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Shared hosting: S10


Storage room: 10GB SSD

Bandwidth: 1 TB

Websites: ten

Data base: ten

Email accounts: 100

Annual price: 19.99 USD (1.19 USD / month)
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Shared hosting: S20


Storage room: 20GB SSD

Bandwidth: 2 TB

Websites: 20

Data base: 20

Email accounts: 200

Annual price: 29.99 USD (2.99 USD / month)
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Shared hosting: S40


Storage room: 40 GB SSD

Bandwidth: 4 TB

Websites: 40

Data base: 40

Email accounts: 400

Annual price: 39.99 USD (3.99 USD / month)
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postgresql – What is the best way to implement a multi-tenant architecture with multiple unique identifiers

What is the best way to implement multi-location in a single database with a schema, the current user can be identified with several unique identifiers.

  1. Each tenant can have multiple locations
  2. Each tenant may have multiple staff members (with different user roles) working in one or more locations owned by the tenant.
  3. The tenant is also part of the staff (with the role of "owner")

When you have several unique identifiers such as tenant_id, location_id or staff_id, is it better to identify the user with staff_id or location_id or all three?


tracing – The plot does not show multiple functions

Forgive me if this is an inappropriate question. I am new to this forum and quite new to Mathematica. That being said, I have a problem with a plot not showing all the functions. I have two functions that I try to draw, f (x) and u (x, t). I want to draw f (x) and u (x, t) for several values ​​of t, all on the same axes. The values ​​of t are 0, 50, 500 and 5000, and the domain ranges from 0 to L. I have defined all the necessary constants. When I create my path, only the line for f (x) appears. My code and the resulting plot are displayed. All advice is appreciated; I know it's probably a syntax problem, but I have not found an answer in the documentation.

f(x_) := T1*Cos((Pi*x)/(2 L)) + T2*Cos((5*Pi*x)/(2 L))

u(x_, t_) := 
 T1*Cos((Pi*x)/(2 L))*(e^(-k (Pi/(2 L))^2*t)) + T2*Cos((5*Pi*x)/(2 L))*(e^(-k 
 ((5*Pi)/(2 L))^2*t))

L = 1; T1 = 5; T2 = 5; k = 6.4*10^-5;

Plot({ f(x), u(x, 0), u(x, 50), u(x, 500), u(x, 5000)}, {x, 0, L}, 
 PlotLabel -> "Temperature Distributions", 
 AxesLabel -> {"x (m)", "u (˚C)"}, BaseStyle -> {FontSize -> 16}, 
 PlotStyle -> {{Thick, Dotted}, {Thick, 
    Dashed}, {Thick}, {Thick}, {Thick}}, 
 PlotLegends -> {"IC", "t=0", "t=50", "t=500", "t=5000"}, 
 PlotRange -> All)

enter the description of the image here

A single name server for multiple domains?

I am bugging to redirect over 1500 domain names to the single website using private name servers.

Using Shared Hosting + Shared IP + Apache + Woocommerce.

Example: is the main site. Nameserver is & should forward to should forward to

all domains like, have the same name server as &

I did some .htaccess for wordpress woocomerce but when i used my private name server, this is not a ping for my shared hosting server.

Live example:

When I use & as a name server for my domain, it is redirected to their landing page without modifying the records such as "A", "Cname", etc.,

You do not want to change the "A", "CNAME" records to achieve this. Also no need to add as an addon domain in cpanel.
How to fix it?

If I buy a dedicated IP address, can this solve?

database – Add multiple tables in a databasehelper class

I have 2 tables Employe and order table I am trying to implement these tables in the same databasehelper class but this gives me several errors if I create another databasehelper class or can I do them implement in a single

the tables are like that
`public class DatabaseHelper extends SQLiteOpenHelper {

    private static final String DB_NAME = "shopinstyle.db";
    private static final String DB_TABLE = "Employee";
    private static final String ORDER_TABLE = "Order";

    private static final String ID = "ID";
    private static final String FNAME = "FNAME";
    private static final String LNAME = "LNAME";
    private static final String PNUMBER = "PNUMBER";
    private static final String EMAIL = "EMAIL";
    private static final String NIC = "NIC";

    private static final String ord_ID = "ord_ID";
    private static final String ord_Name = "ord_Name";
    private static final String ord_Qty = "ord_Qty";
    private static final String ord_Price = "ord_Price";
    private static final String ord_Location = "ord_Location";

    private static final String CREATE_TABLE = "CREATE TABLE " + DB_TABLE + " (" +
            FNAME + " TEXT, " +
            LNAME + " TEXT, " +
            PNUMBER + " TEXT, " +
            EMAIL + " TEXT, " +
            NIC + " TEXT" + ")";

    private static final String CREATE_TABLE_ORDER = "CREATE TABLE " + ORDER_TABLE + " (" +
            ord_Name + " TEXT, " +
            ord_Qty + " TEXT, " +
            ord_Price + " TEXT, " +
            ord_Location + " TEXT " + ")";

    public DatabaseHelper(Context context) {
        super(context, DB_NAME,ORDER_TABLE, null, 1);

    public void onCreate(SQLiteDatabase sqLiteDatabase) {


    public void onUpgrade(SQLiteDatabase sqLiteDatabase, int i, int i1) {

        sqLiteDatabase.execSQL("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS " + DB_TABLE);
        sqLiteDatabase.execSQL("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS " + ORDER_TABLE);


there is an error in this line

public DatabaseHelper(Context context) {
super(context, DB_NAME,ORDER_TABLE, null, 1);

8 – The #states property in the field causes multiple values ​​not to work in the form with paragraphs

Hello, I have a problem with the form. How to solve this problem?

