$ n geq (a-1) (b-1) $ then there is no solution, no negative point for $ ax + by = n $

Prove ir $ n geq (a-1) (b-1) $ then there are no negative solutions for $ ax + by = n $

shadowrun sr5 – Does the negative quality "Prejudice" allow people I hate to convince me more easily?

Am I to understand the RS5 rules that the damage done to real estate agents makes it easier for them to sell me a house for more than its value?

EDIT: On page 82, the basic rules book, the negative qualities, the prejudices, indicates that I am receiving a negative dice pool modifier for all social tests against members of the group I am biased against, and negotiations are part of the social meeting, they get an additional positive result. dice pool modifier.

Trading (page 139) is used to perform transactions.

Thus, according to the rules, the more I suffer from prejudices, the easier it is for him to conclude an agreement with me that favors him.

Or am I missing something here?

regex – How can I prevent a match between words? The use of a negative indicator does not provide exactly the desired functionality

Say I want to match the strings of nature's is (this website/this so and so forum/thisurl.com) safe?

the words in square brackets can contain any number of words, with any type of characters, except for a dot, because I want to match this string only if it does not encompass more than a sentence (Is there an alternative to this forum. One that is safe. should not match but is this particular website: www.thisurl.com safe to use should match).

So I thought about using regex /is (^.?!) safe/, but of course that would interfere with the points in a URL.

So I thought of using a negative look to avoid a point followed by a space, which would indicate the beginning of a sentence:

/is (?!.*. )(^?!)safe/

it seemed to work at first.

is www.thisurl.com safe matched, but then I tested is www.thisurl.com safe. I need to find one. and he failed to match, as the look forward looked at the entire chain. Is there an alternative way to reach my goal?

google – Can have a negative effect on SEO Writing a number of weak words

I know that the number of words is not a ranking factor.

Source: Is the number of words an important ranking factor for Google?

I will add a Q & A section for my website.

Some questions such as "Do key meta-words have an impact on ranking algorithms?" The answer to this question is very simple: "In fact, neither Google nor Bing use meta keywords, and a link to the source." There are many questions as above, which can easily be answered in 100 words.

Having a lot of pages as above (50 to 200 words but perfectly answer the question) will have a negative impact on SEO?

nikon – Negative scanner maintenance

I have an old Nikon 5000 film scanner that I use 4 to 6 times a year to slowly scan thousands of old negatives and slides. I have not maintained it since I received it about five years ago and it continues to work perfectly.

Question: How often do I have to send the scanner to Nikon for routine maintenance?

dnd 5th – If you have a negative spell casting ability modifier, how much damage does the blade of the green flame make to the second target below level 5?

The description of the green flame blade cantrip (SCAG, 143) says:

As part of the action used to cast this spell, you must perform a melee attack with a weapon against a creature within range of the spell, otherwise the spell will fail. On one shot, the target suffers the normal effects of the attack and a green light bounces from the target to another creature of your choice that you can see within 5 feet of it. The second creature suffers fire damage equal to your spell casting skill modifier.

Suppose you have a negative spell casting ability modifier For example, your ability to cast spells is Intelligence and you have an Intelligence modifier -1. You threw green flame blade (and your character is below the 5th level). How much damage does the second creature suffer? None, -1 or rounded to 1 points of damage?

dnd 5th – Green Flame Blade and Negative Modifiers

Rolls of damage

Each weapon, spell, and harmful monster ability specifies the damage it inflicts. You roll the die or dice, add any modifier, and apply the damage to your target. Magic weapons, special abilities and other factors can give a bonus to the damage. With a penalty, it is possible to inflict 0 damage, but never negative damage.

You can not do -1 damage. You can do 0 damage. You do not round to one unless you encounter a source of damage that specifically says it.

Algebraic Manipulation – Collect Ignoring Negative Exponentials

I have the expression 1 + exp (-2 x) (-1 – 2 x (1 + x))
I'm using expand for x's to multiply in parentheses, this gives
1-Exp (-2x) -2Exp (-2x) x-2Exp (-2x) x ^ 2. I am supposed to get this in the form;
1-Exp (-2 x) * (1 + 2 x + 2 x ^ 2)
I would expect to use Collect (Expression, -Exp (-2x)) for this, but it only returns the expanded form.

The overall negative interest rate environment is coming.

