ubuntu – mouse movement causes screen to lag

whenever I move my mouse on my screen, the display seems to lock up till I stop moving my mouse, this causes some actions like moving a scroll bar very difficult. I have tried unplugging my mouse, and I could not find anyone with similar issues. I am using Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS x86_64 my DE is GNOME, my GPU is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, and my mouse is Logitech G502 hero.

I checked my system log to see it was being spammed with

Apr 16 18:07:34 Asimov gnome-shell[2578]: Window manager warning: Ping serial 1883798578 was reused for window 0x7400005, previous use was for window 0x700000a.


Apr 16 18:09:10 Asimov gnome-shell[2578]: JS ERROR: TypeError: windowActor is null#012_addWindowEffect@resource:///org/gnome/shell/ui/closeDialog.js:90:28#012vfunc_show@resource:///org/gnome/shell/ui/closeDialog.js:162:14

macos – What is movement key on all folder viewed screen mode on Mac?

macos – What is movement key on all folder viewed screen mode on Mac? – Ask Different

Consolidated WHMCS Movement Update


This is not a thread to "bully" WHMCS, but to help fellow web hosting companies (we understand each other) to consolidate the efforts… | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1843304&goto=newpost

trading – What causes synchronous price movement within and between crypto exchanges without matching trades?

My understanding is that prices displayed on exchanges is not based solely on the last filed order, but also on the existing orders, which change constantly as traders manually and automatically move their orders up and down. Given enough traders, we can expect that they examine and perhaps participate in other exchanges. Some trying to make arbitrage like you and others just trying to feel informed. Thus, we can expect that traders change their open orders on all the exchanges that they participate in, but based off their impression of price/value in reality, not just the published price on any individual exchange.

Theoretically it would seem possible that a perfect storm of too few traders that are also ignorant of price changes on other exchanges might not change their orders, leaving price on that exchange unchanged while it rapidly moves on others. In my opinion, such rare instances are really the only opportunity for arbitrage to be profitably worthwhile. The whole point of a published price is to be as close to public perception as is possible. Should a new up-and-coming exchange fail horribly in that regard, they would lose trust of the few traders they already have.

dnd 5e – What types of obstacles would hinder the Echo Knight fighter’s Manifest Echo movement?

I would like to know that map or terrain elements would impact the movement of an Echo Knight’s Manifest Echo.

  1. Can an Echo be moved through walls?
  2. Can an Echo be moved through an hostile creature’s square?
  3. Can an Echo be moved through an ally’s square?
  4. Is an Echo affected by difficult terrain?
  5. Can an Echo be moved through water?

Per the sub-class description, and Echo is defined as an “image”:

This echo is a magical, translucent, gray image of you that lasts until it is destroyed…

It has also been clarified that an Echo is not a creature, but rather an “object”. It can be hit (has HP, AC, and makes saves) and it “occupies its space”.

Your echo has AC 14 + your proficiency bonus, 1 hit point, and immunity to all conditions. If it has to make a saving throw, it uses your saving throw bonus for the roll. It is the same size as you, and it occupies its space.

Reference: https://twitter.com/JeremyECrawford/status/1240669629661380609

Reference: https://twitter.com/JeremyECrawford/status/1240664419161399297

It has also been clarified that an Echo can ‘fly’ or be moved in any direction. Per the Echo Knight rules:

…you can mentally command the echo to move up to 30 feet in any direction

This implies it is the Knight that is moving the Echo, and the Echo itself does not have a speed. This is very similar to how spells like Bigby’s Hand or Spiritual Weapon work, except they require a bonus action.

Reference: https://www.sageadvice.eu/2018/04/02/is-bigbys-hand-actually-flying-e-g-is-its-movement-speed-flying-speed/

Reference: https://twitter.com/JeremyECrawford/status/1242186507433070592

So, with all that said, how should we answer the above questions?

dnd 5e – Can a creature split up movement more than once?

Can movement be split up more than once, with different attacks and other actions in between?


I’ve have a 12th-level Half-Orc Monk character with the Mobile feat, resulting in a movement speed of 60 (base speed of 30, +20 from Unarmored Movement, and +10 from Mobile). At this level the character has the Extra Attack ability, and (due to being at least level 6 in Way of Shadow) has the Shadow Step ability.

Here’s where my question about the movement rules comes in.

In a room of multiple opponents, that is mostly lit but with sections of dim light that are just big enough for my character to use the Shadow Step ability, I want to be able to attack one target close to me, attack one target farther away, and then move back to safety. Since my character has low hp (due to a low Con score), quickly popping here and there to poke enemies with his spear and then moving to general safety would be nice.

I figure I could accomplish it like this, but it depends on whether I can split movement multiple times:

  1. Start my turn by moving 10 feet to my first target, whom I
  2. Move 5 feet to the nearest source of dim lighting (the creature wouldn’t get an opportunity attack because of the Mobile feat, even if I didn’t hit)
  3. Use Shadow Step as my bonus action to teleport to a spot of dim lighting across the room (within 60 feet of course)
  4. Move another 15 feet to attack my second target
  5. Move with my remaining 30 feet of movement to a generally safe position.

Is the aforementioned scenario possible since I stayed within the limits of 60 feet for my character, or would I only be able to split my movement into two different movements?

It would be cool if I could split my turn into 4 movements, 2 attacks, and a teleport, but I feel like I’d only be able to do 2 movements, 2 attacks, and a teleport during my turn.

unity – Free movement in a 3D isometric world

The convention I’ve observed in most modern games is neither option you’ve proposed.

Instead, W or “Forward” on the stick usually corresponds to “Upward” on the screen from the current viewpoint, what we call “camera-relative” controls.

This way, the player does not need to attend to which compass direction they’re currently looking toward, or the direction their character model is pointing. If the place they want to go is on the right half of the screen, they press right. If it’s on the bottom half of the screen, they press down. This keeps the mental mapping very simple and intuitive.

We have lots of past Q&A about implementing this style of input and movement, in case that can be helpful to you.

In some isometric games, movement is restricted to travelling along the world axes, so only up-left / up-right / down-right / down-left is allowed. It sounds like this does not apply to your game. For those games, mapping W to “upward on the screen” doesn’t quite work, so games will often rotate the mapping slightly, so your “up” key corresponds to “up-left” on the screen, for instance. The important thing here is that the mapping is consistent, so once the player learns it, they don’t have to re-calibrate their mental link from screen to keys each time they turn their camera or character.

ai – How to implement Vector3.MoveTowards follow with random movement

I want to implement an AI behavior where an enemy runs towards the player while sidestepping randomly and aggressively (like in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35Ut_C4eL40)

Currently I am just using Vector3.MoveTowards but that results in smooth movement which isn’t exactly what I need. I’ve tried adding an offset to the target using Random.insideUnitCircle but it just doesn’t work.

If anyone could give me an algorithm to implement it’ll be great. Thanks

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