?

mojave – Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 erases the thumbnail cache

I use it almost daily and I'm sure there are ways to reduce disk usage. I noticed that the thumbnail cache never erases. Is there a way to force regular removal of old thumbnails? I have manually removed more than 12GB of old thumbnails, before doing that, this application was taking up the most disk space of all.

Windows 10 installed on an external ssd with Mac Mojave: What happens to the activation of Windows if the external ssd is cleared / failed?

I've recently installed Windows 10 Edu on my external hard drive on my Mac Mojave via WinToUsb. So, when I hold down the Option key while booting, it allows me to choose to boot from my external hard drive on which Windows is installed.

I bought a valid Windows 10 Edu from onthehub and got a product key. I have activated the copy of Windows installed on my ssd with the given product key.

I know that Microsoft does not allow the installation of Windows on a USB drive. I have therefore understood that Windows can not be installed or updated with the help of SetUp.

My concern is about activation with the product key. If my external hard drive (on which Windows is installed) fails or is cleared, can I still transfer the license / product key to my new ssd, ssd formatted original, or internal ssd of my mac (with bootcamp)?

I've read solutions to problems in which users had to transfer their Windows license from their turned off laptop to a new computer by formatting the hard drive or disabling the product key. But in the case of Windows installed on an external hard drive, if it is erased, I will not have the option to disable my product key, right? But if I do not disable it for any reason, when I reinstall Windows 10 iso on my external ssd and I activate it with the product key I have, will not he tell me more later that this was enabled on more than one PC?

I read articles about how Microsoft now maintains a digital license on its server, which has a unique hash value of the hardware of the computer associated with the product key. According to what I've understood, some people claim that this is the case for all windows 10 ( -activation-rules-for-windows-10 /), but others say that this is the case only if the method of purchase falls under certain categories ( / how-activation-works-windows-10-digital-entitlement-vs-product-key /). According to that, I guess my purchase does not have a digital license, but I'm not sure.

Here are my questions:
1) If you have purchased a product key for Windows 10 (any edition), do you automatically get a digital license? Or do I have to register my product key on their website? Or does it not apply to my situation?

2) Moreover, since I installed via and on WinToUsb, a digital license will be associated with my Mac (because that's where my external drive started Windows and activated it) even if I installed on my external drive? If this is the case, if my external ssd file is erased and if I try to reinstall Windows 10 Edu, it will activate it automatically by reading the digital license as it is said on a normal Windows PC ? (I've read articles that said that if there was a major hardware change, such as a motherboard, then the digital license was going to be changed.So, I was guessing maybe what hard drive I'd I used it did not really matter – but that's just my guess!)

3) Would disabling the product key work with Windows installed on an external SSD via WindToUsb?

4) If the external ssd file is erased and I format it later, will the product key be automatically disabled from this external ssd file? Can I use the same product key on a new external ssd or the same external ssd that I currently use to install Windows?

5) Some people said that calling their phone activation center solves the problem. But in my case, I have installed on an external hard drive, which is technically forbidden by Microsoft. Will they let me use or transfer the product key in case the external ssd file is deleted?

6) For short, will I be able to reactivate my product key without problem after reinstalling Windows on a different external ssd with WinToUsb if my current external ssd with Windows 10 installed via WinToUsb is erased or crashed?

I have never asked a question to this community before, so please keep in mind if the format is incorrect or uncomfortable. I'm sorry my questions are everywhere!

mojave – Can an APFS volume be moved?

I have two APFS volumes on a disk. I wanted to reduce them to create a new volume for Bootcamp, but to reduce each of them left separate free space.

Is there a way to move the second volume forward or backward to combine the free space that I have created?

current layout of the score

How to disable "Always allow" in the parental control? MacBook Pro, Mojave 10.14.2

I used parental control to limit the opening of an application with the help of an administrator password. Recently, instead of clicking "Allow once" when entering the password to use the application, I clicked "Always allow". This will no longer allow me to limit the application. How can I fix this?

imac – The screen saver Mojave starts randomly

I have a new Mojave installation (10.14.1) on an iMac (Retina 5K, 27 inches, 2017). My screen saver is set to boot after 5 minutes. I have a hot corner set to start the screen saver.

I've noticed that periodically, the screen saver starts all by itself. This usually happens when I scroll through with the magic mouse. I'm definitely not hitting the hot corner.

Any suggestions as to why this happens and how to stop it?

mojave – Sound loop when starting the MacBook

I have a MacBook Air mid-2012 and it is looping on the boot sound, stuck on a white screen. I've formatted the ssd and installed the latest version of Mojave, but it stays looped at startup. I've also tried to reset PRAM and SMC but nothing has happened. I've tried to boot with this SSD on another MacBook and everything is fine.

xcode – Unable to compile the C program on a Mac after upgrading to Mojave (fatal error: stdio.h: no such file or directory)

According to Xcode 10 release notes, command-line tools look for system headers in the default SDK. However, it is possible that some software packages do not build properly with the SDK and require the installation of macOS headers in the base system. / usr / include. One solution is to update your project to use the SDK or to create a bug report for problems that prevent you from doing so. They also said "As a workaround, an additional package is provided that will install the headers on the base system, this package will no longer be provided in a future release."

Therefore, I tried to go for it /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/Packages/macOS_SDK_headers_for_macOS_10.14.pkg

But I do not find it.

DorothydeMacBook: dorothy Desktop $ cd /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/Packages/macOS_SDK_headers_for_macOS_10.14.pkg
-bash: cd: /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/Packages/macOS_SDK_headers_for_macOS_10.14.pkg: Not a directory

DorothydeMacBook: Dorothy's Office $ find ~ inname "macOS_SDK_headers_for_macOS_10.14.pkg"
find: ~ innamemacOS_SDK_headers_for_macOS_10.14.pkg: No such file or directory
DorothydeMacBook: Dorothy's Office $ 

Then I tried to install it using homebrew.

DorothydeMacBook: dorothy desktop $ brew install macOS_SDK_headers_for_macOS_10.14.pkg

However, I had this.

Error: No formula available with the name "macos_sdk_headers_for_macos_10.14.pkg"

At this point, I do not know how to access the "Macos_sdk_headers_for_macos_10.14.pkg"

By the way, I wonder what is the relationship between Xcode and command line tools. I think I have installed a lot of CLT, so I do not know which CLT I use. How to check it? And how can I delete the unnecessary clt (I only want an updated clt in my mac)? More importantly, how can I change the default MAC terminal clt by the clt I want to use?

mojave – The external drive (Thunderbolt 2) continues to read-only randomly

I'm using macOS 10.14.2 on a Mac mini 2018. I have an Akitio box, connected to the Mac via a Thunderbolt 2<->3 adapter. At random, one of the discs in the speaker becomes read-only (the other discs go well). I do not know where to start to solve this problem. This is also happening on my Mac Pro 2013 under High Sierra.

mojave – Desktop files are displayed in a command line shell but not in the Finder

I'm using the iCloud drive. I have some HEIC files on my desktop that I converted to jpg format with the help of a simple automation script. After conversion, .jp files do not appear anywhere in the Finder or on the desktop. In the Finder, .HEIC files are always in the Desktop folder of the iCloud drive.

However, when I go to ~ / Office, there are no HEIC files. I see converted JPGs, though.

In command line, if I do it tap test.txt the file does not appear in the Finder but in the shell. However, if I create a new folder using the Finder, it appears in the shell directory as well as on the desktop.

What is going on? It's infuriating.