I have created a custom entity and some sets in a batch. I use reference fields, one of them comes from paragraphs with multiple values. I needed a conditional field and I created two fields: a boolean, a check box and a date field, I modified them via the hook_form_alter and made conditional, see pic, and I can not add more paragraph field

function edu_bookings_form_alter (&$form, FormStateInterface $form_state, $form_id) {

if ($ form_id == & # 39; bookings_lesson_add_form & # 39;) {

//Drupal::messenger()->addMessage('MY TEXT');
$form('field_suggest_your_time') = (
  '#type' => 'checkbox',
  '#title' => t('Check to Suggest your time'),
$form('field_time_suggestion')('#states') = (

    'invisible' => (
      ':input(name="field_suggest_your_time")' => ('unchecked' => TRUE),


Conditional fields work

multiple value field error

i've applied some fixes that i found on it had no effects

ECK field for multiple languages

I have a site with multiple languages ​​I've created a field in ECK link_title that should not work for a different language, for example: I'm trying to store the title in two different languages, for example EN / JA.

enter the description of the image here

dnd 5th – Calculation of lunar beam damage for multiple targets

If you damage multiple creatures at once, cast once and for all; otherwise, drive separately

The section "Damages suffered" indicates:

(…) If a spell or other effect deals damage to multiple targets at the same time, cancel the damage once for all …

the moon Beam the spell certainly counts as "a spell or other effect", so we only have to check if it deals damage to multiple targets at once.
the moon Beam the spell will almost never damage multiple creatures at once; maybe if multiple creatures were cast simultaneously by a spell or if multiple creatures shared a turn (for example, true polymorph or travesty). In these extremely rare cases, you only deal damage once because of the damage check rule.

In the vast majority of cases, you deal damage separately for each creature that is dealt damage. at different times.

the moon Beam spell is confusing, here is an explanation of when he is doing damage

the moon Beam spell states:

(…) When a creature enters the area of ​​the spell for the first time or begins its turn there, it is engulfed by ghostly flames that cause it a burning pain and it must make a saving throw of the Constitution . This takes 2d10 radiant damage in case of failure of a backup, or half less damage if successful …

What is considered "entering a fate zone" is rather confusing and the Sage Compendium poses a useful question in this regard:

Q. Does the moonbeam do damage when you cast it? What about when its effect moves on a creature?

A. The answer to both questions is no. Here are some details about this answer. Some spells and other game features create an area of ​​effect that acts when the creature enters that area for the first time during a turn or when a creature begins its turn in that area. In the turn where you cast such a spell, you are primarily trying to hurt your opponents in subsequent rounds. Moon Beamfor example, creates a beam of light that can damage a creature that enters the beam or begins its turn in the beam. (list of episodes with similar wording omitted)

As you read the description of one of these spells, you might wonder if a creature enters the spell's effect area if it's created on its space. And if the area of ​​effect can be moved, such as moonbeam, moving a creature's space in space counts for the creature that enters the area? Our design intent for such spells is this: a creature enters the area of ​​effect when the creature passes it. Creating the effect area on the creature or moving it on the creature does not count. If the creature is still in the zone at the beginning of its turn, it is subject to the effect of the zone.

Entry into such an area of ​​effect does not have to be voluntary, unless the spell indicates otherwise. So you can cast a creature in the area with a thunder-like spell. We consider this game intelligent, not an imbalance, so stay away! However, keep in mind that a creature is subject to such an area of ​​effect only the first time that it enters the area to a turn. You can not move a creature inside and out to damage it again and again during the same turn.

In summary, a spell like moon Beam Affects a creature when the creature moves into the spell's effect area and the creature begins its turn there. You are essentially creating a danger on the battlefield.

Tbody selected not removing multiple tbody with jquery

I know it's a very simple request, but I spent my whole day running it, but I was unlucky. So please do not downvote, I ask. It's urgent for me. Here, I am trying to remove a tbody with his ID but this is not the case, by any of the methods I found on the Internet. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong here.


(tbody has dummy content for the test.Please ignore it.)

qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq wwwwwwwwwwwwww eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I receive this layout from a CMS where I want to delete "tbody" selected.

c # – Complex service call for unit testing with multiple methods

I'm trying to understand the principles of unit testing, lens and moq. We have
Complicated service call.

The service call encompasses many repositories and services, with dependencies and parameters. We make fun of each method below. By the time we finish making fun, it seems like people are pretending the whole test, to produce an expected result, that we will receive.

Many articles on this subject deal with this problem.

I guess the question is what is the best way to test this and the general guidelines? If we want to test the expected behavior, it's as if we are forging it with moq.

public async Task ServiceCall(int document, Product product)
     await _servicecall.MethodA;
     await _servicecall.MethodB;
     await _servicecall.MethodC;
     await _repository.MethodD;
     await _repository.MethodE;
     await _servicecall.MethodF;
     await _repository.MethodG;
     await _servicecall.MethodF;


for each repository and service within

 mock.Setup(b => b.ServiceCallB().ReturnsAsync(etc);