Obtaining a UK Visitor visa for a disabled student’s mother as live-in assistant

I am from Iran. I am a Master’s student at City university of London. Although my student visa is approved, I am still in my country because I have a physical disability called Cerebral Palsy, and I cannot travel and live alone. I applied for a visitor visa for my mother to come to the UK temporarily and make the required arrangements with a nursing company. However, her visa has been refused yesterday.

Her refusal letter:
refusal letter p. 1
refusal letter p. 2
refusal letter p. 3
How can I arrange for my mother to be able to accompany and help me?

domain – Server mother board down without no backup

Two day ago I had power outage whitch burn my hp ml110 g5 motherboard, after check my hard drive is fine fortunately. Now i want to get back my server and domaine controller and need your advise. Can i buy a hp ml30 g9 and juste replace hard drive trying boot with. Sorry I’m not very good in server administration
Thanks for helps

I’m 16, I’m stuck outside of Australia with an expired Australian passport and my mother is refusing to give me my valid one. What can I do?

My parents are divorced and still in a custody battle over my sister and I so we need signatures from both of them for me to get a passport. We got a passport earlier this year but because my dad isn’t in Australia they couldn’t give it to him so they gave it to my mum. Now she’s refusing to give me my passport. I’ve got recordings of her saying she won’t give it to me. Is there anything I can do to get my passport so I can come back home? I do have an Afghan passport but my Aussie passport and afghan passport are under different names. What can I do? Please help. I want to go home.

dnd 5e – A PC in Curse of Strahd is cursed by Mother Night and eats a dream pastry. What happens?

A PC in Curse of Strahd has the opportunity to be cursed by Mother Night, at which point they are

haunted by horrible dreams every night lasting from dusk until dawn…A creature cursed in this way gains no benefit from finishing a short or long rest at night (resting during the day works normally, since the curse is dormant from dawn to dusk).

On the other hand, a PC who eats a dream pastry

must succeed on a DC 16 Constitution saving throw or fall into a trance that lasts for 1d4 + 4 hours, during which time the creature is incapacitated and has a speed of 0 feet. The trance ends if the affected creature takes any damage or if someone else uses an action to shake the creature out of its stupor.
While in the trance, the creature dreams of being in some joyous place, far removed from the evils of the world.

As luck would have it, one of the PCs in my current CoS campaign has been cursed, although he has not yet slept. He is also the only PC to have previously eaten a dream pastry. If he realizes the effects of the curse and decides to counteract it with a dream pastry, what would happen?

schengen – Belgian mother of a American child, want to travel to USA thru Paris airport, to see her bf/child dad

Good morning,

I’m Belgian, my bf active duty US military, our daughter have dual citizenship, Belgian birth certificate, Birth abroad certificate, US and Belgian passport.
I would travel on ESTA, I need to reapply for it since it expired in April.
To be short we qualify in the exceptions from the White House proclamation of travel ban.

“Sec. 2. Scope of Suspension and Limitation on Entry.
(a) Section 1 of this proclamation shall not apply to:
(iii) any alien who is the parent or legal guardian of a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, provided that the U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident is unmarried and under the age of 21;”

I can’t travel to US from Belgium, government forbid travel to USA unless it’s for funerals or caring for a dying family member.
As I wanna take the less risks, I would like to fly from Paris CDG, France to Dallas, Fort Worth, USA, American Airlines have a straight flight.

American Airlines, United Airlines both told me that since I qualify with the White House proclamation exemptions, I would be able to board, if I bring the birth certificate, my bf passport as well as my daughter passport.

CBP confirmed on the phone that I could go to USA straight.

I called Paris Airport, the French Border Police told me that I would have no issue to board if I qualify, problem the Police officer I got on the line didn’t want to send me an email as proof of what he was saying… He didn’t want to give me the PAF email either…

I’m stuck here between, booking for 2.100 € of train and plane tickets and get to the airport with my 2 years and 9 months old and not booking a regret it.
I’m so scared to be denied boarding and have to crush my daughter’s hope of seeing her dad, she is getting excited everytime she see a plane, saying she will go see her dad soon, she is getting excited everytime I pack a small bag, thinking she is going to see her dad.

