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I am looking for alternatives to an icon based navigation. The use case is to collapse a menu and still provide way-finding and context with the icons persisting. The IA is flat so breadcrumbs don’t help. Has anyone had to overcome this use case before. I am thinking of testing quick links or personalised navigation. User testing showed that having the icons helped speed up task completion for expert users. But it’s something that goes against UX principles and I wanted to find an alternative.

Any past experience/knowledge or ideas would be super helpful.


Is that navigation bar negative for SEO

I’m doing some SEO for a website I haven’t built for my client and it has this navigation bar:


<div align="right" id="menu">
        <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
             <td><div align="center" class="menuitem1" onmouseover="this.className='menuitem1a'" onmouseout="this.className='menuitem1'" onclick="window.location='index.php'"  >
                     <div style="margin-top:80px">Profile</div>
             <td><div align="center" class="menuitem2" onmouseover="this.className='menuitem2a'" onmouseout="this.className='menuitem2'" onclick="window.location='customers.php'">
                    <div style="margin-top:80px">Customers</div>
             <td><div align="center" class="menuitem3c">
                    <div style="margin-top:80px">Services</div>
             <td><div align="center" class="menuitem4" onmouseover="this.className='menuitem4a'" onmouseout="this.className='menuitem4'" onclick="window.location='products.php'">
                    <div style="margin-top:80px">Products</div>
             <td><div align="center" class="menuitem5" onmouseover="this.className='menuitem5a'" onmouseout="this.className='menuitem5'" onclick="window.location='contact.php'">
                     <div style="margin-top:80px">Contact</div>

First thing I noticed, it has no anchors! Second when I made a sitemap of the website only index page was there. EDIT:It also spits errors on evaluation! Does this nave a negative impact from SEO perspective? Thanks in advance!


popup – How to handle map section navigation in mobile

Given a section which takes full height of the device’s viewport and have the following controls at disposal of the user:

  • Can pan through the map within a certain boundary (a country);
  • Can select an state to view it’s information;
  • Can input or select a city’s name to view it’s information;
  • Can see only one of the informations simultaneously (accordion).

How does one accommodate these functionalities in a handheld device (i.e. mobile phones)? Without annoying the user with:

  • Mistakenly get his touch input while scrolling down the page to pan the map (“scroll hijack”?);
  • Visual pollution with too much screen elements (e.g.: Map + Information panel);
  • Very small font size.

Here’s what the designer came up with:

Map mobile version

Disclaimer: he/she doesn’t have much experience with UX/UI nor have I.

I came up with this prototype*:

Initial state State selection state City selection state
Map initial state Map state selection Map city selection

*Made in figma

But I don’t think it is the “best” solution, for the following reasons:

  • The user don’t see the selection on the map, it would just popup above it, giving the animation of the selection in a window of 200 milliseconds (maybe delay it to ~750 milliseconds);
  • The user’s pan interaction is removed, because the panel is now above it.

But it have its pros:

  • The user is given space top and bottom to scroll the rest of the page, the section itself is about 75% of the device’s total viewport height;
  • No extra information noise/pollution on the initial state (inert, i.e.: no first interaction);
  • The user is given an option to exit the information panel (top right corner).

My initial question remains, as I’m not too confident with this “solution” that I’ve provided. I hope it isn’t too subjective and there are better solution for this.

Here is a preview on desktop:

Initial state State selection state City selection state
Map initial state Map state selection Map city selection

The most important elements of the map section are:

  • The map itself;
  • The information panel.

English is not my first language so any edit/suggestion is appreciated.

navigation – Recreate the Management menu on Drupal 8?

I’ve just done the upgrade from Drupal 7 to 8 (on a site that was updated from Drupal 5 to 6, 6 to 7…) and the management menu seems to be a bit of a mess. An attempt at trying to fix it up left it worse off and I’m wondering if there’s a way to just have Drupal re-create the menu from scratch. I don’t care about its customization, it would just be good to go back to the defaults.

I want to add qty filter same as price filter in layered Navigation in Magento 2

In this i want to develop functionality in which qty range is displayed in layered navigation as price filter.

  • qty range as below:

1 – 50
50 – 100
100 – 150…

so can anyone have idea then please share with me.

magento2 – Magento 2 How to change attribute filter position in layered navigation

Please use Sort Order after you login as admin in magento, this is optional parameter but it works while editing you need to give sort order values like 110, 220, 330 etc… then it will show in that order.
Please play with it. This attached picture will clear everything.
enter image description here

How to change product attribute filter position in layered navigation

I want to move the climate product attribute position from the bottom to the third position. Can you please help me out?

enter image description here

Sharepoint 2019 site navigation breadcrumb shows incorrect URL on application pages

I have enabled the navigation breadcrumb in the master page of my site in Sharepoint 2019. When I navigate to a library inside a sub site and verify the URL on AllItems.aspx page it shows the correct url but when I navigate to the library settings page and verify the url in the same breadcrumb it only shows the url of the parent site and does not include in the URL of the subsite and the library (incorrect URL).

This behaviour is seen on all application pages only where it shows the URL of the parent site like this
http://<parent/ top level site_url>/_layouts/15/listedit.aspx?List=%7B%7D

When we click on this link it returns an error page.

enter image description here

How to design multi-level navigation menus for web and apps

We’re creating some applications that need a multi-level menu navigation. This navigation menu should be presented in these environments:

  1. Web (large browsers)
  2. Web (responsive for devices)
  3. Android app
  4. iOS app
  5. Possibly Windows Phone

We’re stuck at deciding how to represent this navigation model across devices and platforms. Is there any best practice?

Update: One solution is:

Create a waterfall-like drop-down menus for web portals
Create a breadcrumb-like navigation for devices
Create a nested-accordion Android navigation drawer
For iOS, we’re truly stuck.

sharepoint online – Navigation link in CSV file for termstore

If you want to directly make the terms of the term set in .csv file become navigation links after importing, I think it is impossible.

You have to import the .csv file to term store firstly and then take turns to set the navigation link for each term set here.
enter image description here