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Hello everyone! I present ConvertLink, a content monetization tool that turns all direct links into affiliate links. Our tool brings together over 30,000 brands from all over the world from the niches of beauty, travel, e-commerce and online services.
How it works: You install a code on your site that converts all links, including custom ones, into affiliate ones, and you start receiving a commission for every order made from your platform. You are not looking for advertisers yourself or manually creating affiliate links. Moreover, when connecting to a specific advertiser, the site does not pass moderation, but only during the initial registration.

On average, content sites make $ 553 per month with no effort.

One of our webmasters made $ 15K with the tool in 10 months.

Registration by link:


Google AdSense, YouTube Monetization, Review Process Explained | Forum Promotion

Hamassous HQ Youtube Monetization Services (Subscribers Watch Hours…. )

WatchTime Hours : ( 15$ per 1000 Hours )
1000 Hours : 15$
2000 Hours : 30$

Views : ( 2$ per 1000 )
500 Views : 1$
1000 Views : 2$
2000 Views : 4$

Subscribers : ( 10$ per 1000 )
1000 subs : 10$
2000 subs : 20$

Comments Costume : ( 10$ per 1000 )
1000 comments : 10$
2000 comments : 20$

Likes : ( 1.5$ per 1000 )
1000 Likes : 1.5$
2000 Likes : 3$

Taking BTC and Other Cryptos as Payement For NOW

Fast Delivery

For More Information PM me…

Hamassous HQ Youtube Monetization Services (Subscribers Watch Hours…. )

Notifadz by Adrenalead- A New Revenue from website traffic monetization

Hello forum friends!
We present you Notifadz by Adrenalead-a great alternative for website publishers. We are the first advertising platform of Web Push Notifications that gives great opportunities to the publishers to monetize their website or blog in programmatic advertising and preserve the quality of the content.

Let’s discover Web Push Notifications!

For the start, it is important to note that unlike other advertisements that you display on your website, our web push notifications are broadcasted directly on the device of the internet user. It means that the ad campaigns have no association with your website. The user doesn’t need to browse the website to see the ad campaigns; he just needs an internet connection, and voilà, he receives the ads on his device. This ad format works without third party cookies.

The most important features

  • Programmatic advertising! Among other push notifications ad networks Notifadz by Adrenalead is the only web push ad network to be connected to programmatic advertising platforms such as Criteo, Taboola, Quantum, etc. Working with them is based on an automated buying model and on a real time bidding.
  • The quality of ad campaigns! We cooperate with first class advertisers providing the users high- quality ad campaigns of the following niches: travelling, cars, mode, education…
  • Sending personalized messages to your readers! You can benefit from our own Web Push Notification SaaS Platform and send your own notifications (articles/ news of your website) to your subscribers for free. This will help you to recurrent traffic, legitimate the advertising and increase your revenue.
  • AdBlocks Free! One of the most important points that we offer you is that ad blockers do not interfere with the subscription request or the receipt of notifications. You can therefore reach 100% of your audience!
  • Easy programmatic integration! Get started in less than 10 minutes. All you have to do is to integrate a subscriber collection script on your site. This script allows you to customize the opt-in request to reach 15% of subscribers on average.
  • RevShare model starting from 50%! Your commissions are <50% of the turnover generated by your subscribers.
  • 100% GDPR-Ready Ad format! It collects the prior and explicit consent of the internet user.

Additional information about us

  • More than 200 partners
  • Over 1 billion Web Push Notifications sent per month
  • Access to the top 500 Advertisers on the market
  • Monetization of partners’ audience in more than 30 countries around the world.

Adrenalead fully understands that being a webmaster means dealing with a number of difficulties while monetizing your website that’s why we developed Notifadz platform and provide you with ultra-precise tools to pilot and adjust your Web Push Notifications campaigns, in real time, to make them a real new growth lever for your online business.

Sign up here and start driving additional revenues ! – 12 years in download traffic monetization | NewProxyLists

Hello, my name is Alex and Im working at for last 6 years. Network is working for 12+ years.

We are professionals in monetizing mainstream download traffic. With us you can monetize website, doorway, media buy traffic. We monetize all countries, devices.

