Youtube monetization: marketing channel from $ 1 / day to $ 100 / day


I'm calling Leon Tran, I've been a member of DigitalPoint for quite some time now and I've been successful in some areas (Clickbank Affiliate, ebay powerseller and built a mailing list of 20,000 subscribers).

I like to try different things to make money online.

Currently, my internet marketing channel (1620 subscribers) has finally been monetized:

The first day I won $ 1, it's been a week and now I earn $ 5 / day on average with 500 views per day, see here if you like

My channel is to provide me with tutorials on everything related to internet marketing.
* No matter who can do it!

Goals for this trip on Youtube
# 1 Get up to 10,000 subscribers
# 2 Earn $ 100 / day on Youtube Adsense
# 3 * OBJECTIVE BONUS. Make $ 100 more a day from partner reviews

How to achieve these goals?
Publish videos * almost every day. Keep promoting the channel everywhere and as much as possible. I do not have a timetable to achieve these goals. But for sure, posting videos in a consistent way is the key to success!

Subscribe to this thread and follow my trip on youtube (subscribe too :) while I publish earnings results on video and here on my progress and other ways to make money online.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to let me know. Thank you for viewing [​IMG]"data-url ="


What did most people do with their website? I want to know as an average to see how things are going. Seeing that it is quite difficult to make money with a website.

Monetization Forums? | Promotion Forum

Farmer diviner said:

Okay, I guess my forums will just not work if that's what you say.

I'm not saying that it's impossible, but Proboards is a much more difficult platform to monetize. The biggest problem is that Proboards has this policy that charges you x views, which many other hosts do not do.

If the main purpose of these forums is to make money, they will not work, although there are other ways, like paid subscriptions, but these usually come into play on a great forum.

I may be wrong, but that is what seems to be the case.

Official – – monetization of links, sponsorship program

Hello everyone.
I would like to introduce the offer offered by offers the possibility of shortening long links to a shorter version. It makes it easy to share links on the Internet, whether you have your own website, blog, forum, or simply post a link online. In addition, if you register an account on, you will benefit from every link you publish. When a user clicks on the shortened link, an advertisement appears and you receive 80% of what the advertiser pays. The more users use your link, the more money you will earn.

What makes us different from our competitors?

  • high rates – our margin does not exceed 20% and so we can offer competitive CPM rates for directed traffic. You can find the current rates here:
  • daily withdrawals – we do not keep your money. The collected means are added after checking the quality of the traffic, which takes about 48 hours. After this time, you can withdraw your money.
  • the minimum withdrawal amount is only $ 5
  • a simple operation of the service and focus on the most important functions

Additional functions:

  • a partnership program – you can win on all recommended users. We pay 20% of the profits of each recommended user. The offer is not limited in time.
  • publisher tools – we have prepared some simple and useful tools that will help you make the most of the links.
  • "Mass shrinker" – the tool that can shorten 20 links at the same time.
  • & # 39; JS Page Script & # 39; – a simple tool that allows to integrate the website, the blog or the forum with All you have to do is paste the generated JS code before closing the tag ''And your links will be automatically served by
  • "API" – a simple mechanism to shorten any link on a website, forum, blog or application.

A flawless stay

If you have any questions, comments or ideas about, write them in this thread, on a FB fan page or via a contact form on .

zPush – monetization of push notifications

Hi everybody! Happy to show you a new platform for monetizing push notifications –

Main benefits for webmasters:

  • We cover more than 230 countries – all users will be monetized
  • payments – We can pay by Webmoney, ePayments, PayPal every day.
  • High CPM – we have a new "smart" rotation of ads and a large number of advertisers.
  • We have the opportunity to monetize http sites.
  • Reminder program – 3%
  • Minimum payment – $ 10

[​IMG] live: zpushbiz
[​IMG] Telegram: @zpushbiz


android – Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Monetization

I have therefore recently noticed how FreeTime Unlimited is great for my daughter. There is no advertising, no in-app purchases, and so on. She can just play games / apps and I do not have to worry about them.

As a development, I think this might be an interesting avenue, but there are a few things that I can not for all my life not be able to get logical support / Amazon forums to logically answer.

Thus, according to their information, the applications are thoroughly examined to verify that they are content adapted to children, which is excellent. In addition, you can not use web views, ads, or in-app purchases.

My question is: How developers are monetizing these applications? Clearly, they do not just give their work for free? The only logical answer I can guess, is that it uses the Amazon Underground computing system which is to make money based on the time that the user goes into the application / the game.

Does anyone have real experience or information about it? As I said, I have contacted many people at Amazon and I continue to follow the thread of discussions by showing me the same useless link.

Monetization Coach (Writing / Email Lists / Product Alignment)

Hello DTM community,

I am a novice, but I am an experienced web designer and SEO specialist. I have a WordPress site that ranks well for several key terms in the niche of health and wellness. It's a blog style website with articles on various topics related to wellness.

Right now, I'm promoting a few products from Clickbank, MaxBounty and Share-a-Sale. I also have a large list of Mail Chimp emails that I do NOT use at all.

I am looking for someone who can provide ideas / comments on my writing and product alignment. I would like to develop a better monetization strategy for my site. I need ideas on how to use my mailing list and possibly set up advertisements.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I am looking for a professional that several members here could endorse. I would like to pay hourly for Skype consultation services (or other teleconferencing platforms).

Sorry in advance if this is not the right forum for this kind of application.

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mobile – Is there a tool for defining monetization levels and strategy?

I build a mobile game, I have created all the assets and the main game, the game is to kill enemies on a map, unlock new levels and heroes, earn virtual money and gems in completing levels.

Now that it's time to design multiple levels with a monetization strategy using virtual money and gems, the levels must be progressive in terms of toughness. The player must therefore constantly upgrade his hero and, after a certain level, he must change heroes (buy a new hero, which is more powerful and has better improvements)

So, is there a tool to enter currencies, levels, etc.? virtual? This will give us an idea of ​​how we should design the overall strategy.

Looking for a Flash game monetization without the need to download FLA files, a recommendation?

I've created tons of flash games a long time ago, but unfortunately, I've lost most fla files. I only have swf files with me. So, I'm looking for a Flash game monetization service that only requires me to download a swf file to start making money, recommendations? Thank you for your recommendation, very appreciated! :RE