unity – Nav Mesh Agents are not moving along the mesh

I’m fairly new to unity.I’ve been playing with Nav Mesh Agents lately.I have encountered this problem twice.The first time I didn’t bother redoing my project all over again.But now its bothering me too much.

I initially had a NavMesh baked along the road in my game.But later I had to change the layout of the roads, hence I had to rebake the Nav Mesh.

But now I’m having the problem where the agents are not moving along the Nav Mesh to Reach the destination, but instead they “try” to move along the shortest path.As a result of this all agents gather to a point rather than moving along the track.I’ve shown below a picture to better illustrate my problem.

Issue I have

They try to move along the red line instead of going along the road and then getting to the destination.

I’m pretty confident that nothing’s wrong with my code because it worked earlier and works well in other scenes.Is there anything I missed when re-baking the Nav Mesh?Any help to get the agents to move along the road is much appreciated?
Thanks in advance.

sharepoint online – Access Denied when moving Folder from a document library (which have content approval on) to another list (which does not have content approval on)

We have 2 Document Libraries inside our classic online team site, as follow:-

  1. Lib A which have content approval on.
  2. Lib B which have content approval off.

Now if a user with contribute permission on both libraries tried to move a folder from LibA to LibB using the modern “Move to” feature, the user will get this error “Access denied.You Do not have Permission to perform this action or access this resource”:-

enter image description here

While using the site admin user, i am able to Move the folder.. any advice on this weird behavior?

2013 – Moving a Home Page Same Site Collection

I have a migrated site (from SharePoint 2016 to SharePoint 2019). My migrated site doesn’t have some of the same features and same look that are found on modern site in SharePoint 2019. I want to get the migrated modern page site features and look for my migrated site home page. How can I do this? These are some methods I was thinking but don’t know if this is smart way

  • create a new page using the modern experience
  • create a new page in a new subsite in the same site collection and save as template and make it my new home page

Probably not right on any points. Can you help?

DoTween moving platform In Unity

I need some help with unity.

I am using DOtween’s DOpath to make a platform move to several co ordinates. However, my player slides off the moving platform.

I’ve tried using ontrigger enter/exit to parent the player with the platform but it doesn’t seem to work with Dopath….can anyone help?

mysql – Moving a large MariaDB database between MariaDB servers

Once my DB size is multiple hundred GB in size, it is not practical to use the documented methods for transferring a database to an alternate db server due to sheer amount of time (days to weeks) for that slow process. The database is primarily located within a directory tree structure which can easily be copied, however, there seem to be files at the “data” directory (ibdata1, …) not unique to a specific database, that contain some information that is required to successfully xfer to a new location. Is there a way to extract the needed information from this file or set of files and provide to the new dB server? Or is there some way to cause MariaDB to maintain each database within the appropriate directory tree, thereby permitting file transfers to function?
Some background on my objective:
I capture data to my databases on a specific server, but that server is limited to only 1TB disk size.
Once the space on that disk reaches a threshold level (say 10% remaining), I want to move that database to an alternate server with much greater storage available, and free the space on the capturing server.

Stating the objective a little differently: I wish to take a db from one server(1) and add that db to a different server(2), allowing all tables in the “copied” db(1) to be emptied, freeing space for additional collection. (but do so in finite time — minuites/hours instead of days/weeks)

2016 – Sharepoint Performance After Moving to Subdomain

We recently moved our sharepoint 2016 site to a subdomain, basically test.com -> a.test.com, but we are now experiencing some intermittent performance issues. There doesn’t seem to be a real pattern to it. Some pages will take a few minutes to load at times, but then at other times they will load in a few seconds.

Our infrastructure is a load balancer to two front ends, one app server, and a single database server which has worked fine for the last 4 years or so.

When we switched to the new subdomain we unextended the application and then reextended after making the domain name change.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


nginx – Moving https website from server A (CentOS 7) to server B (CentOS 8) – what do I need to do regarding certificates?

