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When it comes to monetizing apps, Admob is one of the most popular option to chose from (it is more of AdSense for mobile apps) but one issue is that admob and some other high paying mobile ad network seems to dislike apps that are not available on playstore. Please does anyone have any alternative especially for a app in the GPT niche?

Am considering creaiting a customized ads using something like AdSense e.g create a page with AdSense ads and load that page via a webview on ad request. My main problem with this approach is that i don’t know if AdSense like this, also getting a legit AdSense account for this will be a problem.
Any suggestions?

[TH] Monetize | NulledTeam UnderGround

Figuring out how to create revenue from your forum can be a challenge. We’ve combined some of the tools you need to simplify monetizing your forum. Display your user upgrades at the right time, in the right place, to the right users in an appealing…


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Get enough traffic then monetize your website through selling ad space, affiliate marketing, accepting donations, or selling your own stuff.
For placing ads on your website you can apply for Google adsense, Media.net or infolinks
For affiliate marketing you can sign up for MyLead or ShareASale
For accepting donations or membership you can make a donate button on PayPal or Buy Me a Coffee then place them on your website, and for membership you can sign up for Patreon.
You can also sell your own stuffs like eBooks, Movies, Games or other digital products directly to your website. Selling Physical Products is also good like cosmetics, supplements, gadgets, clothes, tools (depending on your website’s niche)

Always do your own research, there’s a lot of programs and sites you can choose to apply monetization for your website.


How To Monetize Telemedicine Apps

App monetization is probably one of the most important things we can talk about when it comes to telemedicine app development. App owners look into different revenue streams to find their perfect model. But the tricky thing about choosing the right monetization strategy is that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, especially in the healthcare niche. What works for others may not work for you.

No worries! We’ve prepared a guide that breaks down app monetization strategies by looking at some of the most popular names on the telemedicine market. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

Tricky site to monetize, any ideas?

I have a website with around 400 unique visitors and 4,000 pageviews per day and growing, but I’m having a hard time monetizing it. Google Adsense won’t accept the site, I have applied three times and gotten the same rejection three times that there is not enough content. I have plenty of content and adding, but still they reject it.

Here are some insights about the visitors:
90% female
90% coming from Facebook
80% mobile traffic
90% are returning visitors
The site is not in English.

So basically the same 400-500 people keep coming back every day and looking through 8-12 pages.

I can’t think of anything good besides Adsense. Or maybe you know of any other advertising programs that pay per click and allow iternational traffic? Tried propeller ads, but had to take it down in a matter of hours when I started getting complaints from my visitors about their spammy ads.


❓ASK – How to monetize a new tech & gaming youtube channel and site | NewProxyLists

I’d personally set up a website (not blogspot) put content on there and affiliate ads, ad networks (you may or may not get approved for Adsense but there are many other networks if not) as well – many choices

Try and create a kind of brand, you didn’t mention if you use social media (which is a pain in the ar**) but pushing traffic to money sources from Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc is still good – just don’t get bogged down with the usual social media rubbish.

I’d also mirror your content on sites like Minds and Odyssey/Lbry – not as many subscribers or views but you can still earn a little crypto/tokens with small numbers in the hopes that you reach the Youtube requirements mentioned above. Also the token smay be useful in the future – I’d rather have some than not.

Good luck

Easiest way to monetize your adult content:billing, subscriptions, video uploads | NewProxyLists

Adult web system 2.5 – Easy tube – The easiest way, how to publish materials!

Have you recorded a high quality video? Have you taken interesting pictures? Do you have enough adult material and would you like to sell it? Are you already familiar with web programming? Do you want to avoid implementing a payment gateway? Do you want to have a simple, well-arranged website and sell the materials easily? Without worries?

Click Here for more details: https://www.mydreams.cz/en/adulthosting-plans/adult-web-system.html

The “Adult web” service pack is exactly what you need. Within the package, you will receive a complete web solution where you can easily upload up to 4K (Ultra-HD) videos and album photos. We will customize the responsive template to make the web match your content. We will create a payment gateway and link it to the site. We will make you familiar with the terms and payments of the payment gateway.

MyDreams innovations s.r.o. is a company that has been operating in the field of hosting services since 2004. First as a self-employed person and now as a company. MyDreams team members are people with many years of experience in hosting, web design and web development.

Adult web system features:

  • You can upload videos on the web in Full-HD or Ultra-HD quality.
  • Full-HD stream and Ultra-HD download.
  • All uploaded videos are automatically converted to Full-HD quality web format.

Package Parameters:

  • Server with sufficient performance and space for your data
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Responsive graphic template
  • Your company logo
  • Ultra-HD download
  • Full-HD stream
  • Full videos
  • Trailers
  • Main trailer
  • Category
  • Models
  • Photogallery with albums
  • Paid Section gallery
  • Paid Section videos
  • Admin Section
  • Client Section
  • Tariff settings
  • Text settings
  • Setting SEO parameters
  • No-recruiting membership
  • Recruiting membership
  • Payment card – VISA and MasterCard
  • Bank transfer EUR, USD, CZK
  • Bitcoin payment
  • Ability to set publication restrictions to some countries
  • Admin interface in English or Czech

Package price:
The price of “Adult Web system” package consists of a one-time price and a year-long administration of the server.

One time:
20 000 CZK/930 USD
– Creating a graphic template. Establishment and connection to the payment gateway

  • Server with sufficient performance and unlimited data transmission
  • Server Administration
  • 500 USD Mastercard fee, or you can use the MyDreams ccBill subaccount without having to pay a MasterCard fee.
  • ccbill

References (Demo):
If you have any questions, you are free to CONTACT US! Based on the information, we will be able to propose a suitable server with sufficient performance.

Adult services are also just services. We will process your request professionally and discreetly.


Monetize old blackhat forum traffic?

Hey guys i got in my possesion a nice domain which used to run an old blackhat forum and i want to monetize it,
any ideas?

it has around 1.5-2k monthly traffic.

monetize ios

I want to monetize my ios traffic, where to attach it?