python – Code queues music and plays it ( bot…), the workflow is too heavy and crashes, so how can I code the queue and play more efficiant?

I’ve been coding a bot and have gotten my hands to the music bot section and I finished my queue part. It’s logically correct and should be working but the code is way too inefficient so the bot crashes when someone adds another song to the queue. This way I can’t run the bot as I want to and I am not able to see whether it works or not… So, can anyone tell me how to do this more efficiant or even if I must code this completely differently (and tell me how at least a little if so)? The code part of play:

@bot.command(name='play', aliases=('sing', 'p'))
async def _play(ctx, url : str):
    queueurls = () #list with the urls
    vc = ctx.voice_client
    if not vc:
      channel =
      await channel.connect()
    url = ctx.message.content
    url = ttourl(url) #the message is processed to an url
    queueurls.append(url) #add the url to the list
    voicec = ctx.voice_client
    if not voicec.is_playing(): #when nothing is going on
      while queueurls != (): #as long as the url list isn't empty I want the process to repeat
        voice = discord.utils.get(bot.voice_clients, guild=ctx.guild)
        url = queueurls(0) #url is the first item in the list
        queueurls.pop(0) #now erase the now used first item (url)
        with youtube_dl.YoutubeDL(ytdlopts) as ydl:
 #download the song"songstemp/song.mp3")) #play the song
        vcs = ctx.voice_client
        while vcs.is_playing: #wait for the song to be over
        if os.path.exists("songstemp/song.mp3"):
          path = "songstemp/song.mp3"
    else: #if the bot is already playing, then don't disturb the loops above

(!) This is written in python and I’m running this on casual

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Listen music from OneDrive – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

I’ve a Samsung Galaxy A8 phone (android 8.0.0) and it’s connected to my OneDrive accounts (both personal and business) where I store music.

I’ve tried downloading music to my phone, but I could only make the files available off-line, no proper download.

I’ve Google Play Music and Samsung Music installed, neither can browse OneDrive off-line files. I can play them with a very basic player (probably skin of one of before mentioned players?), but that’s not a solution for me.

How can I listen to music from OneDrive?

music – How to get siri to “Play my radio station”?

In general, when using Apple Music my most common option is to play “my radio station”. I.e., this is a radio station made by Apple Music that incorporates my preferences and listening habits.

Traditionally, I would get siri to play this stations by saying: “Hey Siri. Play my radio station”

However, as of May 2021, this request only plays songs from my library. E.g., Siri responds with something like: “Now playing all songs in your library”

While I can go into my phone and click the radio station in Apple Music, I’d like to be able to issue a Siri command to play the station.

What is the current siri command for playing “my radio station”?

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Music from 60s and 70s | Forum Promotion

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Looking for music to populate a new app

Im building a music app and would like to know how i will populate it with music content, are there any free services i can use to populate the app ..

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hardware – Can someone please help me with my phone’s music issue?

Ok so I just got this phone brand new off cricket around the middle of January this year. This phone has a 4gb RAM processor and runs Android 10. Anyways whenever I play music, and open a different app, the music I’m playing always stops a couple of seconds afterwards, and the notification for it just disappears. I’ve tried using multiple other music player apps and the same thing happens with each of them. Even Spotify and YouTube music. I can provide a screen recording if needed.

The music player could literally be the only tab open, and as soon as I open even something as simple as the calculator app, the music player will just crash each time. I have no clue why it does this, it’s not the headphones, and it’s just ridiculous I mean I’ve never had this issue with any other phones before and I’ve used crappy obama phones from 2014. Thanks in advanced people. :]

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