mouse – Is the redragon m601 good for drag clicking?

So, I am thinking of getting a better gaming mouse under 20$ which could get me good cps. This is as I would like to learn breezily, and godbridging in minecraft bedwars.

I have currently seen only redragon phaser m609 and m601, and I have seen some youtube tutorials on how to drag click on m601, but I am unsure that if this is my best choice. If anyone could recommend me a better mouse, it would be really helpful.

Also, I don’t know if I can ask these type of questions here, if I can’t, then please tell me where can I, and I will ask this question there.

I live in India, and I am okay with price range of under 2000 inr. Also, I would prefer mice present on Amazon/Flipkart.

c++ – How to a select a single 3D object out of multiple objects using mouse click and move it using mouse drag in OpenGL

I am rendering multiple 3d objects on the screen but i want to select one particular object by clicking on it and then move it using mouse drag but i cant figure it how to do it because on clicking on the screen all i get is the 2D coordinates of the mouse pointer

I am new to OpenGl Plsss help

About mouse guard

Questions, firstly, what does +1s mean? I still do not understand how weapons benefit the player using them. Secondly, wouldn’t all players be better off with a low Nature score? what are the benefits of a high nature score? And finally, how can we homebrew other creatures like hares and hawks to be playable critters? Also, how can we add magic? I just added Arcana to either replace one starting skill or it can be learned.

Magic Mouse 2 productivity – Ask Different

I’m a regular user.I often need to leave only the left button of Magic Mouse 2 active ,now I do it in the usual way:I go to the system preferences,and disable unnecessary options.It takes ten clicks, which is a lot ((.How to do it in one or two clicks, you can give an example in the Automator or another solution.

mouse – MacOS Big Sur: animated cursors sticking

I’ve noticed recently that animated cursors are sticking (screenshot cursor with x:y cordinates, spinning beach ball, arrow with blue spinner, etc.)

I’ve tried adjusting cursor sizing in system prefs > accessibility > display, but this makes no difference.

It’s only just recently happened after upgrading to Big Sur 11.3

Jammed Thumb Mouse Buttons (Gaming Mouse)

My mouse’s side buttons no longer work. I’ve tried using a screwdriver but cannot figure out why they will not click anymore.

Is there any working straight or reflected mouse cursor theme?

OK, it’s clear that mouse cursor has it’s shape by historical reasons. But since 1995, didn’t anybody make usable straight or reflected mouse cursor? MS Word uses reflected mouse cursor sometimes. But it’s really weird that even searching for straight cursor theme just answers why the cursor is not straight and nothing more.

java – 2D Isometric Movement – Straight Line to Mouse Position

I’m developing a 2d isometric game on a engine made by myself (as a way to practice Java), however i’m stuck on what it seems to be a math problem, since I’m very bad at it. I can’t figure out to get the angle and change the X and Y velocity based on the angle.

I wish I could have some help on how to implement a 360 degree movement system based on Mouse Position, but the character should move in a straight line, based on the mouse angle relative to the center of the screen (where the player will be). The screen itself should work like a compass, and where the mouse clicks on it, the character should walk on said angle.

Example, my native resolution is 512×288. Center point is 256×144. So, If I click in in the coordinate of X = 256 and Y is 0~144, the character should walk on a perfect stright line upwards. If Y is 145~288, then, a perfect line downwards.

Any help is welcome!

Edit: The camera is always fixed on the character, so it will always render on the middle of screen.

enter image description here

javascript – How do I draw lines in a grid using a mouse?

I need advice on how to make an event and draw mouse lines in the grid. Somehow I can’t do it so I can draw straight lines in a grid. But I still have a grid, I don’t know how to fix a drawing error. I am adding my Javascript code below. My mouse drawing event doesn’t work, it doesn’t draw me at all.

