Can I move the alt menu to the top bar?

I was wondering if I could move the menu that appears when I click the Alt key on the top bar. I know it sounds stupid but I do not want it to take up space on my window.

php – how to put the sidebar to move with the scroll of the mouse?

Template I use: (

As you can see on the link, the sidebar goes down and the page stays in braco in this part … I want to put an independent scroll for each part, I've already tried everything in css, but i've always given a bug …


Thank you

Do you want to get out of LA. Where to move?

I'm tired of the operations of Psychz. Power outages and network problems are killing. Want to move but not able to decide … | Read the rest of

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Move a hard drive from one PC to another?

i want to install the hard drive from my old desktop that has win 7 installed in my new desktop that has a ssd with win 10 i just want to copy games and files and then i would definitely format it. If I have just plugged it into the new motherboard, I will face boot problems if so, what should I do, thanks.

The player does not move easily when I try to follow the position between the cursor and the player. 2D unit

When the player moves, moving the camera gives the impression that the camera is teleporting to the player and then again after recharging. I want to get things done smoothly.

Next code camera:

Private update void ()
Vector3 position = GetFollowingPoint ();
position = new Vector3 (
Mathf.Clamp (position.x,
Bounds.bounds.min.x + Camera.orthographicSize * Screen.width / Screen.height,
Bounds.bounds.max.x - Camera.orthographicSize * Screen.width / Screen.height),
Mathf.Clamp (position.y,
Bounds.bounds.min.y + Camera.orthographicSize,
Bounds.bounds.max.y - Camera.orthographicSize),

transform.position = position;

GetFollowingPoint ():

return Player.transform.position + (cursor.transform.position - Player.transform.position) / 3;

customization – Woocommerce – Move the page title under the header image on the product pages

I'm trying to style the shop page of my woocommerce setup to make it more appealing than at the moment.

I have different categories of products that I want to display on their own page (toilets, showers, etc.) that I know to be able to use with a filter, but what I would really like, is it's power assign a header for a page in the store.

For now, the default value is set to display the title in the header image, as shown below.

store page

How can I change this so that the text is placed under the header image?

I use the theme 'The7'.

Any help greatly appreciated, thank you

dnd 5th – How far does a creature have to move for abilities that trigger after charging an opponent?

Some creatures with extra ability are attached to their attack if they move a certain distance to their opponent before attacking. Take the example of the Gorgon, it has the ability to Tramble Charge:

Trampling load. If the gorgon moves straight at least 20 feet to a creature and then hits it with a bloody attack on the same turn, that target must make a Force 16 save or be knocked out. If the target is tilted, the gorgon can perform an attack with his hooves against it as a bonus action.

When it says 20 feet in a straight line to an opponent, how much should it be right? Should the last 20 feet of movement of the creature be in the same direction? Or is a movement model like East, Southeast, East or Southeast considered to have been moved directly from 20 feet to an opponent?

5th dnd – Can not you really move between the grapples?

Yes, you can, but you must remember the sequence of events.

Okay so let's go through the grappling process:

First, an attack on the weapon is made, if it beats the target's AC, it's a shot. However, as we want to grip, we have instead chosen to replace the attack with a special weapon by a melee attack, the grappling hook. The word "replace" is important because it implies that we must have made an attack, otherwise nothing would replace, we would simply manufacturing The melee special attack does not replace another attack.

So then, you must make an attack for then replace with a special melee attack, such as a push or a grappling hook.

For reference, here are the rules on grappling:

When you want to catch a creature or fight it, you can use the Attack action to launch a special melee attack, a grappling hook. If you are able to make multiple attacks with the attacking action, this attack replaces one of them.

This means that we first make an attack with the weapon. When we want to grip ourselves, we replace the Attack with a special Melee Attack (the Grapple). Then we make another Attack weapon. When we want to push, we replace the Attack weapon with a special melee attack (thrust). As with every step, we first created the Attack weapon before replacing it, the rule always applying, allowing us to move during the attacks.

c # – Unity 2d Animation from spritesheet: How can I move the character according to the animation?

I'm trying to implement an attack animation that should eventually move the player some distance.
The animation would look like this:

enter the description of the image here

As you can see, the player's position should be different at the end of the animation, but I do not know how to do it. I've tried using the root movement. However, even if, in the animation component, I set "Apply root movement" to true, when I click on the animation itself, there is no option to allow Use the root movement. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the animation is obtained from a spritesheet and not from editing software such as Spine or DragonBones?
Anyway, is there any other way to update, by script or by the animation window, the character's position after the animation?