dnd 3.5e – Does the snow song spell move with me once cast?

Where the snow song spell effect to move with the caster, the spell would likely have header entries like those of the Sor / Wiz level 6 spell antimagic field (conj) (PH 200) and be, instead, an emanation: "An emanation spell works like an exploded spell, except that the effect continues to radiate from the point of origin for the duration of the spell" ((PH 175). the snow song spell effect do not an emanation and has no special rules saying otherwise, so its effect stays where it was placed like most other non-emanation effects that don't otherwise specify.

In other words, the level 6 bard spell snow song (e VOC) (Frostburn 105) creates a stationary area. Although the spell area is measured from the caster, like the similar 1st level Sor / Wiz obscuring mist (conj) (Player Manual 258) and the extremely similar level 6 bard spell funeral song (e VOC) (Spellbook 65), the snow song the spell effect is stationary.

To be clear, the snow song The description of the spell begins with the following:

When you cast the spell, you must designate all creatures in the area as allies or enemies. ((Fr 105)

And it ends with this:

These advantages remain in place as long as the spell persists and as long as the target remains in the area of ​​the spell. Yes a creature leaves the spell area, all effects end for this creature until it returns to the snow songThe area of. ((ibid.)

(Emphasizes mine.) It goes without saying that spellcasters generally refer to themselves as allies and tend to want to stay in that area. (Its stillness also explains why this guide lists the snow song spell as a medium spell choice for the typical bard.)

Note: While the mist the description of the spell says that its effect "is stationary once created", this reader assumes that this recall is due to the status of the spell as a 1st level spell, its clarification just there so that new players to the spell do not ; do not need to consult these rules. Because of its Range the entry of a DM can decide that a caster can assign spells like obscuring mist and snow song with the Complete Arcane feat Persistent Spell (81) (see, for example, here; in such cases, the effects would remain for 24 hours where they were launched, completely still.

career – How to move from Android development to game development?

I am a super Sr Android developer (since 2009) with a passion for video games. I graduated from CS in 2008, tried to get into the gaming industry and was unlucky. I ended up making Android and I stayed with it. Now, I would like to pursue my original passion and break into the game industry, but the problem is that I have no professional experience, and my experience in game programming is limited to a first person shooter that I wrote with 3 other guys at the university. I wrote the game engine myself and did a lot of the programming for the game. I would love some steps that I (and others) could take which are not generic advice.

google – Best way to move rankings from one domain to another

Domain X appears on the first page of Google with a specific search word, while site Y (my site) appears on the 5th page.

I was offered ownership of domain X. What is the best thing I can do to improve the ranking of site Y?

  1. Redirect pages from X to the appropriate page from Y?
  2. Put links in the pages on X to the relevant page on Y?
  3. Return something in a header?
  4. Something else?

How to move the local Outlook PST file of 14 GB to IMAP on the mail server?

I have a client who wants to move their local email storage to their web hosting server. They have a 14 GB Outlook PST file containing m … | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1802746&goto=newpost

c # – How do I move my character by myself but I can still move its direction or where it is going, using the joystick controls?

So, I'm doing a 2D airplane game right now and wanted to know how to move my player automatically but I can always control where he should go or the direction. How to code this using the joystick commands?


public float moveSpeed;

Rigidbody2D myBody;

protected Joystick joystick;

void Start()


myBody = GetComponent();

joystick = FindObjectOfType();


// Update is called once per frame

void Update()


myBody.velocity = new Vector2(joystick.Horizontal * moveSpeed, joystick.Vertical * moveSpeed);


sharepoint online – Move to preserves permissions if we move files inside the same site collection

Its permissions are probably lost because user IDs and groups are different between site collections. Losing permissions is probably a design decision, I would say.
I don't know of a ready-made method for moving items between site collections, but it sounds like something you could do with a custom solution.

problem gamers – How to balance a move that substitutes a report for a deception

As you pointed out, examples of stunts include many examples of using one skill in place of another in specific circumstances. There are examples of deception and reporting that should help:

  • Mind games (Fate Core, p 104) allows Deceive to replace Provoke for mental attacks "as long as you invent a clever lie as part of the attack".
  • Popular (Fate Core, p 121) allows you to use Report instead of Contacts "if you are in an area where you are popular and appreciated". He points out that this can be established by spending a point of fate to declare a story detail, as well as as a natural consequence of the narrative.
  • Friendly liar (Fate Core, p 300 – Example Zird the Arcane Character Sheet) is pretty close to what your player wants: "Can use Rapport instead of Cheating to create benefits based on a lie."

