movement – Pathfinding: splines of higher order

A spline is a curve constructed from several joint polynomial equations. The higher order splines are splines made up of higher order polynomials. As a general rule, the higher the order, the more fluid the curve (in a way), the linear splines being a series of straight lines.

Here are some examples or different orders (from the Wikipedia page on Bézier curves, a type of spline).


Linear Bezier Curve


enter the description of the image here


enter the description of the image here

These GIFs usually show how these curves are constructed and higher order = more control points. In the example of Amit, these checkpoints are consecutive points along the way. A higher order spline therefore means that there is a softer interpolation along a larger set of these points at a time.

In other words, instead of only looking at the next point (linear), the next two points (quadratic) or the next three points (cubic) could be considered. This allows a more natural movement of the entities in your game along the path that has been built – the underlying logical path does not change, just the actual motion on the screen.

There is more information on the Wikipedia page on how to build these curves.

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movement – Moves a ball horizontally to the left and right but limiting movement forward and backward

I'm trying to develop an endless runner where there is a sphere as a player and that moves left and right following the position of a finger on a touch screen. However, when I try to do it, I can not lock the drive on the y-axis. I want a constant force that speeds up the overtime I use with the constant 2D strength provided by the unit. I have two versions of code, the first follows the finger but the reader can also go up and down:

using UnityEngine;

using System.Collections;

Public class Test: MonoBehaviour

public GameObject character;
public float speed = 500.0f;

void Start()
    Input.multiTouchEnabled = false;

void Update()
    if (Input.touchCount == 1 && Input.GetTouch(0).phase == TouchPhase.Moved)

        Vector2 target = Camera.main.ScreenToWorldPoint(new Vector2(Input.mousePosition.x, Input.mousePosition.y));
        character.transform.Translate(Vector3.MoveTowards(character.transform.position, target, speed * Time.deltaTime) - character.transform.position);



The second code that I have allows the player to move left and right by tapping rather than following, but remains sloppy:

using System.Collections;

using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class PlayerMovement: MonoBehaviour

public Rigidbody2D rb;

public float sidewaysForce = 500f;
// Start is called before the first frame update
void Start()

    rb = GetComponent();


// Update is called once per frame
void Update()

        foreach (Touch touch in Input.touches)
            if (touch.position.x < Screen.width / 2)
                rb.velocity = new Vector2(sidewaysForce * -1, rb.velocity.y);
            if (touch.position.x > Screen.width / 2)
                rb.velocity = new Vector2(sidewaysForce * +1, rb.velocity.y);


Any help on this would be great Thank you !!!

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// ->

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Algorithm for coherent movement. On which bus is the user of the application?

I am currently working on an application with a map of the city, with markers for each bus. As a feature, the phone must indicate the bus on which the user is activated.

To do this, I'm working on creating a function that consumes a stream of a set of buses and their positions (Stream>>), and a phone location flow, to produce a stream of bus predictions. The forecast should contain a level of confidence.

The function must return the current forecast in real time and manage scenarios in which the user changes buses.

How could this be accomplished?

Both streams contain very precise locations at one time per second.

Simple 2D movement (non-platform)

It sounds so simple, but my search did not find a good result.

The idea is that you can move 360 ​​degrees but you are not faster when you move diagonally. I know how to do this with trig. The problem is that I need physics so that if you travel north and do it, you must first slow down to zero to the south. (And if going 270 degrees at 30 degrees it would be a bit more complicated.) The character has acceleration and maximum speed.

I know that vectors are the solution, but I do not find how to apply them at the current speed to get a smooth motion.

I do it in GameMaker Studio 2, but a pseudocode should suffice. Here is what I have.

var h,v;
h = key_to_axis(vk_right,vk_left);
v = key_to_axis(vk_down,vk_up);

var dir = point_direction(0,0,h,v)
spd = approach(spd,max_spd,accel);
x+= lengthdir_x(max_spd,dir);
y+= lengthdir_y(max_spd,dir);

Note that this movement is shared by characters that can move 360 ​​degrees.

Unity – When an animation involves a movement, where is the movement best to implement?

For context, I use Blender and Unity. Regarding the question, for example, in some games, when you are hit, your character dives a little and is knocked down a few points. The ranking animation that I want to implement in Blender, but what about the distance of recoil? Move your model in Blender (fold and flip), or do you only do the fallback animation (fallback instead), then manage the recoil in Unity (by triggering the fallback animation and then slightly moving the model towards the back).

My question is essentially: what do you do fluently and if there is a specific reason, why?

movement – How to get the actor to follow the mouse by clicking and holding down?

I'm trying to get the project up and down from scratch.

I can already get the actor to move to the click of the mouse:

enter the description of the image here

Only I have to continue clicking several times to change paths and continue indefinitely.

I would like to know how to keep it moving while holding the mouse button down.

In the previous version (4.21), the code below matched perfectly, so I managed to do it (the condition was a variable that went wrong only when I released the button of the mouse):

enter the description of the image here

But now, I can not establish this connection (4.22).

I've looked for some functions and even looked for new documentation in this loop (While Loop), but nothing worked.

Link (loop loop UE4):

Player's plan:

enter the description of the image here

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5th dnd – Can the Freedom of Movement spell prevent the Aberrant Ground trait of a Gibbering Mouther from reducing the speed of a creature to 0 during a failed stop?

the freedom of movement spell only prevents a difficult terrain from affecting our movement. The save stream arrives no matter

the freedom of movement spell states:

During all this time, the target's movements are not affected by the difficult terrain, and spells and other magical effects can not in any way reduce the speed of the target, or paralyze or hold it.

We can deduce what the spell does:

  1. Difficult terrain does not affect your movement. Note that it does not say anything about your speed, your hit points, or anything that might be difficult terrain.

  2. Magic spells and effects can not reduce your speed.

  3. Magic spells and effects can not make you paralyzed or restricted.

The Aberrant Ground function of Gibbering Mouther is not magic, the last two points do not apply. What the feature does is:

The terrain within a 10-foot radius of the mountain is a difficult terrain like a paste. Each creature that starts his turn in this zone must make a successful save 10 save roll or have his speed reduced to 0 until the start of his next turn.

  1. Soil within a 10-foot radius becomes difficult terrain.

  2. If a creature starts a turn within 10 feet, it must make a save roll. if you fail, your speed becomes 0.

The feature never says that being immune to the normal effect of a difficult terrain allows us to automatically succeed (or not to have to do) the backup throw. Since freedom of movement only helps prevent changes in our movement but that changes our speed, it will always apply as usual.

Likewise, with a spell like growth peaks, which creates a damaging area of ​​difficult terrain,freedom of movement will not stop us from being damaged it only prevents the area from costing extra movement.

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