Federal Reserve (Fed) Vice President Clarida said yesterday (26) that the US economy currently aligns with the Federal Reserve's target of 2%, saying that It was not necessary to further lower interest rates to stimulate inflation in the short term. However, the problem of Sino-US trade frictions has not yet been resolved and the yield of European and US public debt has fallen sharply (instead, the price of public debt has risen). India and Thailand have begun to reduce their interest rates and global interest rates have fallen, which has led to an upward trend in the broader environment.
The new president of the European Central Bank (ECB) is inclined to the dovish position. After the entry into office of the new President Lagarde, the environment of negative interest rates existing in the euro area has been strengthened, which will encourage euro area funds to buy of gold. It is hoped to form a support for the gold trend, and the market still believes that the Federal Reserve (Fed) could preemptively reduce the rate into a cycle of rate cuts in the future, deepening as well the future growth momentum of gold, so that the current gold has hovered around $ 1,500 / ounce, This could be the revision of the next wave of gains.

Forex – Technical Analysis (Gold XAUUSD):

Today 's exchange rate analysis, gold (27 September) early morning at about 1504.6 US dollars / ounce, according to the technical analysis, level' s. observation one hour after deepening continuing to fluctuate between the turning point of 0.236 and 0.382 of gold, which leaves a chance to break after the shock 0.382 rose to 0.5 times the horizontal line.
At present, the pressure range above the short-term line is between US $ 1516 and US $ 1516.5 / oz. In the downward direction, it is between 1501 and 1501.5 US dollars / ounce. The transaction mentality is essentially short, investors wishing to enter the market for a short time may consider a price of 1505 USD. To purchase a light warehouse at $ 1,507 / oz, the MT4 operating loss can be considered less than $ 1502.5 / ounce.

Forex – Technical Analysis (EUR / USD EURUSD):

Analysis of today 's exchange rate, the euro / dollar (September 27) early around 1.09164, according to technical analysis, observation of the level at one o'clock yesterday (26) after a slight rebound, the dollar is highly appreciated, crossing the 99 dollar mark, sharply lower Bollinger Bands are about to stabilize, so there is a chance to make a new attempt.
At present, the pressure range above the short-term line is between 1.09450 and 1.09500, the initial support range is between 1.09100 and 1.09150 and the mentality of is generally short, but investors wanting to enter the market for a short period may consider a purchase between 1.09180 and 1.09220. It can be considered that the stop point of the MT4 operation is less than 1.09140.

Forex – Technical Analysis (GBP / USD GBPUSD):

Currency Analysis Today, GBP / USD (27th September) Early in the vicinity of 1.23268, according to the technical analysis, the line level observation on one hour corresponds at the forecast of yesterday (26th) continued to fall, the market is stable, so there is a chance to appear slightly Rebound.
At present, the pressure range over the short-term line is between 1.23900 and 1.23950, the initial support margin is 1.22900 to 1.22950 and the operating mentality is generally short, investors wishing to enter the market over a short period may consider buying from 1.23250 to 1.23300. It can be considered that the stop point of the MT4 operation is less than 1.23180.

Forex – Technical Analysis (NZD / USD NZDUSD):

Currency Analysis Today, NZD / USD (September 27) Early in the 0.62915 vicinity, technical analysis revealed that line level observation over an hour did not occur. has not formed a rebound band, but is retreating to stabilize the upward trend line. .
At present, the pressure range above the short-term line is between 0.63450 and 0.63500, the initial aid direction is 0.62650 to 0.62700 and the mentality of is generally short, so investors wishing to enter the market may consider a purchase of between 0.62950 and 0.62999. It can be considered that the stop point of the MT4 operation is less than 0.62850.

Forex – Technical Analysis (Nasdaq Index Nas100):

Today 's exchange rate analysis, Nasdaq (27 September) early morning around 7764.6, according to the technical analysis, indicates that the trend of line-level observation over an hour corresponds to the prediction of the high point of yesterday (26th) dropped sharply, thus forming a complete wave theory. After the opportunity rebounded, it dropped again and questioned the bottom of the previous wave.
At present, the pressure range above the short-term line is between 7800 and 7810 points, the initial support range is 7660 to 7670 points, and the operating mentality is primarily short-term. Investors wishing to enter the market in the short term may consider buying in the range 7760-7775. In MT4 mode, it is possible to consider a loss stop point above 7790.

The key data of the day:
1. British consumer confidence index Gfk for September
2. Monthly rate of the CPI in September for France
3. September economic index of the euro area
4. September industrial index of the euro area
5. Final value of the euro area consumer confidence index for the month of September
6. United States monthly personal expenditure rate in August
7. Monthly rate for durable goods orders in August in the United States
8. US PCE Base Price Index Monthly Rate for the Month of August
9. Annual base rate of the US PCE price index of the month of August
10. Final Value of the Consumer Confidence Index of the University of Michigan, September 2008

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Why does affiliate marketing have a negative reputation?

Why does affiliate marketing have a negative reputation?

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