NetApp Certified Storage Partner

The primary responsibility of NetApp Certified Storage Associates is to provide Level 3 support for NetApp products. They must also offer assistance by e-mail and phone, as well as problems if necessary. The partner must manage system configurations and solutions. They must be able to monitor the complete lifecycle of administration, architecture, and storage area network (SAN) support.

The professional must fully understand the use of storage and capacity planning, and adjust storage needs as necessary. They must participate in NetApp data migration tasks from directly connected storage as well as in SAN environments.

NetApp Certified Storage Associates must provide technical support for modifying the SAN infrastructure. They must manage the implementation of the updates and document them. The associate must have a good understanding of new technologies and architectural solutions. Daily responsibility includes data storage tasks such as management, zoning, provisioning, troubleshooting, and debugging. The professional must be able to use management tools to discover, monitor, commission and report on the storage infrastructure. They should analyze complex problems and develop solutions to solve them.

Determine how much free space does a NetApp have?

There is a virtual server on a NetApp called: foo15.

This vserver contains volumes, exported and used as NFS.

The question: How can I determine the maximum size of volumes, if expansion is needed? Do not talk about self-expansion or the like, what is the theoretical max at the moment?

I can see after manuals, on Google, that the used space can be viewed, but not free space.

Version: NetApp version 9.1P11

segate is netapp ?!

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