export – Can Mathematica be used to edit MP3 tags?

Yes. The documentation mentions here that it can import ID3v1, ID3v2 and APE tags. The metadata is returned in a nested association. Now to try it on whatever mp3’s I have lying around:

mymp3 = Import("Mick Maguire.mp3", "MetaInformation")
(* result: {"ID3v2", "ID3v1"} *)

This file happens to have both v1 and v2 tags. Let’s check some properties in the ID3v2 tags:

mymp3("ID3v2")(#) & /@ {"Title", "Album"}
(* result: {"Mick Maguire", "The Irish Rovers 50 Years - Vol. 1"} *)

You will want to check that KeyExistsQ for the ID3v2 association exists, try to fall back to ID3v1 if it doesn’t, or failing that just skip over it – it’s your call how to handle robustness and that the relevant attributes (Title / Album etc.) are present.

Exporting metadata is also straightforward. See here http://wolfram.com/xid/0ck8ulfp-0rbd29 . You must import the audio first however, and here the audio object is in myaudio:

Export("myaudio.mp3", myaudio, 
 MetaInformation -> <|"ID3v2" -> <|"Title" -> "Some Song", 
     "Album" -> "My Album"|>|>)

(* re-import it to check the new metadata is present *)
Import("myaudio.mp3", "MetaInformation")

macos – How to add image to file format .mp3 on a Mac?

I use a Mac and have artwork I would like to add as images to sound .mp3 file.

I am aware that I can create a .mov file using QuickTime media player which is already built-in on my Mac, but I’d just like to attach art, not translate the whole file into a new format.

What tools or scripts or apps can do this task?

itunes – Transfer private MP3 files from my PC to my iPhone SE 2020

tl;dr: I want to add my own .mp3 files (and audiobook etc.) to my iPhone SE 2020. After selecting File > Add to Library and selecting file in iTunes for PC nothing happens. Selected file does not appear neither in iTunes app on PC nor in my iPhone. What am I missing?


I don’t have a Mac and I am a Windows 10 user. I want to play on my iPhone 2020 a private (privately owned) MP3 file or files:

  • an audiobook not purchased in iTunes,
  • a MP3 copy of some audio CD / DVD that I use in my courses etc.

What must I do to achieve this. Exactly what steps should I undertake in order to transfer my private MP3 file to my iPhone 2020? To be able to see and play that file there?

Attempt no 1: Cable

The simplest way of:

  1. Connecting iPhone to PC via USB cable
  2. Creating a “Audiobooks” and “Courses” folders on my iPhone
  3. Copying files to that folders

has failed, because I can only see “DCIM” folder with my photos when I connect my iPhone to my PC. And when I do some magic to create new folders in my iPhone, I cannot access them and any files copied to them. These files and folders are not “seen” by iPhone’s default audio player.

Attempt no 2: iTunes

The iTunes way also has failed. What I did was:

  1. Installed iTunes app to my Windows 10 (newest official version)
  2. Opened it up and login with my AppleID (the same as used in my iPhone)
  3. Press Ctrl+O and navigate to a single .mp3 file and…

…nothing happened. Literally. There was no change in iTunes for PC look & feel (no file appeared on any of lists). There was no change in contents of my iPhone and there was no new file appearing in my iPhone. The same when trying to add entire folder from my PC to my Apple account.


What am I missing here? Exactly what steps should I take:

  • from pointing a particular file on my PC / in my Windows 10
  • until actually seeing it and being able to play it in my iPhone SE 2020?

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pygame – Tocando musica mp3 em Python

tudo bem?
bem eu venho aqui pedir uma solução referente a tocar musica mp3 em Python.
Eu importei a biblioteca do Pygame e utilizei o módulo mixer para tocar musicas em python:

import pygame
pygame.mixer.music.play(loops=0, start=0.0)

Após eu escrever esse script e rodar o meu programa, ele dá uma saída de erro, dizendo:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/gabriel/Documentos/GitHub/Projetos Pessoais/olamundo.py/_exercicios/teste.py", line 3, in <module>

pygame.error: Couldn't open 'music/brain_damage.mp3'

Esse é o arquivo Python que fica dando erro

Para efeito de comparação, eu criei um outro arquivo Python e utilizei o mesmo código da imagem acima, e para a minha surpresa, o mixer conseguiu rodar o meu arquivo mp3. Vocês sabem o por quê procede?
Segundo print com o programa rodando

audio – Upload mp3 file such that url ends in .mp3

I am looking for a way to host mp3 files without having to create a website myself. I want the mp3 file to be uploaded such that the URL ends with .mp3 (e.g. https://www.a-random-website.com/audiofile.mp3)

I found a similar question from a couple of years back, but the solutions are outdated.

How can I hotlink an mp3 in Google Drive with a URL ending in .mp3?

Does anyone have an updated solution for this?

Need play button to mp3 file to play immediately for competition in Google Sheets

I’m creating a score sheet for an outdoor competition. I’ll be scoring competition using a tablet. I’ve got the formulas for the sheet figured out, but having issues with a simple button to start a timer. I don’t want a hyperlink opening another application. The fewer buttons I have to push the better!

A player steps to the start line, I tap the start button on my tablet, player hears “Ready Set, Go!” via Bluetooth, and I score.

google sheets – Need play button to mp3 file to play immediately for competition

I’m creating a score sheet for an outdoor competition. I’ll be scoring competition using a tablet. I’ve got the formulas for the sheet figured out, but having issues with a simple button to start a timer. I don’t want a hyperlink opening another application. The fewer buttons I have to push the better!

A player steps to the start line, I tap the start button on my tablet, player hears “Ready Set, Go!” via Bluetooth, and I score.