process – closing processes using / home to move / home to a new drive

I'm moving my / home from one drive to another new drive. I'm doing it from tty3 as root.

I've used sudo mv's / home & # 39; & # 39; / old_home & # 39; but this indicates that the device or resource is busy.

I tried to kill the process by accessing the files in / home but kill the PID and killall [command] does not close the processes

dnd 5th – Can a character or monster move an enemy into another space within reach without dragging him?

The rules for "grappling", specifically the "Moving a Grapple Target" section of the PHB (page 195), are as follows:

When you move, you can drag or drag the creature you're dealing with, but your speed is halved unless the creature is half the size of you

I was wondering if monsters like the Death Kiss (VGM page 124), which can attack creatures at hand (in this case, 15 feet) can move a creature caught from a space within its reach to another space within reach, without dragging it. Is it possible?

dnd 5th – How much can a grappling hook with the range move a creature within its range?

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mac – can not move files in the root user's desktop

I logged in as a root user so I could extract all the files of all the users in a folder, and then transfer them to an external hard drive. I had no problem moving files to the root user's desktop, but trying to move, copy or even delete files from the desktop will result in the display of a dialog box "move to prepare" that shows no progress, even when you are trying to simply move an empty test folder. I think this may be due to an error in the permissions because the root user's desktop is in / macintosh hd / private / var / root / desktop / and the private folder is hidden. How can I work around this problem?

reference request – What happens when the head is in the leftmost cell and that an infinite time asks the Turing machine to move the head to the left?

I'm looking for articles with an explicit answer to the following question:

What happens when the head is placed in the leftmost cell and that an infinite time asks the Turing machine to move the head to the left?

The article "Theory of Infinite Time Calculable Models" contains the following succinct note:

The calculation stops only when the stop the state is explicitly obtained and, in this case, the output is the one that is written on the output tape. (If the head falls off the tape, no output is given.)

Does this mean that we can introduce a special program? Fault that occurs if the head falls off the tape, stops the calculation in exactly the same way as stop done but we have to ignore all the programs that reach the Fault State?

The article "The computing forces of Turing machines in infinite time on α-tape" contains the following information:

When the device is prompted to move the head to an undefined location, its default position is $ C_0 $. This occurs when a left move instruction occurs while the head is on a boundary ordinal cell because there is no "next cell left" determined in such cases.

I'm not sure that the notion of limit ordinal cell here includes the leftmost ($ 0-th) cell, but in all cases, the model of $ alpha $The Turing bands described in this document differ from the original model. This document is therefore not entirely relevant.

The first part of my question is: does anyone know of any other documents dealing with the problem? (I remember very well reading a detailed view of the problem in a document a few years ago, but for some strange reason, I can not find this document now.)

The second part of my question is: can we simply replace the instruction "move your head to the left" with the instruction "do not move your head" in such situations? That is, if the head is in the leftmost cell and the current instruction is "move the head to the left and go to the state $ s_i $", The machine does not move the head at all, but goes into state $ s_i $. Does such a solution in any way affect the computing power of Turing machines in infinite time?

How to move a forced client workspace to another location

I created a client on my local computer (for example: / usr / disk1 / pclient). I need to move the synced files to another location / disk (for example: / usr / disk2 / pclient), without breaking the perforce link (the p4 client should not be changed). How can I do that?

Move existing photos from the facebook group to a new album with the group

As the title says. I added photos posted in a group to add to an album. However, I do not see the possibility of doing it, something I miss?

Copy / move UNIX files in the same directory preserving the timestamp

Here is the scenario. There are several files in a directory created by users belonging to the same Unix group.

Unix Group: Prod.
User in the Unix Prod group: User1 User2 User3.

All 3 users have the same privileges.

Scenario 1
If user3 wants to become the owner of the files created by user1 and user2 preserving the timestamp, what is the command that the user3 has to execute?

Scenario 2
Can the user copy / move the same file in the same directory preserving the timestamp? What is the order for that?

Scenario 3:
I have tried the touch control for the file created by User1. The property is changed, but the timestamp is also updated. Is it possible that the timestamp remains the same with the help of the touch control?

Thank you.

g Suite Administrator – How can I replace the default Google Calendar settings for users so that they can edit and move meetings between our rooms?

Within our organization, we have four conference rooms currently configured as resources via GSuite for Business.

One of these rooms has become the recruiting / interview room. I would like to give our recruiting team priority access to this room, with the following basic rules:

  • If the room is not reserved, any user should be able to book it for an event.
  • If the room is reserved for an event, Recruitment should be able to modify the details of the event and move it to another room.
  • Other users should not be able to move or edit default events.

We have already configured where the rooms are configured as resources. We have also added calendaring to all rooms where "Make Changes and Manage Sharing" access is enabled. However, while they are able to see events they are not able to move an event in another room.

Someone has thoughts?

move Ubuntu HD to a new computer

Is it possible to move a fully functional internal startup hard drive from a computer, install it in a new computer and have it recognize all new hardware? Is there anything that should / could be done to ensure success?