I’ve copied all of the referenced files in my nginx configuration over:

  • /etc/nginx/ssl/STAR_example_com/ssl-bundle.crt
  • /etc/nginx/ssl/STAR_example_com/STAR_example.key
  • /etc/ssl/certs/dhparam.pem

I was optimistic that might be all I’d need to do, but didn’t believe it would be…

When I browse to https://new.example.com it just spins, and eventually times out.

I have configured my DNS correctly, I believe. dig seems to confirm this.
I have configured my firewall correctly, I believe. firewall-cmd –list-all shows services: cockpit dhcpv6-client http https ssh.

The site was working on http://<ipaddress>/. For the domain I have no option but to use https rather than http (as one might, for testing etc) as it’s preloaded HSTS.

What am I missing? I’m completely clueless when it comes to certs. Is it the STAR_example.key file – should that be a private key relating to the machine it’s on? If so how do I generate a new one?

The fact that it’s timing out rather than coming back with an error of some sort has me stumped…

Thank you!

python – How to throw a rock at a moving target?

I am working on a game where one spaceship(“Origin”) can shoot a dumb projectile(“Projectile”) at another spaceship(“Target”).

Since the target is moving we will have to lead the target.
The projectile will move at a given speed (to be clear I differentiate between “velocity” which i use when talking about a vector and “speed” when i am talking about the length of said vector).

I am trying to calculate the point where I will have to aim in order to hit the target (assuming it does not change its velocity).

I have tried to implement the solution proposed in the answer to this thread.
But for some reason my calculations are off 🙁 Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong?

Here is the code to the function actually doing the calculation. The rest of the project is available on github if anyoen is interested in taking a look…

def takeAim (self):
    t = 0

    a = self.targetVessel.velocity(0)**2 + self.targetVessel.velocity(1)**2 - self.totalSpeed**2

    b = 2 * (self.targetVessel.velocity(0)*(self.targetVessel.pos(0) - self.pos(0)) + self.targetVessel.velocity(1) * (self.targetVessel.pos(1)-self.pos(1)))

    c = ((self.targetVessel.pos(0) - self.pos(0))**2)+((self.targetVessel.pos(1)-self.pos(1)))

    discr = (b**2) - (4*a*c)

    if discr == 0:
        print ("The target is too fast!")
        t1 = (-b + math.sqrt (discr))/(2*a)
        t2 = (-b - math.sqrt (discr))/(2*a)

        if t1 <= 0 :
            t = t2
            print ("Choosing t2")
        elif t2 <= 0:
            t = t1
            print ("Choosing t1")
            if t1<t2:
                t = t1
                print ("Choosing t1")
                t = t2
                print ("Choosing t2")
    self.aimPoint = (self.targetVessel.velocity * t) + self.targetVessel.pos
    print ("t = ", t)
    print ("Target position",  self.targetVessel.pos)
    print ("Target velocity", self.targetVessel.velocity)
    print ("Aimpoint: ", self.aimPoint)
    vector = self.aimPoint - self.pos
    direction = vector/math.sqrt(np.dot(vector, vector))
    self.velocity = direction*self.totalSpeed
    print ("Projected Missile point: ", self.velocity*t + self.pos)
    print ("Missile speed: ", math.sqrt(np.dot(self.velocity, self.velocity)))

Can an employee accompany Permanent Residents moving to Canada?

We are Permanent Residents of Canada and moving to Canada from Dubai. I am pregnant and would like to bring my maid from Dubai with us. She is a Nepalese passport holder. What visa does she need to accompany us?

motion blur – text disappears when moving the camera in live preview while reading

I am using live preview of a digital camera module for reading the text on LCD display.
I slide the camera horizontally on a stand for reading purpose.
The problem that I am facing is when I move the camera for reading, the text disappears for a while and comes back when I stop the camera.

I tried different focus modes-Continuous Picture, Auto, Fixed but no use.

Can you please suggest how to solve this problem.