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Previous and next news for the same category in theme Twenty-Fourteen 2.6

In the old version of the twenty-four theme, I could have the previous and next posts for the same category thus changing in template-tags.php:

$ previous = (is_attachment ())? get_post (get_post () -> post_parent): get_adjacent_post (true, true);
$ next = get_adjacent_post (true, & # 39; false);

But after updating the last theme, I can not make it work. I've tried google but nothing works for me till now.
I hope anyone who has experienced this problem could help me. – Daily Market Analysis – News & Analysis

Main ideas on the financial markets at 18.03.2019

The main presenter from the previous week was the pound sterling. There has been a sharp rise in cable against major currencies on the foreign exchange market. The British Parliament voted to exclude a Brexit "without agreement" and asked to postpone the Brexit date beyond March 29th.

That's why the weekly chart indicates that last week produced a relatively large and strongly bullish candlestick, which hit a new nine-month high, which is a bullish sign. This week is also expected to be volatile, as many British news is expected, including the decision of the Bank of England on interest rates and the consumer price index. We will wait for the minimum of 1.34 at the end of this week for GBPUSD.

GBPUSD price table - 18.03.2019

In addition to the vote on Brexit, this week will probably be dominated by the FOMC press release and contributions from the Central Bank of the Swiss National Bank and the Bank of England.

The EUR / USD climbed nearly 1.0% last week, recovering most of the losses suffered a week ago. The key events this week are the German ZEW economic climate and the German PMI and Eurozone. Investors will also closely monitor the Federal Reserve's rate statement.
From a technical point of view, the EUR / USD pair presented a shooting star schema and we think the market will probably fall back to the 1.1220 level before finding buyers.

EURUSD price table - 18.03.2019

The Australian economy is showing signs of weakness and analysts expect a reduction in rates from the RBA. If the minutes of the RBA indicate a concern for policymakers, the Australian could lose a few points. In addition, the AUD / USD has consistently shown a head and shoulders trend on the 4-hour chart, which in the medium term indicates a bearish outlook. In this case, we expect the AUDUSD pair for about 0.70 point

AUDUSD Price Table - 18.03.2019

From another point of view, Statistics New Zealand's GDP data can have a positive impact on ocean currencies. Experts therefore expect a more powerful version than the previous one.

Our goals for:

GBPUSD – buy at 1.34
EURUSD – For sale at 1,1220
AUDUSD – sale at 0.70 over a long period


Forex Signals Overview by Hot Forex Signal – News & Analysis

Foreign exchange is no longer the cheapest in line with trade. If you simply need to invest, you have a choice between your replica on the investment. However, it is no longer possible to take advantage of the benefits of this market. Negotiating between them is the right way to go to multiply your investment by several. You may understand with the help of today that buying and selling in this need is an expert in respect for life in this regard. This consists of an honest analysis of the application using empirical tools, on which the real Forex signals are based.

All that concerns buying and selling between this need comes below according to useful alerts for the transactions of the performers in its market. It is more important to address than to understand how many people after the exercise excel on situations of modern needs. Forex is no longer a realistic scenario. On the contrary, the authorities are extremely cautious about external benefits. To capture the real Forex signals of those who are not so real, this is where the set is also below.

3 pointers after understanding the real Forex signals:

– Appropriate graphic templates

One of the most common mistakes that push specialists to stop overeating is due to the fact that traffic is essentially or at least generally based on different models. Certainly, it is the same for certain models of work based on values, which carry a colored consequence and yet conclusions. However, this is always higher wight safe than sorry. longevity

In addition, the graphic patterns sometimes end up missing the typical pattern. Merchants argue that this is a fortuitous situation, then engage in trading, which you will avoid better. A real pleasure signal on the Forex indicates if the pattern is optimal for a single traffic. Using pragmatic equipment is more than obvious, or nothing is better if you act according to that. Validation is essential.

– Strong reversal of trend

Trend reversals are often more prevalent in Forex buying and selling than a key event for traders. A reversal of the vogue of desire is observed particularly with regard to the use of mediocre charges, which in turn leads to an upward trend. For you, trend reversals are just some of the good ways, according to too important overseas results located next to the market. However, you need the imitation of understanding the magnitude of the low-cost workforce.

True, uninterrupted Forex signals about trend analysis can help you get a better idea of ​​a style reversal. Understand the breaking point, that is, the costly work intention is expected to be bullish because of the sales you can measure with the help of a momentum signal. The cost of fashion is a quantity of transactions between currency pairs. Thus, the inversions work longer than the Forex signals show near the beginning – something because of you after becoming aware of it.

– Time and particularities of the situation

The real indicators of Forex, just like the almost sordid things, are accurate depending on the current situation and current needs. Market situations vary as in the smaller devices of the time depending on the transactions, so every strange signal that you receive is surely to know by forward-looking and then prior market data. Variable situations will be managed according to various signals.

All you have after slave includes the actual Forex signals, but their application cost-effectively. Easier to report than to do, but more impossible through a long way. The pleasure of experience assists you – the more you exchange, the more you learn what to imitate trading.

My suggestion: 3 leading real Forex signal service providers

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Please, share the best websites to read the news on cryptocurrency!

Hi! Please, share the best websites to read the news on cryptocurrency!

Sell ​​- Website for news

Why are you selling this site?
I want to start a new bussines

How is it monetized?
Right now I have my Adsense on

Is this site provided with social media accounts?
the Facebook page

How long does this site take to run?
the site is being run

What are the challenges of managing this site?
you just need to add content constantly, it's a news site

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I guess we just have to wait and see. Yes, it's an absolute mess, but we hope the problem will be solved soon.

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Varient is a multi-purpose script of news and magazines. Its design is clean, responsive and user-friendly. You can manage almost anything on your site with its powerful administrator panel. It's a multi-authored system and all authors have their own panel to manage their publications. It has an RSS aggregation system and you can use it as autopilot script. It is secure, optimized, easy and fast to use.
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2019 Football news, photos, statistics, schedules, standings