network – Can not detect my Lexmark CX310dn mfp scanner with xsane on Ubuntu 17.04

I have a Lexmark CX310dn mfp scanner connected to a network. The print is working well and I can connect to the printer via http.

I'm using xsane 0.999 and I've checked the net.conf file and the saned.conf file to make sure they include the IP address of the printer / printer. scanner.

If I run sane-find-scanner, it does not seem to check the network scanners and therefore tells me that it is not connected as a SCSI or USB scanner.

Start scanimage -L gives the same result.

If I run the xsane GUI, she thinks and then tells me that no scanner can be found, and all I can do is leave.

Any idea of ​​how to make it work would be appreciated. Without apparent debugging, I fight!

Thank you so much,

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multiplayer – A network object created with a rigid body moves at different speeds / angles / positions on clients / hosts – Unity Unet Mirror

I'm using the Mirror API with Unity 2019 to create a basic multiplayer game. The game is a simple style of ice hockey with players shaped like a cylinder and a cylinder washer. Network Manager creates players as PlayerPrefabs. The puck is a prefabricated registered record.

They all use Rigidbody for movements.

In the publisher (or in the single player game), it works fine, but once the client has joined the game and hit the puck, the puck moves faster on the client and then teleports (or perhaps elastics) where she is supposed to be. .

I've tried several settings on the network send intervals for each identity (that is, 0; 0.1; 0.001; 1/60; 1/64; 1/128; other). I've also changed the "Server tick rate" to 10; 20; 30; 60; 64; 128.

I'm pretty sure to have all the code in the right places and to call the server to create the spawns and so on. But below is all the code just in case. But as I said, I think the code is correct and that it is something in the settings that I have to change. (I've already tried Compression to None, Some, Lots and this seemed to be the best on None). Most networked values ​​are "short".


using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
use UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using Mirror;

Public class MatchController: NetworkBehaviour
[HideInInspector] ushort public score_Team1 = 0;
[HideInInspector] ushort public score_Team2 = 0;
public text scoreText;
public GameObject puckPrefab;
[HideInInspector] public puck GameObject;

private void Start ()
UpdateScoreDisplay ();
if (puck == null)
SpawnNewPuck ();

void public UpdateScoreDisplay ()
scoreText.text = team_scale1 + ":" + team_scale2;

GoalScored public cancellation (short goalID, uint scorersNetId)
if (goal # == 1)
team_target1 + = 1;
if (goalID == 2)
Team_target2 + = 1;

UpdateScoreDisplay ();

public spid SpawnNewPuck ()
if (! isServer)

puck = instantiate (puckPrefab);

NetworkServer.Spawn (puck);



Public class HockeyInput_MP: NetworkBehaviour
Rigidbody rb;
public floating moveForce;
publicSensitivity float;
public Transform stickTransform;

private void Start ()

if (! isLocalPlayer)

rb = GetComponent();
rb.freezeRotation = true;

Camera.main.GetComponent() .target = transform;

Private update void ()
if (! isLocalPlayer)

DoMovement (Input.GetAxis ("Horizontal"), Input.GetAxis ("Vertical"));
DoStickMovement (Input.GetAxis ("RightStick_Horiz"), Input.GetAxis ("RightStick_Vert"));


Private Empty DoMovement (float h, float v)
Vector3 force = new Vector3 (h * moveForce, 0, v * moveForce);
rb.AddForce (force);

DoStickMovement (sail float rightStick_h, float rightStick_v)
Vector3 rot = stickTransform.localEulerAngles;
rot.y + = rightStick_h * rotSensitivity * Time.deltaTime;
stickTransform.localEulerAngles = rot;

The & # 39; Puck.cs & # 39; is currently just an empty class attached to the object the puck.

ALSO: My Rigidbody components are set to Interpolate.

Do you have any ideas for synchronizing the puck with the client and the host? Any help massively appreciated as always. Thank you so much!

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neural networks – Can I get the "image size", etc. a NetEncoder in an existing network from the repository?

I want to get details about the input used to form a network in the network repository, in my case, "LeNet Trained on MNIST Data". I can get his decoder by:

NetExtract[ NetModel["LeNet Trained on MNIST Data"] , "Contribution"]

but I can not understand how to get properties like Type and ImageSize on the inside.

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linux – Routing network packets over PPP connection

I have 2 machines with a PPP connection on serial between them. They are also connected to separate LANs on their Ethernet interfaces. I want to be able to communicate between these two Ethernet networks.

These networks may or may not be in different subnets. All IPs are assigned statically, so no DHCP is involved.

A raw topology is as follows;

                                        eth ppp (tty) eth
network1 <----> box1 <-----> box2 <-----> network2

Can this be achieved with simple ip route orders?

probability distributions – What generative model produces a scale-free network with a specific gamma?

So, what I'm trying to do is to rewire a randomly directed graph (especially a Boolean lattice) so that the lower degree distribution is scaleless. However, I need a generative model that allows me to specify $ gamma $ in $ P (k) sim k ^ {- gamma} $.

I imagine that there is a certain ratio of rewiring $ n / m $ (rewiring $ n $ out of $ m $ total edges) with preferential attachment (proportional to the existing outer degree) that will produce this result on average. But I do not know how to convert $ gamma $ in this report.

I would like to know if such a generative model exists. What would be even better is to learn how to arrive at such a model, whether it exists or not.

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