Proble Use SP Flash Tools Neffos X1 Max

hi i want to ask after using sp flash tool my phone can not strtup. The last recovery I use twrp and clockworlmod, but when I want to use the stock, my phone just appears clear online and comes black screen. If you like, solve me

Problems to make ADB work on Neffos C5

Help me, please!
I've got this phone, the Neffos C5, with the MTK6735 SOC and Android 7.0, but I'm having trouble running the ADB command line.
I have already installed all the drivers on my operating system (W7 x64), ADB and the MTP phone are recognized by my PC, but when I try to list the devices connected to ADB (devices adb), the list is empty and in the phone the RSA key does not appear.
I've tried rebooting the ADB server, turning on and off the debug option in the settings, removing the old debugging errors, but it just was not working and when I tried to To use ADB with my personal phone, any problem is recognized. .