migration – How to move users with homes encrypted using ecryptfs to new system instance (the same distro)?

From this topic I learned how to move users to new system (just copy etc/passwd,shadow,group,gshadow). I tried it on debian buster. And it turned out that in my case, it doesn’t work correctly. I suppose it may be connected with the fact, that some user’s homes are encrypted using ecryptfs. I copied the mentioned files, mounted the original /home location in the new system but after this operation graphical session stucks on black screen with cursor instead of showing login screen.
On the other hand, I’m able to login as user with encrypted home on text console. Encrypted home is mounted and everything looks OK. Is it indeed connected to ecryptfs? What else should I copy, besides 4 mentioned files, to fully migrate?

magento2 – Move paper buttons from minicart to checkout step 2 under the Paypal payment button

When I turned on the paper on the site, they added paper buttons to me in the mini-cart.
enter image description here

Tell me how to move these buttons under the button on the checkout step 2.
There are a PayPal payment method and a process to checkout button.
I want these buttons to be under it with this button, how to implement it?

objective c – Presented view controller gets dismissed if i move my application to background and then come to foreground in iOS

I had a requirement to cover the screen with black layout when the user moves the application to the background applicationDidEnterBackground in order to maintain the privacy of some sensitive datas on the screen. So for this i made use of AppDelegate function to present with a black color in background and then remove that by dismissing it when comes to foreground applicationDidEnterBackground. The code is:

#import "AppDelegate.h"

@interface AppDelegate ()


@implementation AppDelegate

- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions {
    // Override point for customization after application launch.
    return YES;

- (void)applicationDidEnterBackground:(UIApplication *)application {
    UIViewController *blankViewController = (UIViewController new);
    blankViewController.view.backgroundColor = (UIColor blackColor);
    (self.window makeKeyAndVisible);
    (self.window.rootViewController presentViewController:blankViewController animated:NO completion:NULL);

- (void)applicationWillEnterForeground:(UIApplication *)application {
    (self.window.rootViewController dismissViewControllerAnimated:false completion:nil);


Now in my application everything is working fine but in one screen i am presenting a ViewContollerB on a button click by using : (vc presentViewController:webview animated:YES completion:nil); The application as usually gets covered with black color when moving to background but when i take the application to foreground after this, then the presented ViewContollerB also gets dismissed . How to prevent my presented ViewController to get dismissed once coming from background?

Move to pagination with URL parameters

I can not find the way to use URL parameters to define pagination pages /posts?page=2 instead of the conventional WordPress way /posts/page/2/

The goal is to make WordPress change the way it manages pagination, without breaking the website that is using the conventional WordPress permalinks format


and change the pagination to


I am happy also with this variant:


if necessary.

❕NEWS – Nigeria move to regulate Crypto currencies and other digital payment. | NewProxyLists

News update available from primetime news Nigeria as stated that the data collated by chainnalysis on 2020 global Crypto currencies adoption index, Nigerla is ranked to be competing with countries like US, Ukraine, Kenya, China and Russia where Crypto currencies adoption us very significant.

This has prompted the Security exchange commission to Nigeria to encourage the Crypto currency market on ethical and efficient trading acitivites.
The commission is to regulate all innovations, hinged on safety market deepening and provides solutions to problems.

This is signal that Nigeria is on the track to legalise Crypto currencies fully soon.

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partitioning – Is it safe to move unallocated space over boot partition in dual boot

I am trying to move unused space from my windows installation (/dev/nvme0n1p3) to my manjaro root partition (/dev/nvme0n1p8) using GParted. GParted image of my system’s partitions. To move the unallocated space there it must move past the manjaro boot partition. When trying to do so I get this warning informing me that moving the boot partition might render the system unable to boot. In my research I found information regarding moving past the swap-partition, but not much regarding the boot partition. My question is if this is a somewhat safe or stupid thing to do. Is it perhaps better to instead do a full manjaro re-installation some time in the future and then include the unallocated space instead?

product – Magento 1.9: I need to move the Pincode checker extension above Add to cart button

I am developing the website called cravestore.in. I want to move my Pincode Checker extension above the add to card image like image#2. I was able to do that from inspect element but I can’t find the exact file where I can do changes. Also, I have searched file using template path hints but I can’t find the exact path or file. Attached are the screenshots. Also I want to know how do I know the exact source of the file I am editing in inspect console of Google Chrome.

enter image description here
enter image description here

Excel 2013 Move PowerPivot data into normal excel sheet

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My friend is a Bulgarian citizen and he wants to move to Norway

For an Bulgarian**** citizen moving to Norway what is the requirement