JS code for grid:

;(function () {
        let canvas, ctx, mouse
        class Mouse {
          constructor (ctx, x = 0, y = 0) {
            this.x = x
            this.y = y
            this.ctx = ctx
          set pos (evt) {
            const canvasDimensions = canvas.getBoundingClientRect()
            this.x = Math.floor(evt.clientX - canvasDimensions.left)
            this.y = Math.floor(evt.clientY -
            const { x, y, ctx } = this
            const txt = `X: ${x}, Y: ${y}`
            ctx.font = '16px Poppins'
            const offsetX = x < canvas.width / 2 ? 15 : -ctx.measureText(txt).width - 15
            const offsetY = y < canvas.height / 2 ? 20 : -13
            ctx.fillText(txt, this.x + offsetX, this.y + offsetY)
        class Line {
          constructor (color, lineWidth, startX, startY, endX, endY) {
            this.color = color
            this.lineWidth = lineWidth
            this.startX = startX
            this.startY = startY
            this.endX = endX
            this.endY = endY
          draw (ctx) {
            const { color, lineWidth, startX, startY, endX, endY } = this
            ctx.strokeStyle = color
            ctx.lineWidth = lineWidth
            ctx.moveTo(startX, startY)
            ctx.lineTo(endX, endY)
        class Grid {
          constructor (
            color = 'black', lineWidth = 0.25, step = 25,
            boldNth = 5, boldColor = 'black', boldWidth = 0.25
          ) {
            this.color = color
            this.lineWidth = lineWidth
            this.step = step
            this.boldNth = boldNth
            this.boldColor = boldColor
            this.boldWidth = boldWidth
            this.lines = null
          createLines () {
            const {
              color, lineWidth, step,
              boldNth, boldColor, boldWidth
            } = this
            const lines = ()
            const div = boldNth * step
            for (let x = 0; x < canvas.width; x += step) {
              const isNth = x % div === 0
                  ? new Line(boldColor, boldWidth, x, 0, x, canvas.height)
                  : new Line(color, lineWidth, x, 0, x, canvas.height)
            for (let y = 0; y < canvas.height; y += step) {
              const isNth = y % div === 0
                  ? new Line(boldColor, boldWidth, 0, y, canvas.width, y)
                  : new Line(color, lineWidth, 0, y, canvas.width, y)
            this.lines = lines
          drawText (ctx) {
            const { step, boldNth, boldColor } = this
            ctx.font = '16px Poppins'
            ctx.fillStyle = boldColor
            ctx.fillText('0', 1, 15)
            for (let x = step * boldNth; x < canvas.width; x += step * boldNth) {
              ctx.fillText(x, x, 15)
            for (let y = step * boldNth; y < canvas.height; y += step * boldNth) {
              ctx.fillText(y, 0, y + 15)
          draw (ctx) {
            if (!this.lines) this.createLines()
            this.lines.forEach(line => line.draw(ctx))
        function init () {
          canvas = document.getElementById('Canvas')
          ctx = canvas.getContext('2d')
          mouse = new Mouse(ctx)
          const grid = new Grid('black', 0.25, 50, 1)
          canvas.addEventListener('mousemove', (evt) => {
            ctx.clearRect(0, 0, canvas.width, canvas.height)
            mouse.pos = evt
          canvas.addEventListener('mouse:down', function(o){
            isDown = true;
            var pointer = canvas.getPointer(o.e);
            var points = ( pointer.x, pointer.y, pointer.x, pointer.y );
            line = new fabric.Line(points, {
            strokeWidth: 5,
            fill: 'red',
            stroke: 'red',
            originX: 'center',
            originY: 'center'
        canvas.addEventListener('mouse:move', function(o){
          if (!isDown) return;
          var pointer = canvas.getPointer(o.e);
          line.set({ x2: pointer.x, y2: pointer.y });
          canvas.on('mouse:up', function(o){
          isDown = false;
        document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', init)

windows – How to make it such that WIN+B doesn’t snap your mouse to the notification tray?

Whenever you use win+b to hotkey to the notification tray (system tray), it’ll snap your mouse to whatever you hit enter or space to “select” that icon.

This actually messes up subsequent win+b selection as the highlight event will key in to where your mouse’s current position is, making full-keyboard navigation impossible. Solutions?