Nadra Card Centre Is Here to Ease the Pain of Overseas Pakistanis.

We are giving you services to help you acquire your NADRA Card within 7 to 10 business days. Now you don’t need to leave your home comfortable. We will here to do it all for you. You can apply now to get your New Nadra card made, renewed or modified. Any citizen of Pakistan can apply for a Poc Card or Nadra Card UK.
Nadra Card Centre is a website that is expertly skilled to provide excellent customer services and do everything to make you persuaded and happy with our work. There are five NADRA offices in the UK situated in London, Birmingham, Bradford, Manchester and Glasgow. NADRA Registration Centre (NRC) opportunities are available in all five offices.

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Can a person born in Pakistan, become a Spanish citizen, have a NICOP from Nadra Pakistan? [migrated]

Can a person born in Pakistan, become a Spanish citizen, obtain a NICOP (National Identity Card for Pakistani Overseas) from Nadra Pakistan?