views – Newbie Taxonomy and Content Question

I’m new to Drupal (having used Perch CMS and PHP for years). Forgive me if I bumble the terminology a bit. I’ve been furiously going over documentation and tutorials. Sorry in advanced for being verbose.

Using Drupal 9 with a Bootstrap 5 template I’m developing – I’m looking to create a page that has a listing of downloadable PDFs that are categorized into groups and subgroups – these will eventually be placed in nested accordions on a page:


== Category A

==== Sub Category AA

====== Content: Has title, image and file link

==== Sub Category AB

====== Content: Has title, image and file link

== Category B

==== Sub Category BA

====== Content: Has title, image and file link

====== Content: Has title, image and file link

==== Sub Category BB

What I’ve done so far: I’ve setup a vocabulary tree that matches the structure I need. I also created a content type that meets the needs of each content item and have added taxonomy to the content form display. Created a view that show the content type.

What I need to do: Cycle through the taxonomy tree structure to create the accordions, showing the taxonomy term name and then nest each content item that matches the taxonomy term.

What I need from the community: Make sure I’m going down the right path and that I’m not misusing Drupal in this way. Also, any tips and/or things I should search for would be helpful. I’m pretty comfortable with theming (twig).

A Newbie Here…

Hello all,

I'm Jennifer from the City of Philadelphia… :]]]

Newbie Alert!!!

HI everyone, Jane here:], Please let's connect

Lineage os for newbie

I need a new phone. I am more concerned about privacy/tracking/spying than I was just a few years ago.

Before I buy a new phone (and possibly void the warranty), can I install LOS on my Moto G*Plus/Android 8.1?

Are there any guides to get me started in the right direction?

Excel to Access to SharePoint [Newbie]

Request: Build an MS Access 2013 file (.accdb) that will update a SharePoint 2016 list whenever a user makes edits to an MS Excel 2013 file (.xlsx)

Bottom Line Upfront: I work with a small group of people, and I’m the only one who understands how powerful centralizing data on SharePoint via lists can be. My problem is I am not well versed in Access query building or VBA. I have very limited permissions on SharePoint, but I am able to create lists and edit them. Using Quick Edit on SharePoint isn’t convenient, and neither is using Access tables to append, add, and/or delete records from a list.

I have created an access database. I imported my SharePoint list into it via a linked table. I can make individual field/cell edits from inside Access and they reflect on the SharePoint list. Now my goal is to go bigger, by having a linked excel sheet on the same access database and building update and append queries so that any changes to the excel file, gets pushed into the SharePoint list for all to see.

I understand the concept, but just answering “build an append query” or “create an update query” doesn’t help me at all. I’ll need a specific step by step walk through.

To be honest, I’m not all that incompetent, I understand that the columns from both the SharePoint List and the Excel sheet should match and I generally understand the theory behind it, I just don’t know how to build it. My best guess goes something like this:

  1. An update query between the linked excel sheet (tbl_1) and the linked SharePoint list (tbl_2).
  2. An append query that will take the results of #1 (qry_1) and edit the fields of tbl_2.
  3. A VBA Module that starts the process from a click button event on a form.

My company IT group can make this for me in less than 10 minutes, but they don’t lift a finger without a support ticket, and I can’t submit a support ticket until I can show the value of having something like this to my manager.

Newbie Mistake?

I’m new to crypto. Well, I bought some back in 2017, but just forgot about it.

I just opened a Wirex account and transferred some btc to Prime XBT. I thought it would be cheaper than using Coinbase, but ended up paying a fee of 0.000513 btc on about £100 worth of btc.

Isn’t that expensive? Or has something gone wrong? Any guidance would be much appreciated.



newbie need help

how i can make a drop down menu while i used photoshop but how can i code it to dreamweaver the template i made ?

Newbie here | NewProxyLists – We Help Each Other to Make Money Online

Hi Rose here from Phils. 39 yrs old. Still a beginner and looking forward to get some help to get a successful online job.
I created a fiverr acct few months back but was inactive due to my full time job but now that I need extra income I would greatly appreciate your support.

Thanks and looking forward to hear from you soon.

Newbie question: Can you create an indexed list of all Wolfram functions used within a whole notebook?

Searched long and hard- no clear documentation found.

webservice – Learning Web applications and network architecture. Newbie questions on how many tiers?

I’m in school right now and having a debate about web applications and flat networks. There is a debate ongoing right now in a class/group about a network diagram we are looking at. The network is flat with zero network segmentation and there are numerous web applications within the network. Everything is in that “network”, all servers/db. The web applications are each on their own server and there is one database within that network for all the data being stored. There is also all the user computers within that network. Clients can log into the web application and look at their information, so there is that aspect as well.

So we’re all having a debate about the exact architecture of the applications and I think we’re getting tripped up on how we interpret the wording.

One group is saying that the architecture is single tier for the applications because the network is flat and there is no true segmentation except for the various servers and the database.
One person is saying it’s two tier because it’s a flat network but there is the presentation layer outside of the network in the form of the clients (client) computers.

Other people saying it’s three tier architecture, just in a flat network with no segmentation.

My take is that it is three tier application architecture because the presentation layer is split out from the business logic on the web app and the database. Even though the user computers are inside the network, they’re still separate from the web application and the db. It’s just in a poorly segmented network.

I know this seems pretty simple, but there are a few people that are confused by this due to the lack of segmentation and what their understanding of what a tier is.

Any input is highly appreciated.

Thank you all.