pathfinder – When multicasting, are the launcher levels of each class added to meet the manufacturing requirements?

I build a mystical theater and, as such, my starting levels will alternate between cleric and sorcerer. I do not want to miss the Craft Wondrous feat at the first opportunity (and maybe hard to retrain or be delayed in manufacturing). The requirement is the 3rd roller level.

Is it possible to meet the challenge at the 3rd level when no class individually meets the requirements, but collectively?

I know I've already asked a question in the past about stacking levels of pitchers of different classes, as it's about skill points or points of interest. support for casting spells, but it is different. This is a requirement for an exploit that is not the same thing as casting a spell.

dnd 5th – How does multicasting affect Eldritch calls with level prerequisites?

Only your warlock class counts for prerequisites.

In your study of occult traditions, you have uncovered Eldritch invocations, fragments of forbidden knowledge that permeate you with a permanent magical ability. A required level is your level in this class..

Other elements, such as Cantrips, depend on the general level of your character, but not invocations.