consistency – Inconsistency with a UI framework that changes its visual design – when and how to move away from it in the Enterprise?

I design internal web tools for a company, and we use Vue and Vuetify on the front-end. I use a material design plugin with Sketch and have created our own beginnings of a design system/style guide that follows our brand guidelines with our own colors. Otherwise we generally adhere to Material Design. Vuetify is great for our dev team to make UIs quickly, but with each new version it seems like they update the visual design of components. This makes UIs with different versions inconsistent.

I’m wondering if other in-house design teams are doing something similar, primarily using an open-source UI framework that changes their visual design with additional versions? At what point do you push your dev team to move away from said framework or stop at a certain version to keep UIs visually consistent as we continue to build sections of our internal product with consistency in mind? The dev team likes new components and niceties of newer versions though.

Hoping to get some advice on what to do about this – thank you.

dnd 5e – What happens when you have a creature grappled and use the Bait and Switch Maneuver to move 5 feet away from the creature?

The Bait and Switch Maneuver (Battlemaster Fighter feature):

Bait and Switch. When you’re within 5 feet of a creature on your turn, you can expend one superiority die and switch places with that creature, provided you spend at least 5 feet of movement and the creature is willing and isn’t incapacitated. This movement doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks.

Roll the superiority die. Until the start of your next turn, you or the other creature (your choice) gains a bonus to AC equal to the number rolled.

Does it just break your grapple since the creature is outside your reach? Does this count as “Moving a Grappled Target” and the creature you’re grappling moves 5 feet with you?

Or does this count as the latter, but since your speed is halved, and the maneuver only allows you to move 5 feet, your speed is 2.5 feet, and if playing on a grid, actually cannot move?

dnd 5e – What happens when you have a creature grappled and use the Bait and Switch to move 5 feet away from the creature?

You can choose to bring the grappled creature with you, but it takes 10 feet of movement.

Bait and Switch says:

When you’re within 5 feet of a creature on your turn, you can expend one superiority die and switch places with that creature, provided you spend at least 5 feet of movement

When you use Bait and Switch, you are using your available movement, so the rules for using it apply, that is, bringing a creature with you costs twice as much movement.

On a 5 foot grid, since you cannot move only 2.5 feet, you must move 5 feet, which costs 10 feet of movement when bringing a grappled creature along.

Excel: how to move “answers” rows into under column “questions”?

How do I move answers from other column to same question under another column, can any one guide the exact formula to achieve this? See example below what needs to be achieved as shown in picture.

Excel to move coloumn

magento2.3 – PHP: How to move an array element with an unknown key to end?

<?php $array = array(array
        "value" => 4,
        "label" => "red",
        "value" => 5,
        "label" => "pink",
        "value" => 6,
        "label" => "blue",
        "value" => 7,
        "label" => "yellow",
        "value" => 8,
        "label" => "white",
        "value" => 9,
        "label" => "black",

foreach ($array as $key => $val) {
    if ($val("label") == 'blue') {
        $item = $array($key);
        array_push($array, $item);


$val(“label”) change it on your need


https – Websites not working on IOS after server move (only affecting sites with SSL)

I’m most of the way through moving from one server to another. Servers are more or less the same, newer one has a newer version of Plesk.

Everything has gone very smoothly BUT now I check on Safari or Chrome on IOS none of the sites running SSL are working. (I use Lets Encrypt).

I thought this might be a local problem but I just checked Analytics and Safari stats have gone off a cliff for my sites. Other browsers are working fine.
I did see a message briefly along the lines of “unable to parse”.

My initial thoughts were that it was a DNS caching issue. My TTLs were set quite high. I figured that even if the site was still up and running on the old server this might cause an issue with the SSL certificate. I’ve tried to clear the cache on the iPhone but this hasn’t helped.

Am at something of a loss as to what to try next.

How would a turn based RPG game store move information in a reusable way?

Suppose I create a turn based RPG in the veins of Pokémon, with a lot of moves and abilities, that would have elements of hand made code, in cases for special effects after a successful attack or status effect, for example, a status buff every turn, or an automatic attack every turn (think rollout or outrage from Pokémon).

def move_name():
    do_primary_effect()//damage, status effect
    do_secondary_effect()//on hit effects, side-effects,
    //delayed buffs/debuffs, setting next move, i.e. rollout, etc.
    set_flags()//flags like invulnerability from moves like dig, fly, etc.

Now suppose I wanted to make this game open source and allowed people to make their own builds/rebuilds or online versions, where they might use a different language. How can I program my moves/abilities in such a way that it can be interpreted by any compiler, regardless of language, so that there is no re-coding moves for different languages?

tldr; how would I go about a format for moves/abilities such that it is compiler independent(might be the wrong word, but means can be read and translated). Now I’m not asking for a direct answer, though those are greatly appreciated, I’m talking mostly about how such a format would look like, so real life examples for existing videogames are greatly appreciated. I’ve heard my friend say that Pokémon does this with a data structure, so data structures are also appreciated.

barrier(synergy like app) on windows 10 not allowing mouse to move to linux

So I installed this barrier app as i would like to share my windows 10 mouse and keybard to my ubuntu machine, but when everything is connected and on the same network(wouldn’t even connect when on different networks) the mouse wouldn’t move to the linux machine. note this is when the windows machine is the server and the linux machine the client.

I also tried the reverse with the linux machine as the server and it worked great.

I cannot figure out why it won’t work.

I actually thought the app was the issue and tried the synergy basic but the result was the same. thank you.

unity – How to use only mouse to move player?

I’m developing a web-app with Unity.

Instead using ‘classic’ keyboard WASD + Mouse , i would like to use only mouse to move my player, using left-click and move “toward” mouse cursor position, and also allow mouse look movement .

Any tips how to do that ?