❕NEWS – Chinese Investors liquidates their USDT for Chinese Yuan | NewProxyLists

Following the Chinese government crack on bitcoin Mining, major exchange sites has witness a surge in the rate of Usdt, BNB , ether and other stable coins conversion to Fiat currency.

This has affected the market negatively and investors outside China are just looking out to see how the market will survive.

❕NEWS – Miami-based Real Estate Company Now Accepts Crypto Deposits For Property Purchase | NewProxyLists

E11EVEN Hotel and Residences is a real estate investment company based in Miami, now accept Crypto currency deposit for people willing to buy houses and other estate services.
The co-founder of the company Marc Roberts said Crypto currency is outstanding and the recent Bitcoin conference in Miami has created serious awareness to Bitcoin which has made the interest in cryptocurrencies to be increased.

❕NEWS – Cryptocurrency does not need rules | NewProxyLists

The difference between the two is very small, and i think that rules relates to how you can use it and where it can be used, whereas regulations are more a general application to crypto that does not specifically answer this. This is my understanding of the difference between the two.

❕NEWS – Chinese Brokerages Futu and Tiger Brokers Will Go Overseas With Bitcoin Markets | NewProxyLists

Chinese brokerages Futu and Tiger Brokers with 789,652 and 376,000 active customers respectively eyes to expand their cryptocurrency trading. They offer users the access to sell various securities with small fees. The idea is inspired by the need to make investing more efficient and easy while adoption grows. They are currently applying for license that would allow them offer this services outside Mainland China, with Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United States in view.

I think the plans to boycott China on their recent crack down on Crypto currencies is on the rise daily. If the companies succeed in aquiring the license it gonna be negative to China.


❕NEWS – Coinbase set to embrace New York | NewProxyLists

Coinbase is easily one of the most well known cryptocurrency apps, and for many it is almost the first app that they will come across when they get into the cryptocurrency world. In fact, it can be used either as a wallet or even an exchange so chances are that you have encountered it in some or other right. In a recent news development it seems that coinbase is looking to open its first offices in New York. What are your thoughts on this and do you think this will grow the crypto userbase in New York?

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What challenges are there with running this site?


❕NEWS – Tesla has plans to accept bitcoin again | NewProxyLists

The major crash in cryptocurrency price was as a result of the concerns that were raised by Elon Musk. As a result of these concerns Elon Musk has stopped the acceptance of Bitcoin into the Tesla company. However in a recent statement it seems that he is open to accepting cryptocurrency and bitcoin once again and says that he will do so once the mining of Bitcoin is 50% based on clean energy sources.

❕NEWS – Netherland Should Not Ban Crypto Says Netherland Finance Minister | NewProxyLists

Netherland is working on how to ban cryptocurrency activities in their country due to economic crises but Wopke Hoekstra the finance minister to the country is on the other side of the post as to the country’s decision, He said supervising or regulating the Crypto currency activities despite the risk or volatile nature is better than outright ban .

I feel the government show consider his opinion been a financial expert.

❕NEWS – El Salvador searched on google | NewProxyLists

Yes, foreign exchange platfroms may be looking to set up in their country, knowing that there is likely to be a large volume going through this country in trades. Hopefully this can be the stepping stone to a major test in accepting crypto and giving the other countries confidence in these currencies as well.

❕NEWS – Blockchain is adapting to the islamic faith | NewProxyLists

The blockchain technology has proved to be invaluable and there are many benefits that are brought about by this system. There are businesses that are using it to store information and there are countries that are using it to securely send information between them. In a recent news article, there was a development that the islamic version of blockchain, for islamic finances, called Caizchain is set to go live soon. This will have its own coin as well. What are your thoughts on this?