Real WP Expert Needed ASAP

You must be able to work with a multilingual plugin, modify the code, understand and solve existing code problems.

You will also be available now to help. I need someone as soon as possible and help throughout the weekend, if possible.

Someone who really knows what they do please and not ridiculous hourly rate.

If you can help, PM me please, please and we can start as soon as possible.

I do not want a company or a team. I am looking for a wordpress expert. We want to have a trusted person we can trust, send ongoing work and get to the point where it helps us with everything related to wordpress.

Designer Needed for Photoshop Lifestyle Images

I have a product for fridge magnet and I have to create several lifestyle images to show it.

Need a Photoshop expert to find photos and apply the product to make it realistic.

Also, would like an animated GIF that shows a pen written on it.

If you did something similar, PM me.

Thank you.

algorithms – Number of bits needed to represent an integer with a specified base

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Optical – How can I find the distance needed to resolve a point on a page from a mobile camera?

No, you can not know from the technical specifications you are thinking about. The resolution power of a camera system depends on how the lens is built and the properties of the recording medium, as well as other factors such as lighting and the atmosphere.

You may be able to get some details about the recording media – the sensor – from the camera specifications, but not enough to be really useful in practice. And for lenses, the resolving power is characterized by tests, not calculated in theory.

dnd 5th – Are personality traits, ideals, links and defects needed?

As written, yes

The player's manual describes all the details of creating characters. Nowhere is it said that personality traits and so on. are optional.
D & D is a role-playing game in which you incite your character to act according to his convictions and his personality.

That said, all the rules can be ignored by the SM if you wish.

A character without personality traits will generally act as the player would. It can be disruptive as some players will make their characters do things that will cause a lot of trouble at the party.

Or they could go well; Some players remain silent until the start of the fight.

sharepoint online – Flow nesting limits – Workaround needed if possible

I have a 4 approval workflow that I configure in Microsoft Flow. The limitation and requirement defined by end users is that they do not all want to continue to receive emails for each item before it has been reviewed. The filtering process to follow is therefore: Approver 1, Approver 2, 3, etc.

The logical flow is as follows. Once the element has been created, start the approval process a> if it is approved> start approval 2 if it is approved start approval 3, and so on.

When it is fully approved, notify the user to fill in the rest of the list with post-approval details and select the "Full" option. This then takes the attached document and places it in an approval archive.

I managed to complete this with two approvers. But when we move to the third cycle, we begin to tackle the nesting issues.

The only way I found about it is that I have to put all 3 initial approvers in the first approval and the last one in the second approval cycle.

I was wondering if there were any alternatives that did not meet these nesting problems?

Thank you

Opinions needed on Hostbillapp | Talk Web Hosting

Hi guys,

I wonder if you can help me clear my mind about Hostbillapp. By simply browsing their website and sign, you will notice a general lack of attention to detail. But there is one important feature that interests me, that WHMCS does not have, namely how Hostbillapp handles VPS and billing, cloud registration and credit allocation for cloud services.

Is he good? Can we, for example, create a coupon code with a certain amount of credit, apply this coupon via the "Add Credit" page, and then deploy machines?

I would appreciate any advice .

raspberry pi – What is needed to ./configure libbitcoin-system? Which library is missing?

I want to install libbitcoin-system from source and ./configure dating

checking for boostlib >= 1.62.0... yes
configure: boost_CPPFLAGS : -I/usr/include
configure: boost_ISYS_CPPFLAGS : -isystem/usr/include
configure: boost_LDFLAGS : -L/usr/lib
configure: boost_BUILD_CPPFLAGS : -I/usr/include
checking whether the Boost::Chrono library is available... yes
configure: error: Could not find a version of the library!

Here it is written "A minimal build of libbitcoin requires a boost and libsecp256k1." So I installed libsecp256k1 from the source.

Here they say install boost it's not necessary. Which would also correspond to my status message that checks boost and answer yes.

So what library is missing then?

sudo apt-cache search libboost gives a lot and then

libboost1.67-all-dev - Boost C++ Libraries development files (ALL)
libboost1.67-dev - Boost C++ Libraries development files
libboost1.67-doc - libraries documentation placeholder
libboost1.67-tools-dev - Boost C++ Libraries development tools
r-cran-bh - (Virtual) GNU R package to provide BH

So, I could install this but I do not want to ruin everything. Do I have to install it although the ./configure find the version 1.62.0.

I'm doing this on Raspian Buster and I need libbitcoin-system compile a code in c ++ that includes bitcoin/bitcoin.hpp which has probably been renamed bitcoin/system.hpp.

legal – Is a sticker needed on the car to visit the UK?

I just read in the Guardian that GB stickers should be visible on cars when visiting Europe.

Renew your passport early, buy a GB sticker for your car and get ready to wait four months before you can bring your ferret on vacation: this information is part of the advice provided by the government's new Brexit website. British citizens travel to the EU after October 31st.

I wonder if I have to apply a "D" sticker during my visit to the UK?

I guess there will be a grace period, but I have not found any comment on this in a quick Google …