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Signs of diabetes in our body

An infection, blurred vision, scarring or sudden weight gain are all signs of the diabetes Anh Tu suffered from and died from. After a period of fighting diabetes, on December 20, popular artist Anh Tu, director of the Vietnam Theater, passed away.

Diabetes is also called diabetes mellitus. This disease belongs to the group of disorders of carbohydrate metabolism when the pancreatic hormone insulin of the pancreas fails or reduces the impact in the body.

The disease usually progresses in silence, without symptoms, recognizing diabetes clearly and easily overlooked by patients. However, the disease also presents with signs to identify and early warning:

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Signs identify diabetes Thirst, frequent urination

According to experts, if you urinate more than usual, accompanied by thirst, dry mouth, you probably have diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

Signs identify diabetes Frequent fatigue

Because people with diabetes have trouble absorbing glucose, diabetics often lack energy, which often makes them tired and depressed. It is also one of the remarkable manifestations of this disease.

Signs identify diabetes Slow scars

Normally, open wounds take a reasonable time to heal. However, people with diabetes do not.

According to experts, people suffering from this disease due to high blood sugar damage the arteries and veins, so their wounds are generally slower to heal than normal people.

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Signs of Diabetes Hunger, intestinal distress

People with diabetes often have unstable blood insulin levels, cells won't have enough energy to function daily, so experts say people with diabetes are often hungry , are voracious. , very upset gut.

Symptoms Recognize Increase Diabetes, Unusually Lose Weight

As mentioned above, people with diabetes do not have the option of using insulin, so their body will have troubles, weight loss or uncontrolled weight gain.

Signs of Diabetes Numbness in Hands and Feet

Diabetes can affect the nerves of the body, causing a tingling sensation, pain or inflammation of the extremities, very uncomfortable.

Signs identify diabetes Reduce vision

For people with diabetes, their vision is more affected by high blood sugar, which causes discoloration of their eyes. Even without treatment, a person can completely lose their sight.

Signs identify diabetes infections

In sugar-rich environments, bacteria, viruses and fungi will be more likely to function. People with diabetes are therefore more likely to get infections, skin fungus, vaginal yeast infection and urinary tract infections.

To proactively prevent diabetes, you can refer to the following methods:

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Exercise regularly: exercise for diabetics is very necessary, it will be a positive factor to help reduce cardiovascular risk, control blood sugar and HbA1c in muscle. be. With each patient will have different different exercises to ensure compliance with the medical condition and adaptability, the state of the body. Some exercises you can refer to:

– Cycling: helps the heart and lungs to become healthier and function better because cycling improves blood flow to the feet, reducing the complications of the disease.

– Yoga: reduce fat, improve nervous functions, help the body to relax, effectively relieve stress.

– Walking, jogging: some studies show that when you walk for about 35 minutes a day, the risk of diabetes is reduced by 80%,

– Swimming: no pressure on the joints, significantly reducing blood sugar.

It is important for the patient to maintain regular exercise habits. Also increase the intensity of the exercises, from light exercises to heavier exercises of moderate intensity and to exercises of high intensity.

– Eat a healthy diet

Nutrition plays an important role in the treatment and control of HbA1c, preventing and delaying the onset of dangerous complications of the disease. You should follow a healthy diet, full of nutrients and energy for the body. Pay special attention to foods containing elemental ingredients 5-ALA, one of the factors. essential in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, as well as to prevent complications caused by metabolic syndrome. Let's fight together.


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