How can I give 2 names for the same voice command in Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

How can I give 2 names for the same voice command in Dragon NaturallySpeaking? That is, I want to be able to use two different names for the same voice command.

I know that I can use one of these two solutions:

but I'm curious if there is a more direct way to define two names for the same voice command.

backup – How to share the file names of all files in a folder under Android?

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[ Baby Names ] Open question: What do you think about the Winchester surname?

[Baby names] Open question: What do you think about the Winchester surname?

How can I sell my domain names?

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mac – Photo file names on iPhone are not sequential?

I've used AirDrop to copy photos from an iPhone to a Macbook. The parts of the file name number are really random: this can be IMG_9812.HEIC and the picture taken right after it is IMG_0811.HEIC.

This makes the files more difficult to manage. Is there a reason and any way to give them names with a usual sequence?

air transport – Why do airline tickets have titles in addition to names?

Every time you book a ticket, the airline's website asks you for your title. For example, here are the options available on the Lufthansa website:

enter the description of the image here

But why are the airlines asking for the title in addition to the name? It's not like you're being asked to prove that you're a doctor or a teacher. So why not delete the Title field and just ask for the name and sex?

(inspired by this somewhat related question)

woocommerce – The file names have been changed (with strange characters) after downloading on cpanel

So, after opening a thread here and spending hours, I finally managed to identify my problem.

In short, many images were not posted on the site after uploading to namecheap hosting (it was created on the local host).

I found that since our images previously had different characters (eg), once downloaded to the store, they became (?). No images have been displayed.

After talking to namecheap technical support more than 10 times, they concluded that they could not do anything.

Now we have more than 5000 photos on the site, so no way to edit them one by one, it would take days. I am not even sure if there is a solution to this problem. please help

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Hello, if I find a good opportunity with some areas. Is there a way to check which other areas the seller has on the registrar account?

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windows – Source file names are larger than the file system supports

A simple step for this question. Cut the folder from the original location. and stick to another place or delete. File just a few seconds task nothing else.

Note The Microsoft Windows file system supported by only allows 258 characters. That's why we are facing this problem.