bugs – Nubia Red Magic 3 shows negative storage on some apps and it’s driving my nuts

Probably a bug but I still want to share exactly what’s going on and hopefully find a solution. I can’t use a logcat for some reason (Sepolicy issue maybe?) But anyways I own a Red Magic 3 and it’s been a trouble from the start. Every once in a while apps crash, and I’m getting negative storage on many applications (not viewing my entire storage but viewing apps individually).

I’m on Android 9 btw.

This leads to many issues. One: If I need to clear an app data for ex. Snapchat, the storage will be negative and it will refuse to let me wipe the storage since it’s in the negative. The “Clear Storage” button is greyed out.

This leads to a bogged down phone, apps don’t run in the background correctly, notification bugs and overall a noticable change in how the phone feels in performance.

Google Play has recently stopped working completely and I believe it’s the storage bug.

Second, the issue can be fixed by, unfortunately, factory resetting my Red Magic 3.

I also noticed that it seems to do this when Magisk is installed which leads me to believe there is a storage bug of some sort.

I’ve search many threads but none that fits the issue I’m looking at.

Any ideas what might be causing it? Could it be a major bug from Nubia?

I seriously regret getting a Nubia smartphone because I’ve heard bad things from the company. Customer support sucks, they take a long time to provide updates. I am trying to fix the logcat issue as of right now.

[ Politics ] Open question: is it true that Bill Barr tested negative for integrity?

[Politics] Open question: Is it true that Bill Barr tested negative for integrity?

java – How can I draw a graph with a negative x, y intersection by Jframe?

I want to make a Java program that can plot graph with negative coordinates, for example. (-5, -4).
I imported JFrame and typed the following command: $$ frame.setBounds ((int) (- 100), (int) (- 100), (int) (200), (int) (200)); $$
it shows some points but only positive points, the upper left coordinates are always (0,0), I don't see any negative point. Something to improve for my codes? Or should I use another command? Can someone help me please? Tks a lot !!

public transport – Can I continue to travel with the Troika card even if its balance is negative?

No, unfortunately, you don't have this option. But remember that you can go through the turnstile on the right or on the left and use your bank card if it allows it contactless payments. It will cost you 42 rubles, which is slightly more, but not as much as buying a single ticket for 55 rubles.

In general, you should try to use the Troika as much as possible, because if you transfer on the bus / tram / tram and use the same Troika card as on the metro, you will get the 90 minute option. It will charge you an additional 21 rubles in addition to the 38 rubles you have already paid for and improve your ticket to that of 90 minutes which allows unlimited journeys on public ground transport provided that you only have one single metro ride. It is much cheaper than paying for journeys individually.

html – calculation of variables with PH integers, negative and positive in PHP

I would like to work with negative and positive numbers, I create a credit account, where you can get in and out, and credit can be negative and positive.

$n = -20;
$g = -20;
$d = 10;
$q = 10;

$soma =  $n + $g  // saida -40.
$Soma = $d + $g // //saida -10.

graphics – Floyd algorithm with a negative cycle

I know I can't use Floyd's algorithm if I have a graph with at least one negative cycle because
the path lengths between the vertices can be arbitrarily small.

I wonder how the distance matrices at each iteration of $ k $, or $ k = 0, points n $ Looks like.
I now have that there will be negative numbers on the main diagonal, but I don't know where they will be. Could someone explain it to me, please?

I have an example with 4 vertices and I know the matrix for $ k = 0 $ is the same as in the case where there are no negative cycles in a graph.

My example (but you can use another graphic):

enter description of image here

Matrix for $ k = 0 $ East:

begin {bmatrix}
0 & -4 & infty & 3 \
1 & 0 & infty & infty \
infty & 2 & 0 & infty \
infty & infty & 5 & 0
end {bmatrix}

Can you recycle slide / transparent / negative pages?

There are many ways to recycle.

Post them for free on craigslist,

Contact local schools or universities that teach photography to see if they want it,

Join a film photography forum and see if any of the members would like them.

Think outside of the slide holder. Redefine them.

Shelter in place OR Quarantine activity:
Get a clear sheet of plastic and cut it into 2 "x 2" squares and let your kids draw designs on it (or just colored plastic squares and make a pattern), then put them in the slide holders and place them in the window or make a lampshade

Littlethings.com's photo

Littlethings.com's photo

dnd 5th – Are there cases where a character can cast a non-cantrip spell without having available spell slots and later suffer negative consequences?

Last night I organized a game with only two players, and none of them had any experience with D&D. Overall, it went very well, but towards the end they had serious problems and the druid seemed somewhat surprised by the fact that she had used all of her locations. spells. I didn't want to punish a too hard beginner and the only alternatives seemed to be an almost inevitable TPK or a deus ex machina, so I told her that she could try to launch Healing Word despite having used all her magic power to day. I let her do a CON backup to decide how she could handle the enormous stress of stretching her abilities to such an extent. She rolled high enough, but not extraordinarily high, so I decided that she could indeed succeed in casting the spell, but that it could turn around later in some way. ;another. I haven't decided on the details yet and in order to keep it interesting but balanced, I'm looking for something similar in any official source book.

I am aware that I am in homebrew territory with this decision, and that this is not the right site to ask for inspiration. This is why I specifically ask the following:

Is there a racial class, trait, or item that allows a character without a remaining spell slot to cast a level 1 or higher spell at the cost of a negative consequence (for example, taking a level of & Exhaustion)?

I am do not ask for general means to simply cast spells without expiring a spell slot. There must be immediate barter. Taking 18 assistant levels to gain spell control can of course be seen as a compromise, but I hope it is obvious that this is not what I am looking for.

troubleshooting – What are these streaks in negative scans that I got from a lab?

As noted, as the sequences are on some scans but not on others, and assuming they don't show up in the actual film, they happened during the scan.

It is very likely that the lab has had a ripple in the scanner power supply, and if this is the case, other customers will have been affected. You should contact the lab, show them the image you included above and any other, and point out that this problem appears to be in their scanner. At the very least, they should offer to re-scan your negatives for free.

This can also be a clue to start dealing with your own negatives: you don't need a full darkroom and you can buy the necessary equipment (except chemicals) for around $ 100 – which is probably less than the cost of processing and scanning (with shipping costs included) on five rolls. I learned to process my own movie when I was nine – it's easy. There is a lot to know, but you don't need to know everything to treat Tri-X.

Once you have negatives, you can scan with a DSLR or even a high-end smartphone camera, or you can buy a used film scanner for $ 100 or less – then, s & # There is a problem, you can solve it yourself instead of having to ask how someone else messed up.

graphs – What is the appropriate action to take when you are the shortest Path algorithm finds a negative weight cycle?

Typing the negative weight cycle over and over is a bit boring, so for the rest of the question, I'm going to abbreviate it in NWC.

I am writing an optimized version of the Bellman-Ford shortest path algorithm on a weighted directed graph. When I give it a regular chart without NWC, it works fine and finds the answer correctly. But when I give it an NWC, it goes on forever. So, I put a system in the implementation where it finds out if there is a NWC, what it is doing correctly, but now I'm stuck on what it is must do once i have found it.

My first thought was to continue regularly while setting each vertex of the cycle to negative infinity, but each vertex after that also becomes negative infinity, and soon a huge part of the graph becomes the infinite negative infinity and I get left and right bugs because I subtract from the negative infinity, adding to the negative infinity, while setting the distance to the negative infinity. Technically, I could fix all the bugs, but then a lot of valuable information on the other vertices is lost due to a small NWC.

My next thought was to just finish the program, but then again, a lot of information is lost on the other summits.

So what is the right action to take when you find an NWC?