Nasty bugs related to billing in WHMCS 7.7.0

It seems that WHMCS 7.7.0 presents an ugly bug that is wreaking havoc in PayPal's recurring payments; it applies existing PayPal payments … | Read the rest of

lion – 2011 iMac 27 ": can not upgrade to the latest OSX after replacing the failed drive with a new blank hard disk Nasty loop

Installation of a new hard drive on a 27 "iMac 2011: the old drive could not boot (FSK unresolved node errors) .This failed drive was running High Sierra before stopping to boot .

Removal of the old drive and installation in an external powered box.

  1. New hard disk installed – but remote installation of OSX is limited to Lion (10.7), as Apple's remote recovery only reinstalls the original supplied OSX printer.

  2. I can not find any way to find the recovery partition on the old drive.

  3. I've tried to update OSX from the App Store but the shopping list of my account shows no OSX (many of my apps though)

  4. I can not check my Apple App Store account settings as "To edit your payment information, you must upgrade your Mac with the latest version of macOS." (That's what I'm trying to do!)

  5. I've tried to download El Capitan from the beautiful Apple page configured for this, but by clicking on "Get", it is stated that Paypal will send me a message to confirm the account, but that's not the case. was more than a day ago.

  6. We also discovered how to use the terminal (fsck_hfs -r / dev / disk1s2) to try to rebuild the catalog on the external enclosure now connected with the old drive. Said that it can not be verified after the execution of the order.

My questionSo, how can I upgrade the operating system, when I can not access the App Store or the Apple App Store account, nor find the recovery partition on what is now the drive external, and that I can not get a CD with the operating system?

Even though I could find the recovery partition, I can not see information on how to use it, except maybe booting the external drive into target disk mode. (which will not work because it will not start)

Short of options … thanks to the good people in advance.

The best thing I can think of is to find a way to copy the recovery partition of the old disk to the new disk (because I can read the old disk), but where is the partition?


Kathy Griffin cuts the head of POTUS and Hollywood supports it, but Kevin Hart says the nasty word is about a gay person and that is too much?

Griffin was making a political joke and the snowflakes were blown up. Kevin Hart made a tasteless joke and a totally different set of snowflakes melted. Comedy is often offensive and has always been, and people must learn to laugh at what they find funny and to tolerate what they do not do.

W. Bush, for example, made a joke when he said that the French did not have a word for entrepreneur. Even though I thought this man was a terrible president, I laugh with him, not against him. People need to lighten up on both sides.

Now, here is a joke that has come to my mind: is climate change real or are the seas rising because of the melting of snowflakes that can not understand the climate? ;humor? This will surely offend someone.


Democrats say nasty things about Ivanka, Sarah Sanders, Tomi Lahren and Dana Loesch. That must mean that they hate women?

That's what you tell us when we talk about criticism of Hillary Clinton, for example. A woman who deleted 30,000 classified assignments, wiping them from her private server, and then crushed them with a hammer.

Or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who praises a very dangerous ideology against which we fought during the Cold War.

Elizabeth Warren, who said on the radio, "I know that what happened to Molly Tibbetts is a bad thing, but we need to focus on undocumented immigrants," so she immediately takes care of the people who have crossed over. our border and killed a young woman without worrying about anything. the victim at all.

Or Maxine Waters who advocated committing violence against Trump supporters:

Or Diane Feinstein who admitted to the antenna that if she could repeal the second amendment and make sure that the government confiscated all the firearms, she would have done so, which means that it would not be possible. she hates the Constitution.

So before saying stupid things like "We bring criticism, everything you do is an insult." Insulting someone because it's about a woman does not mean that he "hates women" s' he never admitted that He hates women. This is only a straw man. But now, current criticism with facts about all those crazy idiots you all support. What do you have about the real women I named? Do not forget that your side says that if you only insult without any evidence, you hate women.