These are useful examples. Mind games establishes a simple limitation based both on the type of action and on the player and / or character's own actions; the player understands what he can do and how he can justify its use. It also allows a use of the skill which is normally not possible (perform an attack). Popular is broader, but note that it replaces a skill that has similar restrictions (no attacks) but requires a much larger obstacle to satisfy the narrative – something that is either under the control of the GM ( or group collective), or that costs the player a fate point to take control of themselves. And Friendly liar shows that what your player is doing requires a hit, based on the game's default assumptions about the two skills involved – and similarly to Mind games, it has restrictions on the action of the game and on the player's narrative action when it comes into play.

I would recommend offering him a variation on Friendly Liar (perhaps with the narrative restriction being that he is creative with the truth to a friend, rather than lying), and telling him that he can. 39 extend with future stacking or branching cascades, as covered on pages 94 and 95 of Fate Core.

Another option would be to create an Aspect usable by all who see it done: they are not going to trust it after all, and no one will get away with this kind of friendship in good weather forever. If his character truly considers friendships as disposable and as resources, this should have a narrative effect wider than his selection of skills.

unit – The ball must always move towards the poles of the planet

I have a ball (player) that moves around the planet (also a ball, but larger). The player must travel the planet passing circles from pole to pole. It has the ability to move left or right in order to avoid obstacles. How to focus the ball on the posts? I don't know how to make the player move but not bow out of the desired course.

I have a ball to which I apply force

enter description of image here

And its child object to which is attached the script where the direction of the force applied to the ball is taken

public class PlanetConstraint : MonoBehaviour
    (SerializeField) private Transform _targetPlanet;

    private void FixedUpdate()
        Quaternion rotation = Quaternion.FromToRotation(-transform.up, _targetPlanet.position - transform.position);
        transform.rotation = rotation * transform.rotation;

I think it is worth turning the child around the transform.up axis so that transform.forward is facing the pole.

More information:

enter description of image here

character advancement – What labels should be used when gestures referring to specific features of the playbook are considered to be a move from another playbook?

You can't take shots from another play book if they don't make sense.

Many movements refer to things specific to their playbook – the legacy movements speak of members of the inheritance, the Janus movements speak of their secret identity; heck, even Outsider moves around talking about their home world, though it's more of a backstory than an extra.

Getting a hit from another game book means that you acquire these abilities in fiction, not just on your character sheet, and nothing happens unless it makes sense in fiction. So, for each of these dependent movements, the GM and the players will have to work to make sense of the fiction.

If you already have a Protege, or a Legacy, or a Janus, well, it's not uncommon for a mentor or bequest or secret identity to attract another hero. Being secretly or unconsciously coming from space is also not outside the realm of comic book possibility. But in the end, if the GM fails to find a way to make sense of a character from another game book, he can't take it.

Cannot move windows to second monitor or vice versa

I can't seem to drag an app from one monitor to another. HOWEVER, I can partially drag it onto the other screen, stop dragging it, then grab it from the other screen and pull it out fully. It seems to stop where the cursor is and try to break. With the "snap" setting disabled, it works, but I really like this feature and want to keep it.

When I use my work laptop (also Windows 10) on the same monitors, with snap enabled, I can move things freely between monitors.

I have two monitors. Both are at 1080p and they are physically at the same level. The display settings show the right monitor on the right side – checked with the "identify" button. I have updated my NVIDIA drivers. I tried to use different connections on my graphics card (i.e. DisplayPort instead of HDMI, etc.).

I have tested this with various Windows 10 windows, Google Chrome, Spotify, Steam … a lot. Although I have a solution, it is still very frustrating.