I really need to find a real answer, does anybody have PAF email address ? Is there any way I can be sure to board that plane ?

Thanks you to anyone who will even read that long ass post.

covid 19 – Extend USA B2 Tourist Visa (for My Mother) stay under COVID19 + Flight ban situation

My Mother (63 yrs) is currently visiting me from India on B2 visa.
Now her I94 is valid till Sept 15 this year (visa is 10 yrs). Due to COVID19 India has flight ban imposed, and till now we dont have dates when the flights are going to resume. So I can see there is an option for requesting stay extension by filing a I539 with documents supported and I131 as I (son) will be her sponsor for stay and all expenses. We are looking for a stay request extension for max couple of months.
Now the questions are –

  1. How long it takes to get a decision (approval or rejection) in such cases ?
  2. What is the best time to file the extension request considering we have still 60+ days till the I94 expire in Sept 15.?
  3. If I file now, and we get rejection of extension of stay (before the current I94 expires), do my mother need to leave immediately or she can stay till the current I94 date (which is Sept 15)?
  4. If we get the rejection after I94 has expired (Sept 15), how many days she will have to leave the country? Does she accrues out of status in this case? and does the B2 visa (10 yrs validity) gets void as well?
  5. Last case – we file extension, we don’t get any decision quickly, but she leaves before getting the decision (approval or rejection, say she leaves at October end). In this case is she good in status, means no out of status and visa void?

What to do if my 90 years old mother has to go back to Peru and the country is still not safe to be there due to the covid-19 pandemia

My Peruvian 90 years old mother has a valid visa up to 2023. Her stay in ending June 19 of this year 2020.If she applies for extension of stay I-539 and the extension is denied OR if the extension of stay ia approved but ends and it is not safe to go back to Peru. What should we do? Even if a repatriation flight were available to go back to Peru. Can she apply for an humanitarian case? In other words If she has to go back to Peru when the country is still not safe. and there is nobody that can take care of her in Peru. Can she apply as an humanitarian case. Or what should we do? any ideas?


brazil – I’m Brazilian and moved to the UK 10 years ago with my mother. We are both with our UK Citizen vida

I was only 16 years old when I moved from Brazil to the Uk with my mother. My sister was already 18 years old and our lawyer couldn’t get a visa for her because she was already classified as a adult.
At the time we were advised to wait into she could come as a student and apply for a family visa because of my mother and I having a visa. it could be easier or maybe not if law doesn’t change.
I would like a advise on these situation, please. Is there any chance for my sister to have a visa and live with her family in the UK?

dnd 5e – what off-spring would result from a High elf mother and a Shadar-kai elf father?

Rules-as-written, they must pick one subrace of elf.

Rules-based answer: Pick one or the other.

According to Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes, the shadar-kai are a subrace of elf. This excludes half-elf and human as possible offspring. A half-elf is defined as the offspring of an elf and a human, while a human is a different race from elf entirely.

There are no specific rules for the offspring of two different subraces of elves. However, Player’s Handbook, p.23, defines the following rule for playing an elf:

Ancient divides among the elven people resulted in three main subraces: high elves, wood elves, and dark elves, who are commonly called drow. Choose one of these subraces.

Mordenainen’s Tome of Foes additionally adds three subraces:

At the DM’s discretion, you have access to more sub-races for elf characters, in addition to the subraces in the Player’s Handbook. When you choose the subrace of your elf, you can choose one of the following options: eladrin, sea elf, or shadar-kai.

Rules-as-written, then, the player must pick either the statistics of a high elf or a shadar-kai elf. Anything else, such as some homebrew mix of the two, must be ruled upon by the DM.

Lore answer: Canonically undefined

The lore of the shadar-kai as elves is thus far restricted to Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes. This is because shadar-kai were not canonically elves prior to 5th edition. They were described in 4th edition as humanlike, rather than elves.

In other words, the description of the shadar-kai in Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes is the sole source of lore on that race as regards their offspring with a high elf. That work does not define any such offspring, meaning that it is undefined.

Instagram Growth – Mother / Child Growth Configuration Jarvee

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Instagram Growth – Mother / Child Growth Configuration Jarvee