Why is there no default keyboard shortcut to maximize the current window on macOS Mojave?

I am very used to doing things using keyboard shortcuts. Recently, I went from Windows to Mac and the functionality of optimizing the current window on Mac I really miss it.

I looked for a solution and found that we needed to add keyboard shortcuts or use third-party tools to achieve this.

However, I was just curious to understand why such a "basic / often used" feature does not have a shortcut assigned by default?

Bootcamp installation problem (Windows 10 on Mojave)

I'm trying to install Windows 10 on my non-Retina MBP mid-2012. He previously had a Windows 7 bootcamp that I had to delete manually by deleting his partition via Disk Utility.

I'm trying to install via a USB stick and my ISO Windows is the Pro version 1809. I've also updated my macOS to version 10.14.3.

The problem is that when I open Boot Camp Assistant, the window is different from anything I've seen on youtube because it does not show the disk with a slider to allow me to determine the size of the Bootcamp partition that I wish, after choosing the ISO and USB key, goes directly to the download of the drivers and after that it says that the work is done and has not restarted automatically.

And when I restarted, it did not automatically switch to Windows configuration. The second time, I pressed the Option key, but I had three options: a Macintosh HD and the other two (with yellow USB icons) were EFI Setup and Windows. The installer and as it was not normal, I decided not to install it this way, assuming that the Windows installer will not have a partition available on macOS.

What should I do now?

Thank you

high sierra – Disk disappears when upgrading to Mojave, error ppm002

I am on High Sierra, MacBook Pro, 2017. For some reason, it would not finish connecting me and turning off the laptop today.

What I have tried so far:
First aid says that everything is fine, while giving the error "ppm002" in the diagnoses. I'm trying to move to Mojave in the hope that it fixes the problem. When you choose a disk to install and after entering the password, the disk disappears from the menu of choice and I can not proceed with the installation.

Ideas? I would be happy if there is a way to back up the SSD information.

to install – Download Mojave on a non-Mojave compatible computer

I want to perform a new installation (and SSD upgrade) of Mojave on a mac-mini currently running Mojave, but whose performance is so disappointing that it is barely usable.1. Easy .. Just download Mojave and create a bootable installer and I leave for the races.

However, the system that I want to use to create the boot installation program can not run Mojave (see the previous question), and when I will download the installer from the I / O. App Store, Apple m with a message saying:

We could not finish your purchase.

This version of macOS 10.14.3 can not be installed on this computer.

Is there a way around this limitation? I do not try to install Mojave, just download it on a running system.

  1. And I have reviewed all the standard controls and I do not see anything that can cause the situation. But it seems that many people suffer from inexplicable slowdowns. This new installation and new SSD drive are designed as a hail, Mary. And at $ 70 for a 500GB Mushkin SSD, that's a no-brainer.

ichat – macOS Mojave Reinstall Old Message Client

I used the chat client on Mac with Jabber for the internal chat at the office and they have surprisingly removed this feature from Mojave. Now, iMessage is only for iPhone messages.

Since then, I have tried other clients who, to be honest, are horrible. Is it possible to return to old messages?

A Mac Mini headless server remains stuck (not SSH compatible) after reboot (macOS Mojave)

When I restart a Mac Mini headless server that runs macOS Mojave with a sudo reboot, it becomes non ssh -able. The same thing happens if a "wrong monitor" HDMI display emulator is connected. This happens consistently with several Mac Mini machines. Interestingly, a "hard reboot" (holding down the power button until the machine turns off and on again) allows the host to come back online. even without having to plug in a monitor.

Also, this problem does not occur if an actual monitor is plugged in – in this case, the machine reboots correctly and returns online.

bootable disk – How to create a custom bootable macOS Mojave 10.14 boot volume?

5 or 10 years ago, it was common to create .iso or customizable .dmg images on OS X and burn them to a CD or DVD, mainly for data recovery on hard disk. A few articles from this era described in detail the process of customizing OS X to allow it to start successfully and to have a complete GUI in read-only mode.

With the decline of CD / DVD burning in general, I have not found much information about creating custom, bootable, read-only MacOS Mojave installations.

Here's what I want:

  • A fully functioning macOS Mojave startup disk (not an installer) on a read-only hard disk or USB stick. (I have a real read-only USB drive capable.)

  • I want to be able to log in normally, use the Finder normally, and launch basic applications such as TextEdit or a third-party hard disk recovery tool.

In my tests so far, I've tried using Carbon Copy Cloner to clone my normal boot drive to my special configurable USB reader for read / write + read / read only.

In normal R / W mode, the USB drive starts as expected, until the desktop / finder.

When I set up the USB drive to R / O (read-only), the same macOS 10.14 configuration starts to boot, but about 10% of the startup progress bar's path (before any login prompt of the boot) user is not displayed), the Mac (a 2018 MacBook Pro) simply turns off without warning.

Any advice, suggestions or guidance on online guides for this to work?

macbook – How to correct the problem of Bluetooth sound quality after updating Mojave?

After updating Mojave, my Bluetooth headset looks terrible and smothered. After testing several Bluetooth devices, I was able to diagnose that it was not the hardware. After research, I found:

but after testing the above, the problem has not been solved and search on the site with queries:

I did not see that asked. Is there a way to repair or fix the sound problem with Bluetooth devices in Mojave?

Winding lines around the dock and windows in Mojave


I am currently facing this problem (see photo above). It started after the upgrade to Mojave and it appears in dark and clear mode.

mojave – Clicking and dragging will not give focus to the Finder window

Lately, I noticed that my machine seemed a bit slow or insensitive to click events. For example, when you use Chrome or anything, and then click a Finder window in the background, it took me 2 or 3 attempts before this window became active.

Just today, I realized that it is "my" fault. Very often, when I click on an unfocused Finder window, I do it quickly and without focus. I can reproduce this behavior now by click + drag. Even the slightest slippage when you click makes this possible. I do not think it's like that in previous versions and I think it's wrong.

In short, Finder windows do not get focus when you click and drag. I do not have an older Mac to test now. Am I going crazy or behaving differently?

Is there a setting I can change to go back?