Our ads formats are: download buttons, popup, and we have also native ads format.

Payment terms: net-15 / hold-15, biweekly payments starting on 1st and 16th of each month.

Payment methods: Webmoney, Bitcoin, PayPal, Payoneer, Capitalist, Wire.

We have api statistics option, Postback integration. Also all publishers get panel for tracking stats, payments and chat with support team.

Have download traffic? PM us now to earn best:

Telegram: @datacash


GET – Matt Par – Tube Mastery and Monetization | NewProxyLists

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Matt Par – Tube Mastery and Monetization


Introducing Tube Mastery and Monetization
Tube Mastery and Monetization teaches how to start, grow, and monetize a hyper-profitable YouTube channel from complete scratch.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any tech skills or any previous business experience. Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program.

Module 1: Overview of The Blueprint
The 3 Stages To YouTube
Beta Phase: Choosing a niche and planning your content
Intermediate Phase: Uploading 33 videos
Scaling Phase: Outsourcing the work

Module 2: Choosing a Niche
Ways of Going About YouTube
The Best High CPM Niches
Doing Market Research
BONUS: List of 100+ Profitable Niches

Module 3: Setting Up Your Channel For Success
The 33 Rule and how to use it
The Best YouTube Tool Ever Made
My Secret SEO Keyword Process
Planning Your Content Strategy

Module 4: Uploading Videos
Anatomy of a Viral Video
How to Systematize Your Videos
Where to Find FREE Content
How to Edit Videos for Free
Making High Click-Through-Rate Thumbnails

Module 5: The Growth Module
Understanding YouTube Analytics and The Algorithm
How to Truly Go Viral on YouTube: Breaking the BIGGEST myths and misconceptions and laying down some truth.
The Best Time of Day to Upload

Module 6: The Monetization Module
How to Make More Money Than Most YouTubers
The Many Ways of Monetizing Your Channel
My Personal Favorite Way of Making Money Utilizing YouTube

Module 7: Scaling Your Channel
Hiring One Person to Do All The Content Creation
?Making a Video Creation Assembly Line
BONUS: Fill In The Blank Scripts for Finding and Hiring Employees



Sell – Monetization Enabled YouTube Channel | NewProxyLists

Hello darlings.

I am selling my Pornhub account monetized with subscriber (member / fan) and cash balance.

My profile rank is rising and the number of views.

Profile has member paying (fans) and subscribers.
It has paid videos, free and exclusive for fans The intention is to sell the profile that has already been accepted by the PH and another person to use it without having to expose their data to the PH or go through the bureaucracy to be verified and monetized.

The package includes the PH account, manyvids . com, twitter, instagram and all the verification and account recovery emails.

PS: I can sell my paypal account too.

Unfortunately I can’t continue with **** and I need the money.

Any doubt and question can call me at DM I will answer all.


Vitoria e Dave Casal – Profile – ManyVids​

Connect With Your Fantasy – Amateur ****, XXX vids, Clipsite, Adult vids, Camgirls, Sexy Girls

monetization – How were old mobile games (J2ME/MIDP/JAR) monetized? (2000s era)

When I was in school, me and my friends were just exchanging *.jar files via IrDA and Bluetooth.
However now I realize, that old phone games were of high quality and whole studios stood behind them.
What was the “official” way of getting a game to your old mobile phone? How did mobile game developers get their revenue those days?

Mobile App Monetization Strategy: 9 Models To Choose From

A medical mobile app should complement the overall business goals of the app’s owners. It’s best to integrate a mobile app monetization strategies at the beginning rather than force one when your app is already built and functioning with an active user base. An app’s optimal monetization model highly depends on its business logic and concept.

monetization – What are pros & cons of naming in game currency a standard name vs a gimmick?

We’re creating a store and going to add an in game currency. We did a poll and Tokens & Sheep were the top options selected by the players.

I personally think Sheep would be more fun like a barter system as well as it is an in game resource as you may know from the Settlers of Catan (my game

I know that has Golden Bread and has Potato as in game currency.

Are there any other such examples? What are the pros cons of such naming?

I don’t know any big games which do such a thing.

Thank you for the insights.