[ Politics ] Open Question : How many hours a day is Nancy Pelosi in a drunken coma?

[ Politics ] Open Question : How many hours a day is Nancy Pelosi in a drunken coma?

If Donald Trump and Mike Pence die from coronavirus, does that mean Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi becomes President of the United States?

Yes. If the President dies or leaves office, the line of succession is as follows: the Vice-President, the President of the House, the President pro tempore of the Senate, then the members of the Cabinet in the order of formation of their departments. If Trump and Pence were both to die or be incapacitated, Pelosi would become president.

Is Nancy Pelosi the first speaker in the house to show such disrespect when she tore apart the POTUS discourse by SOTU?

Perhaps. Certainly, I do not remember anything of the same kind lately. But the problem for you is that you have no reason to criticize because Trump is much worse. For example, when Trump came to the platform to deliver his speech, he did not shake hands with Pelosi. It is unprecedented. In the middle of the last removal, for example, Bill Clinton delivered his State of the Union address and shook hands with President Dennis Hastert. Of course, two wrongs do not do good. But you cannot teach someone else civility and decorum when you yourself make unprecedented violations of it.

Why did Nancy Pelosi tear a copy of Trump's SOTU address out to the media? Didn't she realize that it made her very immature?

No, it had the desired effect. It was crazy to not be respected on national television. I would say she hit the nail on the head. I mean, honestly, it’s days later, and you’ll still squeeze your histrionic beads on it. Honestly, most of the people in the room probably threw out the speech later today. It doesn't make sense, except that she did it to miss Trump, and it worked!

After Trump is acquitted today. Should he investigate Nancy Pelosi and her cabinet for fraud, racketeering and embezzlement of federal funds?

idk but as a democrat i am already ready to wave the white flag

This removal hearing only made the plight of the Democrats worse. There is no good candidate for which people are eager to vote. Trump gathers more than 50,000 people in a rally, while most Democrats vying for it are hard to get more than 100 in a small hall.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that Trump is overwhelmingly popular and will likely win in a landslide. I don't want him to win, but I have to admit that he will win and that the Democrats will be defeated again in November. I personally wave the white flag and probably won't vote in November just because I already know that the result will be a very easy and one-sided victory for Trump

[ Politics ] Open Question: At the end of the state of the union, did Nancy tear up the indictments?

[Politics] Open question: At the end of the state of the union, did Nancy tear up the articles of removal?

[ Politics ] Open question: Why are there so many incompetent liars in leadership positions in the Democratic Party? Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler?

Elizabeth Warren

[ Baby Names ] Open question: What do you think of the name Nancy?

[Baby names] Open question: What do you think of the name Nancy?

[ Politics ] Open Question: Did Nancy Pelosi Successfully Prosecute Trump Before Having A Reason?

Kind of like she passed the Obamacare bill before knowing what he was saying?

Why is Nancy Pelosi obstructing her own impeachment by refusing the impeachment articles?

Because she wants a fair trial in the Senate, one with real witnesses and testimony, not something quick like Mcconnell wants.

In fact, if you think about it, Trump and Pelosi agree on this one for a rarity! Both parties want a long-term trial, with a host of witnesses to testify, if necessary, it is the Senate that is asking the question here.