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Hi everybody,

Our service is now available in English. We mainly approved the website in the Turkish forums. After that, we approved 6 English websites on Google News.

If you have a website to approve Google News, you can choose our service with approve *.

Why us?
– The cheapest service.
– Most references
– Quick result

* The approval guarantee is not valid for the first application. Our guarantee is that you no longer pay to approve Google News.

Price: $ 750

Skype: etirajweb

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"Currently, there is no separate law to deal with cryptocurrency issues," Thakur wrote in response.

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Animal Crossing Portal – News and community | Promotion Forum

Good luck with your forum.

Looking for an editor / copywriter for news sites

We are looking for editors for commercial information. We will provide you with press releases as raw material for your reports. It would be $ 10 per story (400 words). You must add APA citations to the referenced sources. And you will have to publish it on each of our 10 to 20 WordPress sites. We will search 2 stories each week.

You must provide your photo, your real name (alias / nickname for the first name for the public display is also acceptable) and your biography about yourself (200 words) to be included on our sites.

If you are interested, please provide your head photo, your name, your biography and samples.

Gadgets / Technology / Game News

Gadgets / Technology / Website Gaming News Blogger needed.


I am looking for someone to write between 10 and 20 (150 words) quickfire news articles daily with an added image too. Must be on the latest tech / gadgets / game news daily. No old news. You must do your own research and publish directly on our website with a relevant image.

I will pay per item, and I can pay on a weekly basis. Can start every day if necessary. But will go to the weekly payroll.

I have a budget in mind. But do not hesitate to contact me by publication price of news blog.

Looking for a few people, then please PM with a few of you, as well as the price.

Sincere friendships

Why did so many conservatives fall in love with the false news and propaganda that Hillary was responsible for Benghazi?

For the same reason, they fell for the false news that Hillary was running a prostitute in a pizzeria – they are incredibly gullible!

I bet the majority of conservatives also believe that Trump has already replaced Obamacare with "something better and cheaper that covers everyone".


[ Media & Journalism ] Open question: Why do people hate Fox News?

[ Media & Journalism ] Open question: Why do people hate Fox News? .

Sell ​​- Readymade News Website

I have a website ready NEWS. In reality, it was prepared for a customer, but due to a disagreement with the customer, the final product was not delivered. And now I would like to sell it.

If any of you are interested in buying my site, please send me a message.

I have provided the full details of the website with the features below:

The pages of the site include:
• cursor of the home page
• news and trends section
• New videos
• news categories
• News categories by sector / by state
• Related Articles
• Video section for news.
• Latest news in the home page
• Links and sharing on social networks
• Search field with keywords

Characteristics of the site:
• Customize the design of the user interface.
• HTML conversion of all UI designs.
• 10-12 main pages
• Dynamic creation of sub-pages.
• Integration of the cursor of the home page.
• Integration of other banner pages.
• Product Gallery page with several options for downloading images and details.
• Embedded videos in the home page and other pages.
• Categories of news topics
• News sharing options on social media
• Dynamic category creation
• User-friendly and dynamic tag placement options for the administrator
• Subscription database to a newsletter for the customer.
• Dynamic contact form.
• Application form for all properties with fields and option to send
• News search option with keyword
• Mobile Responsive.
• Google map location.
• Compatible with multiple browsers.
• Creation of social media pages and links.
• CMS access.
• Testing the website and final deployment on the client's server.

Thank you


Arsenal transfer live news

Update of Zaha's deal for £ 40m, Gunners' offered Fekir £ 30m, Nketiah reveals plans

Arsenal has awarded professional contracts to the young trio Ben Cottrell, James Hillson and Joel Lopez.

A statement from the gunners reads: "All club members wish to congratulate Ben, James and Joel on their first professional contracts with the club. We are waiting

pass on their continuous progress with us. "

Eddie Nketiah wants to stay at Arsenal and fight for a spot alongside Unai Emery next season.

The 20-year-old told PA: "My ideal scenario is to play here. I want to play here next season, but we have to see how it goes.

"I'm pretty confident in my abilities and I'm good enough to play here. I just work hard and show the manager that I can.

"My goal is to play for Arsenal, it's my goal since my childhood.

"It 's great to have two of the best attackers in the world around you and learn from them every day. I'm just making progress, trying to catch them and fill in the gap

Smaller and smaller."

The president of Saint-Etienne, Roland Romeyer, said the club was under no pressure to sell William Saliba.

18-year-old defender tied to £ 20m transfer to Arsenal and Manchester United after

19 selections for a revolutionary 2018/19 season.

Romeyer told Betuni: "William is under contract with Saint-Etienne until 2023.

"He likes it here and wants to play European football with the club that grew up with young people.

"I understand that he is a sought-after man because of his talent and the qualities that he has demonstrated last season.

"We are under no obligation to sell it to another club, nor are we in an urgent financial situation


[ Media & Journalism ] Open question: Have you heard the sad news? Arte Johnson died at age 90?

[ Media & Journalism ] Open question: Have you heard the sad news? Arte Johnson died at age 90? .